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Once told someone that there were greater and lesser sins than others in life, thinking less of medium or small things I have done in my life, but of gigantic things done, such as across borders done to large groups of people (I am trying to be polite, or lest the underage are reading here).

Someone I once knew said, 'I disagree, all sins are the same'. Yet another agreed, yes, somethings are much more significant.

Now, getting past moral edification away from what is not hoped for, to satisfaction for things striven for.

Every now and then in chess, those of us driven by goals (or who would not think the same--driven by numbers, benchmarks, nay, ratings?) not only attain our next goal, but maybe a goal that takes years, then after goals which takes years, as much as six years it can be?

Last night I hit 1500+ bullet 2 1 at When I heard about then looked at this site, mainly as a better place to post chess games, than silly, awkward embedded java viewers to in this case, our very own blogs, when I first heard about it and glanced at another of its features, as a playing venue, I was quick to dismiss it, the way a gourmond would dismiss fast food or bakers Betty Crocker mixes.

But over the last few years, I have watched it grow, using it as a decent place to easily get, quick, reasonably polite blitz, to warm up to my real serious destination, ICC, The Internet Chess Club. But things have evolved. I have watched it grow from 3000 users at a peak hour, to 5,000, then 8,000, and now 9,600 or so. Soon they will hit 10,000. This is a great thing, a great place. As it was, two years ago, the volume was good, it was ALWAYS easy to get a gg, a good game, but now, it is near instant. They monitor bad language, and I can only recall one, single disparaging remark in weeks. Not because of some zealous filters (they have them), but more a esprit decor. Moreover, for disconnects, they issue warnings. Bravo to

To my highest goals, do I stil rank ICC as the TRUE measure, the true acid test? Yes. But is where I go for regular workouts.

A 1500 bullet rating, measured against the last hundred games (not 100 players), of those, some 14 of those opponents were either fifty below 1500 or more, to fifty above, and as far as 1660. Meauring these, the average CURRENT bullet ratings were 1560, and of those, the average blitz rating was about 1740. This does not mean MOST 1700's can play bullet this fast, just that those with bullet at the level hit the 17s. Believe me, this is fast. It equates to a much higer rating than a fifteen handle.

It is competitive, bloody competitive. Blessings.

Blogging more again. A lot more. At three of my blogs, also both in Integrative Study, and Personal. Warm regards, dk


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