Saturday, December 08, 2012

Formula For Getting to 2860

Getting to 2800++ is not hard to do.  In fact, Magnus Carlsen recently showed us how easy this to do.  Just follow these steps:

March your Wht K up to the 6th rank.  If you cannot do that, 5th rank is adequate.

In so doing, scatter yours and opponents pawns around the board, preferably with no apparent pattern.  Notice the word apparent.

When possible, relate these pawn structures around a mind boggling dance of simple R, B, & N endgames.

If step one does not work, try for the 4th rank is OK.

Reverse process when playing the black side.

Do not exhaust yourself in opening theory.  Of course, have a prodigious memory where you use lots of that also, just don't fixate on it.  Create lots of imbalance and uncertainty.  In a Lasker like way, 2nd rate moves are OK, just pose little problems sequenced on end which ultimately start to turn into intractable ones.

Trade off major pieces.  Go for an endgame whenever possible.  Use superior stamina,  combined with a relentless will to win, to push and push subtle nuances Karpov like, till the opponent breaks.  Instal Ken Thompson's entire Six Piece Tablebases into your head [1].

And when you are in equality, start to create the feeling that if the game is forced to go on, or is it, your opponent will begin to expect that you will force the issue by not seeking a draw, so that he is intimidated into thinking that sooner or latter they could be at risk by cracking.  What, he's already seen it near countless times in the last year.

This is history in the making.

[1] 'Lunch With Magnus', a wonderful article from the Financial Times, linked here.  If this does not amuse, nothing will.


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