Friday, November 23, 2012

Calculators Versus Wizards

Notice how much time, here in Round Two of the FIDE Grand-Prix in Tashkent:

Kamsky 39:53 minutes to Karjakin 1:01
Svider 1:19 to Gelfand 21:41 minutes
Leko 0:25 minutes to Mamedyarov 1:16.

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A mix of feelings and perceptions, including deep caution, brilliant depth, over carefullness, certain to go down in flames for time trouble, pressured by rapid players--Gelfand just 21 moves, Leko 22 moves.  This is headed for trouble.  Hardly needs a mention.

But what does matter, is how each and every man demonstrates his character (Women's WCC here, faster control, so does not bear comparison at this time).

These players grind and grind and grind.  They hardly get out of the chair.  I totally respect that.  Takes guts.  Takes stamina.  Takes strength.  Takes will.  Takes balls.


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