Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hit Sixteen Hundred at ICC Blitz Last Night

Hit 1600 at ICC blitz last night. Just ask expected, only wanted to go for it when it was not so much 'on a flier' but as a sure thing, woosh, and it was. My ICC profile, dk-transform is here.

My real goal always was and still is, 1500 bullet, both figures (1600 blitz) more or less equivalent to a 1900 standard rating. This cannot be objected to. I hit 1466 at 0 4 (four second increment) two nights ago, and damn, missed it again, getting closer, and man am I DETERMINED.

... Yes, yes, its not a fact, but lets just say that MOST persons who attain those numbers, have that level of skill. MOST players with those figures are at the level of standard chess time controls, but this does not mean that MOST 1900 players at standard time controls can play Blitz or Bullet that fast.

The 1600 figure puts me at about the 37.8% (2,844th out of 10,653 players at that time control at ICC). It took me longer than wormwood, ala Burning Castles, but still did it).

I am finally settled with the USCF, and after 35 rated games, 1666. I had to start from 1452, and pretty much thought that I would go STRAIGHT up t0 1750/1800, but its not that easy. I had to retool my brain to slower play, and now know how to sit and think, and think, and think, not so easy to do after five or six slow games after 30,000 internet blitz games (the real number, or more). I have refused a lot of draw offers then lost, had won to flat positions against several 1900, 1910, 2200's etc, but well, there is a reason they are where they are, one bad move, one single error, and its over. Plain and simple. Near instant.

Well, I plan to write more, but I have said that before. I wish like Blue Devil Knight I could write more peripateticly, but its not natural for me, much as I respect how he can do that.

Best, dk david_korn at verizon dot net, West Caldwell, NJ

ps, I have been running the blog for my strong regional chess club, The West Orange Chess Club. You will notice the same texture and style, albeit, tone down the idiosyncratic side as much as I can, and now duly persuaded.... A truly great place, that I am most honored to call myself part of. Thank you WOCC.