Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Way

I am shifting into a new way. After truly huge amounts of time and energy at CTS, I cut way back, only to return to enormous amounts of effort at CTS again, then cut way back again, in view of 960 games of bullet and a few blitz in 36 of the last 40 days.

Daily I am studying--more like quickly viewing--tons of GM games, from the next study unit, that is to say games 942 to 1504 after brushing up my GM game database. I tagged the duplicates, but instead of removing them via the tool 'compact database' (in chessBase 9), for now am electing to leave it as is, since even games tagged for deletion that ARE NOT deleted, indicates something. For example, some games in the database occur three times, in Stohl, or Burgess, or Nunn, or Chernev... Please don't forget, this is first and formost a database of GM games from books, so removing books confuses the ordination of the games, in signifying complete books such as Logical Chess Move By Move, My System or even deep classics such as The Art of Chess Analysis by Jan Timman or Stohl's Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces.

In this next set, I am starting back with La Bourdines, Anderssen, and Bird, and all I can say is, is that those boys knew how to throw the sh_t.

* * *
I tend to always blog from strength for myself (and this, in contrast to temposchlucker, blue devil, and wormwood all alike I cannot see as all good for me to do, in appreciation of there saluatary candor), and rarely write of my failings. This is probably because my life is filled with many mistakes between otherwise significant and wide ranging accomplishments, and coming from a family of origin of hypercritical bent, don't need to beat up on myself.

But I must say that this time around--hard as I have tried like the Dickens to get back to 1400 elo bullet, with a mostly private identity where I could throw the sh_t freely in private, got within two, then ten elo, and the more I played, the harder I fell like a stone. As GM Seirawan says (usually about financial bubbles, not chess): "groan".

* * *
The old diminishing returns. But this reNewed wild phase (hardly new, just refreshed excess!), gave me what I needed, which was to burnish this rust such as what would rub off from a medium coarseness brass wire wheel by Mipro (sorry, I work in tools now) ensuing from my protracted hiatus from live chess since the 1400 bullet at ICC in April.

So now, what have we?

In the course of viewing the GM games, I tried very, very hard NOT to do any CTS and found that it was very harmfull not to do it... So my ideal and now firmly established routine from before and in recent days reinstituted, is:

After waking, GM games over breakfast, then more when back home for lunchbreak

{what is the value, in America, of being able to drive home for lunch, take a nap, check the financials (Asia, the Shanghai 'A', the Nikkei of Japan? Then CME or Chicago Merchantile Exchange Futures), read email, eat, and do chessBase, all in 66 minutes or less, not to mention brushing your teeth and, sorry for the squeemish, sitting at your own bathroom seat, not some weird public place of indeterminate hygene and unknown origins (read degraded public health fit for dogs), then brush your teeth, and of course read an email or two or three from GM Seirawan, some BCC copied to me sent to Silman?},

Then more GM games before bed. I started a spreadsheet, and am tagging each game (see link to BDK mega post directly below) by ply, pawn structure, date, mating attacks, endgames, middlegame pieceplay, key squares, etc, cum BDK and Tempo and Scurius, was it, or Takchess etc.

Then I do 40 CTS problems (remember, I am inches from 40,000 (dkTransform and dogWaste consolidated) to warm up,

Then I play one hour exactly (timed so as to be irRevocable) in bullet (or a few short games, say half an hour if I have studied a lot and no longer fresh).

Along with that, I am still plowing ahead with 1001 Sacrifices and Combinations. Once a month, I work first 10 of 11 days, then 14 of 16 (Home Despot and Joes Home are both humaitarian organizations, believe me), so after too damn much bullet, that suffered too, but I will be back to that.

What is missing, is I need to read with a board Seirawan's Winning Chess Endings, which will free me to finally start on Secrets of Pawn Endings by Mueller, and Endgame Strategy by Shereshevsky, as close to a chess orgasism as a man can have... or is it Lars Bo Hansen's "Secrets of chess endgame strategy", temposchlucker instead or in additions to?

Lastly, I was Fritzing my rapid or blitz games, and played TONS better when doing a lot of fritz and some bullet. Tons of bullet and no CTS or fritz is, as Zen Master Soen Sa Nim said: 'Number One Bad'.

