Friday, June 30, 2006

chess.emrald craze

stayed up most of night here, "trying to get it back"... 274 problems, rd=18.6 at 7am est today, but temposhlucker hard at work in europe, he has an rd=15. i must go to sleep and he is just starting! himmmm? he is 2nd out of 1200 persons, i am a meer 8th.

a bad session. hit 1470 and couldnt make it back... so fought all the way, blery eyed as they say... 48 failed/218 success= 266 problems or 81.955% is my worst session in MONTHS. when you start to do a LOT of problems, to get rating points back is VERY hard, very difficult.

what goes here besides the ego? we burnish at times like this chess tactics and quick recognition into our brains in the hopes that latter we will 'have it' in OBP or over-the-board play.

my 8th day at work in the last 9 days, so today i am off and can return fresh!


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