Thursday, November 29, 2012

ChessBase 12: Argumentum--Contra, Against, Doubt, Worry

I had no idea there was a ChessBase 12 coming out. If I had the time and energy, I would verily DEMAND that chessBase make me a beta user. But what the fu_k?  When you are not surprised that you are surprised is hardly a surprise.  New Obama.  New Windows, New Macs?  New ideology, new economics?  WTF?

I do not use the term expert lightly. I am NOT a chess expert. But I am, quite assuredly a chessBase expert, having used it every day for seven years, probably ten years+ of use. I know all of it. Every single corner of it. I know how to do stuff that I do not know how to do.

And chessBase 11 was a major fu_k up. I used ChessBase Version Nine for six years, starting in 2005. Broken save functions. History for interupted saved games messed up, drag and drop within the 'fixed sort order' rubric WAS VERY messed up, crashing, replacing games messed up. But version nine was completely stable. Foolproof. Zero problems. But we hear of improvements, read ring the cash registered. Jesus!

Need I say that a former world junior chess champion, latter ranked eleventh in the world was it, asked me five or six years ago to send him ALL his GAMES with the former World Chess Champions in chessBase, read Karpov, Tal, Kasparov, for his book about his games with them?   Is this a fool, a total fool who asked me for help???  He beat Kasparov several times, and Karpov as well.  Dugh!

And asking him, a year latter, 'Did I miss any of them?' 'No, you got em all'. That simple. God strike me dead if I lie.

Well, lets see what chessBase gmB or whatever it was, gmH created. I have my doubts. Think Internet Explorer Eight then Nine, after Seven, which did lots of things neither of those did, total crap. Just crap.  I am afraid.  I hear of improvements.  Give me a stiff drink.  Not gazpacho but Gestapo.  Oh my god.

I am utterly filled with hyperbole, but I earned it.  What did they say of Nietzsche?  He was obviously a very agitated but alert mind, at a pivotal time of change.  'Let them eat cake'.

Some consider me to be a very disturbing person.  Well if only I tried not to.


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