Friday, June 21, 2013

Chess is Hard

I hope to blog more again this summer.

Coaching chess at Stadium High and Mason Middle School worked out great.  Plan to be back next fall.

Doing another circle at CT-Art 3.0.  Last one was 72 days, this one is 49 days.  Great stuff.

Finishing TASC2, CD trainer, part five, as we speak.

Playing daily at, non-rated.  I only play the Caro-Kann, Slav, and Torre, so when I tell you I only now play 1.e4 as White, 1...e5 in response, and the Nimzo Indian, to make myself totally uncomfortable, like a boxer only fighting with his other hand, I can tell you, it works.  Harsh.  Like what is called muscle confusion in extreme fitness.

Still hope to run the ultra marathon, but lost a lot of capability from November.  Gardening towards rent several times per week MUST take precedence.

In job market.

Love Tacoma.  Folks here are so nice.  I go running at the beach.  Life is not luxury, its hard, but there are a few graces.

Gluten and dairy free.  Wish I could go have a pizza.

Gave up my ICC membership after twelve years.  I made a serious complaint about a person, to the management, whom I know and who knows me, and totally disappointed in how they do things.  They have not heard the last of me, and it will probably occur here.

Yasser and I plan to see each other in August for an afternoon as is our custom, when he comes back home, and the few minutes we got to see each other at the US Open last summer, is just not enough, but he needed his energy for what he faced.  I duly note, I asked him if he'd watch me in the blitz tournament, and he did.  My god.  A total disaster for me.  Enlightenment is embodied in physicality.  You have to have the pieces in your hands, the feel, 5 0 at the board is not the web.

My mother died in Febuary.  Told my sister, be happy, plan a party with a lot of booze.  She was done, rest in piece now.   A tough old lady.

My cat died in May, now that hurt.  Fifteen years.  He was born when I turned forty, ten at my fifty.  But I found a good home for him, on a lake, in New Jersey, could not take him with me any more.  Thank you Shruti (Sanskrit, Veda's).

Glad to see Snowden giving the government a hard time.  Things have gotten far worse out there than is generally known.  We are at the end of the collapse of Easter Island.  We are toast.

Is this guy wrong?  Could be.  I just think disturbance is exactly what we need.  I love Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  Sister says to me:  'I think he is totally obnoxious'.  Told her, I totally agree.  That is what I like about him.  This idea, that you work for the Post Office for so many years, then get medical-dental for life????  Reality check.  The money is there, just a question of where it goes.  They were discussing whether to have a guard stationed every one-thousand feet on the border with Mexico.  The money that seems to be available, when they want it???

 And, for now, an embed that I just HAD to put up:


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