Bottom line: as much as I am (as it was said that Gurjieff protogen J.g. Bennett was always said to "be a man ALWAYS IN A HURRY") always in a hurry (it is my nature, quasi Hong Kongian or Shanghaian in that way as I am mixed in with a more than half dose of German, and some red bearded wild whisky Scott, my deliverance is in spreading my efforts around, a bit at a time, and my own 80/20 is to do lots of 20's right now, and avoid all big 80's, my normal tendancy to say the least.

* * *
Lasty, if anyone sees a comment by a 'transformation' (exact same name as me) without a photo, it is not me, and it would seem proximate to some funky situations, of phantom like characteristics. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone sees any more of these, to please notify me immediately, so that these can be further reported straight to Google, as I will not be fu_ked with by anyone or they will have hell to pay. To act in fraud as me and not be me, is unethical if not illegal. It is called impersonation.

Instead of chessPawnography (another galantly candid chess blogger who inspires me greatly in those ways) only, maybe we can also have chessDionesiography?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like a pretty rigoruous agenda. i will check out games by both La Bourdines and Anderssen, because you spoke highly of them...

Thu Aug 02, 08:05:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

i need to send you the 1504 game database, and will email you seperately. there are many such games. :)

Thu Aug 02, 12:01:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

You are a madman!!!

I am finding that tallying statistics from my games, the same day I play them, is very helpful.

Thu Aug 02, 12:51:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Dean said...

Hi, I was just curious what the time controls for bullet chess are? Nice post.

Sat Aug 04, 12:56:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

dean, nice to see you around:

while GM's and IM's love 3/0 since it is a way to greatly compress lots of tactical play rapidly into a small space, and at that level "GM's tend to like it because it deters progs (chess engines)" [GM Seirawan, personal conversation while on one of our many walks),

i greatly like 0/4 since it tends to negate the pernicious affects of armageddon, that is to say, the irrevocable ending of the game via flagging.

second, 0/4 is 3:02 at FICS and 3:04 at ICC for 43 moves. 50 or 60 move games are not uncommon, so you can get a lightning or bullet rating while playing >3:00 min. 55 moves is 3:40 so not totally crazy...

since Dean you start out with ten or twelve seconds (again, FICS and ICC respectively) to start, and most commonly after two experienced players 'whip out' an opening 'Tabiya' they each have 60 seconds to 90 seconds or more to start, PLUS+ 4 seconds per move.

i never play 3/0 or 5/0, and prefer this.

not everyone does.

i must remind you that at FICS games are hard to get at that speed, so must extensively invite, but at ICC while it is not the favorite of all, getting 0/4's off is a whole lot easier.

thirdly, this answers your question, but, if i may say:

if you are 68% accurate at CTS and 1000 elo or so, or 1300 in other forms, etc, then 3 min games might hurt you a lot more than help.

please appreciate, that i played 3000+ games 2/12 then 3/8 at yahoo for four years, so this is a graduation effort, not a stone cold adaptation, if you will.

does that help?

hope that it does.


Sat Aug 04, 01:24:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Dean said...

Thanks. I agree that would be a bit too fast for me at this stage. I can see already though after just 12 months play that my ability to play quickly has vastly improved. Our local chess club had a four 15mins games in one evening event in August of last year. I was very low on time each game, and the quicker I played, the more I blundered. However last Tuesday when I played in the same event, I had no time trouble at all and managed to win two and lose two.

It's interesting seeing non-internet players at the local club, some are high rated but really struggled playing the quick games. There's one about 1960 FIDE who has never analysed any of his games on a computer.

I tend to stick to longer games online, i.e. 90mins, 75mins each or 45/45. And it seems to paying off because I've got my highest rating on FICS so far of 1431.

Sat Aug 04, 07:05:00 AM PDT  
Blogger takchess said...

I am curious: how many of the games occur in your studies?

I love these classic games despite their warts.

An interesting game collection book is Impact of Genius > a lightly annotated history of chess through the games. look for it in your travels/ebay.

Sat Aug 04, 01:44:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Secrets of Pawn Endings by Mueller" -- Fine choice. Flear ain't bad, but his approach of merely presenting positions and variations leaves something to be desired. Mueller's text is full of techniques and rules like "Candidate in front." that make decomposing complex pawn endings much simpler.

