Friday, August 11, 2006

recently at CTS and OBP

recently at cts i have been pushing hard to arrive at the exact 85.00% mark at the 20,000 tries watershed at CTS . while this pretty much had me holding between a 1500 and 1508 elo in rating, recently ive seen a fall. not to worry: i have not "fallen under the wagon". at the same time, i try specifically try in every sesion for 90.0%, and while this does not commonly happen, this is exactly what i am trying to do in every tranch of problems and effects rating significantly since i not only am trying to reduce error, but the trying to reduce error has a big impart on rating.

for every set of problems, i lay out a sheet of paper, drawing an array of circles in rows of ten to mark those succeeded or failed, and so can visually see at a glance how i am doing along the way--marking sets of eight, sixteen, twenty-four, thirty-two, then forty, the repeat. and when at time i just got three out of four wrong (always a bad sign!), or two out three wrong, then i buckle down extra hard: as Lao Tzu said: "The men of olde, so carefull! Like crossing a sheet of ice!"

My results for the last few sessions:
14f/106s= 120 88.33% (Thursday)
12f/088s= 100 88.00% (Wednesday)
12f/068s= 080 85.00% (Tuesday)
34f/136s= 170 80.00% (Monday): terrable! just awefull!
31f/159s= 180 88.33% (Sunday)
14f/106s= 120 88.33% (Saturday)
21f/147s= 168 87.50% (Friday)
15f/113s= 128 88.28% (Thursday)

153f/923s= 1076totals 85.78% for this series, take me to 83.8322% for 16670 tries
1486 elo.

ive started back at OBP after a several month hiatus. this particular post is less to one more time cite my results at CTS, and more about some other things. its' amazing. just as tempo describes dramatic improvement in his OBP, so the same in this corner.

by OBP--which is usually meant to describe over the board play for those who play a lot over the internet--by me is simply meant real chess. for me, "real chess" is chess play against a live opponent as against chess training only, as i spend virtually 99% of my chess time training, as i find OBP to be too stressfull. i almost don't actually enjoy it, or, if i do enjoy it, it is only when i am not tired or not late at night after a long days work.

after an initial flash of beating two elo's above me at 1836 and a 1725, i have struggled a bit, but do see real noticable improvment.

when we play our peers after 5,000 or 10,000 problems in just a few recent months, we tend to run circles around them. how unfair!

very sweet. more latter, have to run to work now...


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

If I look at the blueprint at your post I notice that you are trying to bring cheating in chess to a whole new level by building a time machine? That way you can see what your opponent is going to answer on your intended move, so you can anticipate on it. Very clever.

Fri Aug 11, 11:25:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

no, i am trying to make a MESSage death ray, whereby i can cut and paste harmfull text to the CTS message board that wont hide most of what i write, and thus appear like an idiot, not deminishing the efficacy of my incantation!

himmm? but really, on a more serious note, when silman says in HTRAYCN that initially when you really study you will see where everything seems like a MESS and everything seems to be getting worse, i think he must have meant me?

i cannot tell you how many times when after a several month hiatus, my first two games are classically beautiful and impressive wins, then its downhill from there!

ive had played like a DOG every day, and continue to loose, loosing won games, so not class A-/B+ yet, but B-. nevertheless, if i do this for two or three weeks, i will get back to where i was in OBP in march when CTS training began for me, and probably the better for it.

i dont know about you, but i dont play that much. but not only must i balance CTS with endings and ctArt, but OBP as well. i find it better to play daily for months, or many weeks then take a complete break. its an all or nothing thing and i dont mix it in much.

i think missing ctArt recently is another reason i am 1486 CTS down from 1510--as when i start my session with ctArt, and only then move over to CTS afterwards, the stuff looks way easier and see it all much faster.

ill be back up there, but not today!

hope all is well with you, and the sun is out, so off to the beach where i can observe some really nice... and hope to see the Moldavian Russian lady today or tomorrow. best date in 16 years last week. what a strong lady! i like that. a man cannot only work on clearance sacrifices and back rank mates but must be open to the chaotic feminine mystery.

Sat Aug 12, 12:00:00 PM PDT  

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