Friday, January 13, 2012

Where the New Happens

Dear Chess Friends, old, current, new, after years of intense activity here, then a slightly unexplained hiatus, I finally am taking the time to let you all know, my blogging has continued, albiet, much more an act of service.

I have been running the West Orange Chess Club blog, linked here.

We are submitting three teams to the 42nd World Team Amateur in Parsippany NJ, in late February, after winning both top, over all honors last year out of some thousand plus contestants, then also won the under 1700.

This year I am again bottom board on a strong team, exactly what I wanted, only this year, my team is 1899, not 1698. I am training every day, several hours a day. For me, a single chess game of about 3.3 hours duration is most taxing, but this promises to be six games in two and one half days. This is like the Ironman, last year, took me six days to get over it. No exaggeration. Beer is not always bad, but does have its limits. Smiles. Technical instrumentation. The rest is silence.

Blessings, more latter, dk