Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scooby Dooby Do

just back from DTS, doggie tactical school...

a nice day at CTS, but nevertheless upon the cost of a terrable day at ctArt3.0. respective performances:

26f/132s=158 @83.5443%
1520.6 elo

this takes me down to 83.6093% overall for 14,978 problems, but we are talking about a decline of only -0.0006% (from 83.6099 yesterday so we are not talking unprecidented DISASTER!).

ctArt 3.0: 2062 elo, and session only 69%.

my overall average for ctArt 3.0 fell to 83%s upon 280 problems. but then again, i am at the end of the second level of practice problems, and soon to embark on the third level, so this is not EASY. as i have said before, my definite plan evolves over time here, and i am pretty much resolved to go to only problem 400 or so in difficulty, as i do NOT wish to do a whole circle 401-1200 problems or levels three to nine, without first deeply integrating and incorporating these three levels into the tissues of my brain.

i have all year to do levels three to nine, and also need to finish Averbakh's Endgame Essential Knowledge, which i am substantial complete on. then i need to start on Muellers, secrets of pawn endings--principly for training in another form of calculation; and start shereshevskys endgame strategy--for planning.

i finished augers chess training pocket book at the beach today, and took two naps along the way... so now get to repeat it all fast, and review the ones i couldnt do, THEN thirdly only then look up the answers.

on a personal note, i have a weeks vacation in five weeks scheduled for my annual mountaineering (glaciers), and so must run now at night on my days off--this ALWAYS enhances my tactics. im serious. you go for a run, come back, and tactics are like whamm, bamm!

following up on tempos apt mention of an article where the amount of chess knowledge and amount of pattern recognition knowledge betwen and among different levels of class A versus Master and Grandmasters command (Dr. de Groot's research of 30 years quoted in's archives, under Novice Nook #29, by Dan Heisenman), i thought it appropriate to relate this to second article tempo would appreciate. it is in by NM Todd Bardwick of colorado usa, with very interesting things on progress in chess relative to ratings, and who must beat who, and in what way.

and lastly, The Dortmunder Sparkassen Chess Meeting started today. icc or playchess subscribers can view or replay the recorded games. will 'drawish kramik' show more trademark sheepish play, as he did today versus a well prepared boris gelfand, or reinvigorate the sharp form he demonstrated at the turin olympiad this spring--and in so doing perhaps presage tough going for 'fighting topolov' this fall in the WCC cycle" event?

"...if only Boris would offer me a draw! after 18 moves, i'm almost asleep. too slow!"

dortmund takes place 29th July - 6th August 2006. Players: Arkadij Naiditsch, Vladimir Kramnik, Levon Aronian, Peter Svidler, Peter Leko, Boris Gelfand, Michael Adams and Baadur Jobava". details at

peter svidler today shows the way of great tactics, doing the magic that 2738+ elo's do so inimatably. my thoughts in the replay latter today was: "this man has brass chops". only can super grandmasters play like the wheels are almost going to fall off, but calculated to the end and pull through with a flourish. peter leko (black) did the same, in his game with Naiditsch (white), aptly illustrated by today:
"Black is already in terrible trouble, but the crunch comes after

32...Nde5 33.e7
(the pawn cannot be taken since the g-knight is forced to protect its brother on e5)

33...Rc8 34.Bh5 1-0."


Blogger generalkaia said...

maybe I should do CTS right after my 6:00 runs too!

Sat Jul 29, 02:33:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

i knew you'd catch on! yes, yes, i promise to stick to my knitting and not try to unfold the system of the universal mind system HERE or world economics--social psychology versus the eternal soul, but, at the same time, there are other exogenus factors to chess improvment.

which is better? 225 CTs exercises, or 158 tactics, then a good thirty minute brisk run?? or 100 exercises, then a run, then 60 more. this last one is the best.

im one of those 48 year olds who is able to get ready to run for a good hour after just five days of training, but ive been running for 37 years, so my body is not still completely... i also walk briskly 8 miles a day at my job, so running is WAY to much effort or stress. stress is not always emotional or fatigue, but getting stronger or more miles is stress.

but to be able to get ready to go one mile vertical comfortably in 3.5 hours carrying weight in as soon as five weeks carrying weight, i must. but this really helps my chess. and good sleep, is good tactical training...

Sat Jul 29, 02:52:00 PM PDT  

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