Saturday, July 08, 2006

mixing CT-Art 3.0 and to good effect; and red letter day at CTS

... after a terrable start today (what follows: cut and paste from message board with a few small edits), 19 failed/49 success =68, somehow refocused and clawed my way back into the zone we all have time to time when we see all the squares for a spate or try to finish our 'session's in rythem with: 2 failed/59 success=61. my best previously here is more like 2/98=100 but trallala must do this all the time, my greatest inspiration of all users at CTS who's progress there motivates me all the more...

my daily average thus recovered back towards my 83.3486% for 13,128 problems with 83.7209% today (21f/108s=129 total), up from yesterdays 83.3449% for 12,999 problems.

my goal is to--no matter what--each day to increase my percentage success. of course, the more we do, the harder it gets to raise that, due to the 'law of large numbers' or 'deminishing returns'.

how do i know such exact percentages? by carefully noticing key breakpoints where rounds up to the next decimel--i.e. when i am 83.499 i am still 83.4. but at 83.501 my percentile will be rounded to 83.5. silly to some, but this is my way: percentage. percentage equates to the accuracy we strive for. while at C+/B- i am hardly a good player, im still aware that one bad move in chess and you are gone. so to be able to sustain accuracy is a good thing. mentally. physically. spiritually.

lastly, what bigcaptain said (CTS message board) is right on: our opponent gives us moves and we practice responding to them. he says this better than i can, so well below in his comment.

lastly a footnote on CT-Art 3.0, well known to senior users there, or amply blogged about by temposchlucher, also under 'chess improvment', if i recall.

i added CT-Art3.0 to my intinerary of daily study during the brief outage there (CTS). but i found, when service was restored, that CTA while deepening my calculation skills (the clock doesn't factor in there but raw accuracy), had actually hurt my CTS skills.

i had to fight to get them back. NOW im doing both: im warming up on CTA in the morning, then migrate to CTS afterwards; then the same at night only longer. much better. CTS while not nearly as challenging for combinatorial difficulty, does nevertheless stretch the speed nerves and tests rapid pattern recognition.

again, temposchlucker has writen amply and eliquently here on the many factors of chess improvement--mental states, repetition, repeated errors, and deminishing returns versus learned repetition as salutary.


Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Good to see you working hard. Sounds pretty intense. I'm just working on Chess Tactics for Beginners: it's kind of a prelude to CT-Art, which is a bit past my level.

Tue Jul 18, 11:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

blue devil knight, thanks for your recent comment. ive seen your web page before, very nice, i mean your blog here... im just in from work (2-11 pst) so getting ready to do CT-
Art, then CTS after, same as Temposchlucker. I probably need to be a Knight, but hadn't gotten round to asking or buffing my page, either. i work hard at chess. i like to play less and study more. playing is stressfull!

i was a senior broker for many years and don't need more stress.

i just got a new dual core instead of old notebook, so instead of migrating my application data over, just starting over on CTA. i was up to 335 or so and starting to suffer. now im repeating the first 300+ and much less suffering!

nevertheless, since i often do 100 per day of CTS, its not like i need to be in a big hurry on CTA.

lets remain in touch and thanks for writing.

warmly, dk

Tue Jul 18, 11:57:00 PM PDT  

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