Friday, November 23, 2012


Look at Boris Gelfand.  He always has the slightly irritated look of a man who is forced to tolerate meeting with an IRS (US Internal Revenue Service agent--taxes!) half his age, who is officiating with out of bounds authority.  He has to be polite but knows its all stupid.

Svidler always looks like a guy who just got out of a mathematics final exam, where he knew all the answers, and found it easy.  The guy who always got tops grades without studying, and dated the best girls.

I love them both.  Amazing men.  Gelfand is a rock.  Svidler is the true, urbane man of the world.

Given proper opportunity, I would kiss the girl left of them--Press officer Anastasiya Karlovich, or ask her at the very least to give me a show, taking her top off.  That she also knows chess or has a sweet Russian accent in the complete certainty that a man can always be expected to behave as a man does not hurt.  She knows who she is, and is strong enough not to have to demonstrate it, knowing she holds power.  How erotic.

Live video feed here, but probably not active after the match (two more games continue during this postmortem).

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