Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Over The Top

Right now, I have Murray vs. J. Chardy in the Men's Quarter Finals of the Australian Open in the lower left of my computer, then decided to put on Bloomberg TV after checking S&P and NASDAQ overnight futures, but then decided to switch from the live feed at Bloomberg to the video on NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini's, AKA Dr. Doom.

My man Roubini, basically says our fiscal and monetary course is totally fucked, leading to sure breakdown.  Right on bro!

Of course, this is after an ICC chess960 game, currently waiting for my next game in the queu. In classical homeopathy, this is called being overstimulated as a symptom. Go figure.

Before the snapshot, I have blogger there, too :).  Busy man.......

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Moving Again, Back to Washinton State. Totally Unexpected.

Its a shame to have suddenly gone into pause mode, at this blog, after such a sustained period of activity, but unlike a year or two or so back, when I hardly blogged, this pause should not be too long. This blog continues. As I said before, I have more posts on CT-Art 3.0 and the haloed seven circles, already in the works to done, but want calm respite to edit and add a bit. I am moving to Tacoma, to an incredible living situation.

My sponsors DJ and RS bought a condo, with the first intention of my living there, in further support. It faces a greenbelt, directly if I might say, and hardly half a mile from the nascent ocean, the fragrant Puget Sound. My ice axe and crampons are ready, will get the snowshoes out of storage, and find new job.

I depart for Tacoma Wednesday, leaving Xerox Services on the best of terms, for our major web-travel client.  All my managers and senior managers said five times each, you can come back any time.  They all call me Mr.  Korn.  No shit, honest.  Some events occurred, and David took on Goliath, cannot tell of it yet.  But I got results for two or three hundred persons, real impact.  Believe you me.

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Xerox offered a convenient transfer. All my managers to upper level district here helped me. Thank you. I respect those around me mightily, but do plan to have a thing or two to say about them--Xerox proper in the media. Its Janus faced. Great love and kindness from all persons, and a superstructure that does real harm to society. It is forbidden on the web to talk like this, as far as leaving in peace, but you don't know to what I will speak.  I have a stronger word for it, but will leave to the major network.

I plan to call Anderson Cooper on CNN, and try to start high up. There is a lot of serious chess in Washington State, on paper near double Portland, but given proximity to a gigantic pool of talent, from Microsoft, Google divisions, Intel, Amazon, Starbux, Boeing, tons of 2000 to 2400 ELO's trickling down to class B. I have to parse the stats, but at a glance, yes. I was training for the ultramarathon, when I got a terrible bronchitus, are variety of this major domestic flu.

I will be back. It kept going and going and going, with no end in sight for four our five weeks, so starving it out of me, gluten, daily, and free of even minor beer. Love to you all. The people of Portland are fantastic, there is so much love here, notably Tigard, Beaverton, Forest Park, Hillsdale, Lake Oswego. Portland proper is a bit raw, but thats life. Ok. Here goes. dk

Such a lovely man.  Such a fantastically great attitude! See immediate below!

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