Wednesday, December 05, 2012

My God! When Two Giants Meets...

Carlsen is making a historic breakout. This video shows the beauty of his mind.

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Also, here is a video of Kramnik discussing his game with Luke McShane. Now this guy is a real chess genius. It is not for nothing that some, including Kasparov, I think it was, said that Kramnik had the deepest understanding of chess, of All persons. Just listen to this guy. The ease with which he calls forth what he had thought. This is not just thinking, but a brilliant replay. And this is just what he had time to tell us. He does this for four or five hours, not half an hour. A thousands and tens of thousands of thoughts and assessments:

Kramnik is a truly beautiful mind. He once said that he loved to joke back and forth with Aronian with sarcastic quips (not in an unkind way). You can here him respond to Nigel Shorts quip, as to whether he had ever heard of the concept of Rook's worth five, and Knights three, at the 17:00 mark, at 17:30. Can start this segment at 16:40. Outrageous. He is so sharp and quick to come back. His humor is well known, and he shows it here.


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