Tue Aug 07, 12:29:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

while the arcania and minutia of pawn endings, such as the basic atoms of atomic physics in the physical universe, are important, in and of themselves,

my coach told me to work with this book (Secrets of Pawn Endings by Mueller) mainly to practice the most exact form of calculation in its purest form.

Tue Aug 07, 01:41:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

Takchess: excellent question!

boy, you sure got my curiosity.

several things, this is not intended as a history of chess GM dataBase, nor do i suggest the very lovely GM Ram book purports to accomplish that, either.

nevertheless, the first 941 games from books such as The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played, My System, Timman the Art of Chess Analysis, Nunn Understanding Chess, etc, is a very comprehensive list, it does not suggest--AGAIN--to have ALL major classics, just many of them, especially in the modern and post modern era.

second, after i had rendered it all from pgn into CBV format, from my old notebook to my new desktop, as it were, i finally added a database from what we would call an early blog stemming from a fellow who traveled in Russia, then compiled all the chess curiosities from all over the world, and he had a link to the download, and I copied them,

carefully put aside for a future time (now! three or four years latter!) to see what was missing.

I found that while MANY of the modern and wartime games and prewar games were there, and didnt need bolstering, many of the precious old classics were missing, but this patch added many, most notably from Steinitz, Chigorin, and very much so Morphy.

So, having said all that, of the 59 games referenced in this file, I have 27 of the 57. I have 75% or 16 of 20 from after the 1900 era or so; and woefully only 11 of 37 in this earlier phase.

while I had and have planned to read (WELL, ACTUALLY STUDY!) GM Ram at a future time, i am reminded that I need to add these games, using the pgn function from

Interesing, just today, i was wondering if a future time, i need to systematically go through the 500 Mastergames by Tartakower, and see what I could add.

ONE very, very, VERY important thing: the larger the list, the less of value does it become.

yes, 2,000 instead of 1504 games is more comprehensive, but also makes it harder and hard to actually go back through ALL OF THEM as i am doing now, some for the second or third time.

sooner or latter, we must say, this is enough and use what we have, knowing that we could ask what GM doesnt have on his list (of games, not positions of course!) that i have on mine, he necessarily excluding many great games...

in the end, we must stop being collectors, as sweet as this is--and truly is for me in the area of ideas and data--and be chess students. chess students who look at positions, some for long periods of time, without and engine, without data, without Dvoretsky or Nunn or anyone, but operate our own brain.

I view 25 per week, not so many, and not so few: 3 on a work day (15) and 5 on weekends (10).

this puts me at 1504 by spring round here, or 20 February in Seattle, when the rain starts to stop! and flowers bloom.

thank you so much! David

Tue Aug 07, 02:41:00 AM PDT  
Blogger takchess said...

This sounds like a very interesting course of study. Have you found that doing this on a Solitare Basis helps? Do you feel that study of classic games might lead you toward older less accurate lines than studying a new informant database collection? Do you attempt to do any memorization of games?
I wish you good studying!

Tue Aug 07, 04:20:00 AM PDT  
Blogger likesforests said...

While I seem to be able to solve a growing number of pawn endings by recognizing patterns or falling back on basic techniques, some are just plain hard and require much accurate calculation. You should get plenty of that practice you crave. ;)

Tue Aug 07, 12:07:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

yes, purely for raw calculation for its own sake. at work, i often do math in my head without a calculator, and this is a similar skill...

my coach said this was for calculation only.

two years ago, i did chernev's practical chess endings without a board. it was utterly exhausting, but i did it. now i can carry a calculation far PROVIDED that i can see the board and position.

this is not to say that blindfold is NOT developing, only that this skill (calcuartion) builds in time.

oddly, when i nap, if i have studied a lot of chess, key positions flicker in REM sleep very fast, and very clearly.

Tue Aug 07, 01:23:00 PM PDT  
Blogger SamuraiPawn said...

Sorry for the absence. Studies, commuting (four hours a day!) and family life has kept me busy. Will send you my mail address and stuff shortly. great to see you alive and well. :)

Take care and keep up the good work!

Thu Aug 09, 08:54:00 AM PDT  

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