Monday, March 12, 2007

Hurry Up and Slow Down!

I just spent about a eight or nine days on three moves on RHP--Red Hot Pawn being the correspondence chess website. Last night, I played bullet after a lay off of one week or more. What happened? I absolutely whipped out moves, and saw the board better than ever. So whereas before I thought that 'lay offs' from OBP were extremely detrimental to staying warm at bullet chess, it seems the slow but deep lane of correspondence chess leaves one not the worse for wear. This gives me a pause to realizea whole new view on training, and were value accretes.

I just spent 12 of the last 14 days at work, for my monthly rotation. What is that? 112 miles walking indoors, interactions with some 2,200 persons, at least... Two more days, and then I can make a full press again--upon my now halloed triumphate of CT-Art 3.0, then Chess Tactical Server, then Bullet chess at 0/4: that is to say, fewer but much deeper if not much more difficult tactics, more tactics if not terribly much faster but easier, then application. then, each day, very deep study of ONE SINGLE game with three days to move.

Anyone follow the U.S. Stock Market? I don't say much about this at blogger, since I have mastery on this subject--you know, the old saw, those who cannot do teach, etc.. But in the global distruptions of the last two weeks, I have taken some cash and traded it up: 195%. Yes, this is hard work. Then, in my roth ira or retirement account, generated an increase of about 22% during that time. Magic? No. It is called shorting the market, then, at the right time, going briefly long. This takes from my chess, but otherwise delectably sweet. How did I do it? Before the subprime lending meltdown, housing starts slowdown, and Chinese bourse crisis, I was selling what everyone else wanted and, the crowd, as we all know is almost always wrong...

Since starting back at CTS, dkTransform is: 18f/191s= 209 tries at 1502 elo @ 91.39%. CT-Art 3.0 around 2118 elo. RHP around 1580 elo after only eight games. More next time...

So much talk as to this or that about what temposchlucker might do, like a mans deep personal needs are a joke or matter of speculation. My goodness. lets be clear: what he did do, most of all, is strenghten our community here, and we all must stand up and heartily thank him. Did he put us on the map? No. Did he make us all tigher? Absolutely. He is missed, and I see the gap already.

blueDevilKnight will doubtless add something very unique and new to our community, and we welcome him with hearty applause, but, before we begin, let us first briefly pause and all acknowledge the labor of love of temposchlucker. who ever gave us more than he did??? Who? Let us all take a moment and reMember, re-member.

Many men and women can be great athletes or thinkers or writers or bring forth creative accomplishers, but not all are leaders. Thank you tempo.

A leader does not have all the answers, but pulls large groups forward, and inspires our best. Warmly, dk


Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Tempo became the glue after Don retired from blogging. He didn't waste a lot of time meta-blogging. He talked chess, and that is my ideal.

I think things will be more distributed and free flowing for a while amongst the Knights. I think this is also a good thing: randomness is the engine of evolution!

Mon Mar 12, 11:32:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Pawnsensei said...

Hi. I haven't commented on your blog in a while so thought I would drop in.

Quick question. Have you read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle?


Wed Mar 14, 06:32:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

of course. he is the real thing, and proof of synergy, got off the phone a minute ago, with my brother long distance, and just mentioned Vancovers Goldcorp, the most innovative gold company on the planet, and Tolle operates out of there, and *ping* as I just spoke it, your email appears.

now, how great a teacher? hard to say. the real thing, that is to say, self actualizing, self transforming and able to transmit energy, surely. able to awaken you to the fact that you can do it yourself? yes.

but this is not the point, if i may humbly say.

there comes a point where all seeking drops off. where you do not go to new age bookstores, or read books, or listen to tapes. where in a crisis you dont call friends for advice, but you metabolize it, the content of your 'matter' within yourself. there is no teacher at an advanced level, no more than Kasparov or Karpov can go to Alekhine or Capablanca to learn new techniques. yes, they had magnificient predicessors, but nothing new is under the sun, to use vukovics Art of Attack analogy.

i graduated in 2000, and had a guru. was it hard, very hard? yes. assuredly. it was like dieing. it was like being crucified. but at a certain point, you are done, and read the book of life.

my guru was brutal. a real killer, and slayer of souls. but she taught love. she taught regard for others. she taught SELF realization.

this is not to say, as a retailer, who meets ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PERSONS A WEEK, that i do not learn new things. but the emulsifier is already within us. we are adding to what is already there, not going out to 'get it'.

similarly love. there comes a point, where not in a primary relationship we are utterly in love. but we smile, constantly, and are in love with the world, and as people come and go, we stand there, utterly breathless.

please do not hesitate to contact me further,

dk_transform AT y hoo dotttt Kom. please note your name and purpose in subject line, so I know it is not Viagra much appreciated. :)

ps, i just made 22% in my retirement account during the global crisis in the last three weeks. there is no newsletter to read, no television program, no flier to read. it is operating your own brain, and viewing technical data WITH YOUR OWN BRAIN. do i care for the money, or is this what i am amount? NO! it is a game, and the money does not matter, but it is transmutating energy, as a complex adaptive or complex dynamic system of feedback, and concretized fear and greed.

Wed Mar 14, 06:56:00 PM PDT  

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