Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Normal Blogging and May God Save the Queen cum Nakamura Chess

Seriously, my good friend Doctor Detroit at work, the big systems guy who used to run multi-million dollar enterprise systems contracts with armed guards standing near by in white MP like helmets, only to throw away all his Armani suites into the garbage--literally--and as the men that morning asked him: "you sure you don't want these?", to which he calmly and assuringly replied: "No, you can have them",

running off from Feds and other agents in a tax mess prolmugated by former business partners absconded with misappropriated funds, and now "cloak and daggers", weird passports, strange photographers and microphones, has been reduced to mixing paint at Home Depot or some other similar big retailer, a real brother in arms to me in McJob fallout, he said to me the other night, having read most if not all my posts here along the way, with great delight, prefering annonymity instead:

"Dave, you need to take that puke down". "What puke?" "That guy! The game guy..." "I will have to think about that" and latter, "Dave, it's just that I always find visiting your blog so uplifting, and value that. Don't help promote these people, or such as that girl" ('the five things I want in a man' gal, two posts back).

Well, for me, I don't glorify him but he does seeem to typlify the typical gamer out there, who tells you, tauntingly, that "You play like shit"--all because you beat them with not one single word or provocation uttered by you? Say no more. We all know these folks. May god save the queen!

BTW, before I put up the Queen of England, anticident to Shirov, Nakamura, Timman, and of course and the ever acerbic and funny if not terribly bitting but smart Nigel Short in a moment, let me say that in so doing hope that this restores further editorial balance to my neo-ultra-eclectic polyhistor-polymathic, most-modern blog come to measure various readings on the 'DK-Meter':

YouTube has a site on the Royal Family: The First Televised Christmas Broadcast 1957, by the Queen. Very dear:

So that there is no misunderstanding as to tone or intent, I have great respect for these people and their purpose, role, conduct, and objectives. I also love such strong women, and include former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in this category [punching video of her at her mighty best, shown here]. As my dear friend Steven R. used to say: "a tough old babe". Again, I simply mean this as true, with no disparagment. These are all remarkable women and embody great strength and reSolve.

In a crazed world of indignities, I cannot but applaud that "Queen Elizabeth II will use YouTube to send out her 50th televised annual Christmas message for 2007 shown here, a British Sunday newspaper reported", as also reported at yahoo tonight. We need this sort of thing badly: the Pope (absolutely incredible Vatican authorized video here of his holiness to trance music as cited here by The Times Online; I defy any of you to keep a dry eye in the first video linked in that brief article), the Dalai-Lama, and similar. No more Doctor Phil or Opra--please lord help me. Amen forever and ever.

Now chess: I was very sorry to have missed the Nakamura video weeks ago and ICC. They do a remarkably good job there among many sorts of videos, but somehow just couldn't find among all their links, any mention of a replay. IM John Watson has many fine guests on his show that you can hear there, but then any traces of the show are quickly GONE. Believe me, I have searched.

Mind you, I have listened to many of them, often before work, or making tea, or near here cleaning my endless dishes (I make all my own sauces from complete scratch, and they take a LOT of dishes), but did miss that.

Yesterday, for all you ICC members or among real close blogger friends here or potentially pending candidate subscribers, I recieved their weekly newsletter, and never read it too closely but always glance at it quickly, having already heard or seen most of the news, but happened upon word of a replay of Watsons show, Chess Talk, when he interviewed blitz and bullet king GM Hiraku Nakamura. Having heard Timman recently, I knew this would be good. Also Shirov, and GM Short. In the last two days, I have listened to the delightfull Nakamura interview, as well as Shirov, and Short, and heartily recommend all you ICC subscribers out there quickly listen to them.

And for those of you very well known to me but not members, notice me and I can gladly send you my ICC account password there, so you can also listen when I am at work (most nights). Sorry, no bullet games on my account!

Very lastly, I was very, very surprised by Nakamura. I actually was shocked to find that I really like the guy. I suspect it is a combination of misunderstanding, youthfull ego and defence, and his growing up.

I thought of writing him years ago, from his finger notes at ICC when he said that he was interested in stocks and investing, thought of offering to teach him, but rightly reasoned that I knew more chess than he knew stocks BUT that he'd be a hard case to crack, but am glad that this is no longer the case. And he clearly doesn't need stock teaching now, I can tell by the way he talks. He has grown tremendously. Might I suggest you forget hearsay and just listen to the guy? Very human and real and more than affable.

Shirov is a dear (a "real" Russian!" if ever there was one!!), also and Nigel Short is a total hoot, as you all already know. He laughs half the time, and discusses his FIDE dunderhead fiasco (this is a topical link to the ever erudite, chess writer Paul Hoffman's blog). OMG! Do not miss these shows while the Christmas Broadcasts remain!


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Interesting post. I'm surprised by your attitude concerning queens. Don't you mean the ones on chessboards?

Wed Dec 26, 12:13:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

yes, she is not perfectly ideal, and much that can be said about phony and false concern for others while sipping tea out of silver dishes eating crumpets. all true. my previous and oldest and dearest friend used to call them "enlightened rich".

my guru Joy, she always used to say: "Fuck. being enlightened living alone is easy. try doing it married or with kids or living with someone else".

so, my basic position on all this is that the world is out of control, and any attempt at decency is alright if not good.

similarly here, the pope to trance or trip hop music. the world is bursting its edges, as the entire map of self, other, environment, communication, energy, mind is reconceived totally.

i get chills or nearly tears hearing or watching this. life is amazing. where did my life go? where do people go, and whence they depart? we are young, we have our shot at life, then we get old. new young follow, new loves flame, and more seasons pass the earth.

Wed Dec 26, 02:23:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

addendum, yes, i was and am fully aware of illiteration between the Queen and the mistress of our god cassia in expressing this post! dont ask me what it means--for i dont even know and i wrote it--but i fully intended that one!

Wed Dec 26, 02:27:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No more Doctor Phil or Opra--please lord help me. Amen forever and ever."

LOL. Can I quote you on that?

I'm a tad young to have been truly aware of Margaret Thatcher's effect and policies. Based on the few memories and your video link, "Iron Lady" fits her well.

How well that reflects on her seems to depend heavily on the political bent of the observer.

Happy new year to you.

Mon Dec 31, 08:09:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

liquid egg, thank you for your comments. did you see the three videos of the pope? first the link to youTube, then the two videos from the Times On-Line video?

Thatcher. i dont even know if i am anything close to admiring or appreciating her POLITICAL VIEWS but, rather, note her as a major caliber human. she is no wall flower for sure, that is all that i mean.

these are major persons. even evil persons can be major something. now, in her case, i doubt that she was evil, but to be a woman in a mans world is something to behold.

Mon Dec 31, 11:32:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unlike you, there are plenty of people who cannot separate politics from personal qualities.

Regarding Thatcher, any female politician has the same problem. If she's openly strong-willed and strong-spoken, the opposition can paint her as a "bitch", but the male politician is more likely to be viewed as "strong".

Hillary has this problem.

As far as the Pope is concerned...I haven't looked at the videos yet, but I will.

Wed Jan 02, 06:59:00 AM PST  

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