Friday, July 28, 2006

Smoking Embers Indicates Flame is Gone

attentive Knights notice the inclusion of the photo of the road weiry smoker--temposchlucker, in only the brilliant way he can, completely scooped my fresh idea from two nights ago to have a photo of this type, but he beat me to it. himm? how prescient! so i felt it only fare to include mine, too, but his is better!

tonight i clocked out of chess after a BAD CT Art 3.0 session: recently ive been averaging 85 to 86% at 2131 elo, but fell like a stone tonight to 71% sat 2118 elo. so i considered myself forwarned? do i like those who covet their CTS rating, do i risk my % success when my mind is bone weiry? so i did a quick 14 guest warm ups. not usually but recently i have needed it. ok. 1540 elo as a guest. ready and go.

but after my first set was 2/17=19 and needed just one more, to have a rare short session and keep my 90% going, i missed it, so now 3/17 and all downhill trying to "get it back". i thought id get to stop and "lick my chops"?

so it wound up 10/33=43. i folded my legs under me, like a good meditator as i do during tactics, a lotus posture actually, then girded my loins, and recovered an awefull spate to 0/26=26, summs to:

i have just work 9 of the last 11 days, and my gas tank is running down. not that i am into some terrable form of addiction to some pernicious variant of american commerce, but my company mandates a rotation which we all do once a month. we never work more than five days in a week, but WHEN those days come is the pickle!

i had rearranged my schedule in april for a trip to vancouver BC this weekend, but to make a long story short won't be able to go without a lot of hastle or headache, so will stay home close to lake washington and beach towel and lev alburts chess training pocket book comfortably in the supine position, and near my beloved new fast pc desktop, my cat with the sanskrit name, and lots of naps and downtime--and of course, lots and lots of CTS tactics, as is my custom when the pendulum swings the other way and i get MORE time off.

since i walk 8 miles a day in my gigantic building materials retail store, or 13,000 meters, this means when i work my usual 14 of 16 days i am walking 1/30th of the continental united states. im not kidding. 108 miles. the buddha proscribed 108 bows all you good buddhists know. then i work only 6 out of 12 days, then it repeats. kind of like 7 circles only much harder. so when i tell you the hours i spend at chess, as many do here, consider the miles ive have walked BEFORE i sit to do them. on rare days off, my brain is much tighter and energized.

i will plug in my brain to the transponder and start over... tomorrow. gm kasparov truly back to real chess as mr crowther posts at the week in chess?


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