Wednesday, July 26, 2006

higher percentages concretizing!

as i posted earlier, i am warming up for CTS on CT-Art3.0, and since i did NOT bring over the application data, to the new Dell Dual Core 2.0 gig MACHINE, am joyfully and now much more comfortably redoing the first circle there:

level percentage: 2nd iteration [1st indicated with (*)]: 2123 ELO @ 85% overall:
10. 95% (94%)
20. 89% (78%)
30. 85% (70%)
40. 80% (66%)
50. 84% (66%
60. 95% (85%)
70 69% (45%)
89. 76% (75%)
90. 57% (45%).

the 1st series before my outage was as far as 270 problems into level 30, but my 2nd series only to 220 as yet finishing level 20 now. i love this exercise/trainer. very low stress for me. this first partial circle was only 2127 elo at a sorrowfull 72% playing what dan heisenman in calls "hope chess". no.

then the timer. obviously per above i can "calculate" and so must learn to do it FASTER. but the real news. my CTS is shifting.

last night i was 15/125=140, or session percentage 89.542. this took me to 83.5%.
tonight, i was * 15/121=136. or session percentage 88.971. this took me to 83.6%.

i was shocked to see it, and didn't expect another integer so fast. the bad news is despite trying to power stear my old brain back to 1500, i couldn't--not without staying up all night in weirdness in questionable adult behavior with the blinds down "trying to get it back" and furthermore risking loosing my hardest won 83.6%.

photo by elsa m gomes', posted at Flickr
sweet odes to joy. "sing us of muse, oh rosy fingered dawn", as the opening of homer's odyessy recites! or bethovins 9th, or mahlers 9th or dark belgein beer.

i will get the 1500 back, but feel really, really good about this.

good night folks. vacation weekend fri/sat/sun so watch my tries soar! 30,000 31dec2006 is to come. who here does NOT dream chess in REM sleep, in the fullness of brainstuff and iterations?


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