Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CT-Art 3.0 Exhaustion

Well, here goes: one more story, one more chess improvement fanatic slogs out late night exercise, more blery eyes gone wild, one more stone rolled up the fruitless hill of Sysyphus?

CT-Art is just wonderfull. I am on day five of practice module, with lots on level two continuing. 348 solved plus lots of supplementals. ELO 2024 for 72% solved: 1st set: 94% 2nd: 78% 3rd: 70%, 4th: 66%, 5th: 66% (as I was typing this my cat 'Shruti' [Sanskrit for Veda's] just ran for a bug on the face of my refrigerator, fyi but mostly I think that he just wants to eat again, soon my friend, soon!), 6th: 85%, 7th: 45% (ouch), 8th: 75%, and lastly 9th: 42%. What is it about those harder more consecutive problems that so forces our better efforts??

I don't plan to go so fast on the 2nd circle as I already said, but, just want to 'just get through with' the first circle.

Before bed I will do some, check the futures on CNBC late here on the west coast, then maybe read some Rheinhold Messner's "All 14 Eight-Thousanders" whereby he climed Everest, K-2, etc, all without supplemental oxygen. I'm sure some business folk here in America have done near equivalent in their offices, but that is a story for another day or another blog.

Tired but must re-start chess emrald! David


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