Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The New, Life Surprises Completely

Change of plans. Potential consult in Seattle, might be an ideal fit. Never had planned to go back to Seattle, not to live anyway. But I said, and still say, that I will go anywhere my client needs me.

It is not about lifestyle or love or beauty or fun. It is about being wanted and needed. My Craigslist ads have been in places I would NEVER EVER want to live, like Shanghai or LA or Chicago. But Seattle and Portland OR never went away. It is the glaciers, the snow, the ice which calls me. There is a TON of serious chess in Seattle, and Portland, tons of >2000 ELO's.

The prior is super fortified by intellectual capital, cum Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks. Just image all that. Portland, on the other hand, has a PROFOUNDLY WELL organized chess environment, most impressive. I always believe in permanence, love forever, ideal work fits. I am deeply committed and do not like change, but age 53, it all changes, its about being connected, not about ideals and perfection. Hard to explain.

Client is confidential. Enough said. Will let you all know how life shapes up, and thus, as such, chess.

My revised route (Google does a great job, but saving routes, it does not) is shown here.  Click blue link to enlarge. Its not like I need to tell everyone where I sleep, or what road I take, but believe it or not, for me to click while traveling. Try that--using your own blog to get information.
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