Thursday, July 20, 2006

my alogrythm for CTS and CTA

After a lot of hard work to get myself solidly and hopefully firmly =>1500 at CTS, I am not principly concerned for rating level there. Of course, artificial though it may be, I at least wish to stay over 1500 there as a boundary phenomenon, if not physically or quantitatively significant, then at least psychologically reassuring. We do all this work alone, so little "signs" tell us whether we are sinking, maintaining, or raising and thus reassure or help--at least for me--motivate.

For example, tonight, after a really long day at work, THEN CTA study afterwards, I was on around my 85th problem at CTS when I was feeling really, really tired, eager to be "done" and feeling jeaprodized to fall more or fail more, but similarly did not want to finish <1509.99, so fought it out for 9 more problems to get 1511.4, or 1/12=13 or 1 failed, 12 success, for the last 13 problems. I like to end "clean".

My plan is to get as many problems accurate as I can there, WHILE not falling back. Thus, tonight, starting out, I was 1/28=29 or 1 failed, 28 success, totaling 29. It felt like everything was "clicking, then I went through a flurry of "failed"... But I finished overall "over or at plan": 15/79/94= 84.04% for the night, not the best, but still accretive towards my "ultimate goal" long term of =>85.0% for tens of thousands of problems, so not a disaster... At 83.4632% last night, I have gained a tiny bit: overall 83.4672% today adds what I call '40'. I like to add more like 70 or 80 but cannot do this every day... Nerdy stuff!

2031 ELO at CTA, puts me back where I was when I last fell, so this is emboldening: the nine practice mode levels of difficulty with percentiles:

10. 95% (94% first 238 problems, beginning first 'cicle')
20. 89% (78%)
30. 82% (70%)
40. 71% (66%)
50. 84% (66%)
60. 100%(85%)
70. 69% (45%)
80. 73% (75%)
90. 0% (42%).

That gainsaid, I am only on problem 136, so this comparison is a bit premature yet, but clearly I am seeing more.

Do CTA * T H E N * go to CTS and it gets a LOT easier.

Lastly, I am just finishing Alburt's Chess Training Pocket Book before my afternoon nap, before bed, and during metabolic process while sitting. :). Someone once said to do this book not as study, but like an exam or test to see where you miss, and I wholely agree. It is all there. Wonderfull little gem.

I was getting concerned that as I progressed >8,000 problems at CTS that they would all get too easy, so hastened to start Alburt's CTPB as I traveled to metro New York to my Dad's in New Jersey last month, but this is not the case. Yes, now at 13,700 CTS problems some are almost immediately 'seen', but there are some that are real 'potboilers' (despite VERRYYY cheesy cover photo, I give this book four stars for players ELO 1350--1700.

Time for bed... I move carpet and tile all day, and walk about 13k or 8 miles EVERY day in the huge building materials store that I work at full time... so my chair with CTS and CTA is heavenly, and ending with notes to the chess improvment sphere or community of knowledge.


Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Wow you are hard core. That is impressive performance at CTS.

Thu Jul 20, 07:25:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

how so? there are so many fine students at Temposchlucker, Spacecowboy, Wormwood, Trallala, Chessdog, to name a few...

I am just one of the line workers.

Thu Jul 20, 06:34:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Yeah, but look up BlueDevil at CTS!

Thu Jul 20, 09:50:00 PM PDT  

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