Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pushing Like a Wild Man Demon

1535.42 elo tonight at CTS--a personal best. It is truly a shame to have to stop at 2:05 am, since I usually go to bed at 4 or 5 am, but tomorrow I must start work at 12:30 pm, instead of my usual 2pm, so in the better part of prudence, must stop--how many times have we had a record or personal best then 'blown it' seeking more?

But truly these days are rare. I don't mean best elo days but those days when you can hit the mouse seemedly instantly, and it's just 'there'. What am I trying to say? Were it not for the hour, I have the utmost confidence I'd hit 1540 but I'd NEVER sleep if I blew it. Then I'd go to 1529 and then have to 'get it back' then...

I've been the chiropractor twice a week for weeks and three times this week, and he really has me humming. Also after two weeks, I again feel like I did before I met Tatiana (whom I am no longer dating* :) *) when I felt in love. Not with anyone specifically, but, honestly, with life. This is the ideal in life. Lastly, for advanced recovery from what was a severe depression two years ago, I eat organic beets, organic cabbage, and organic kale, organic firm tofu, and lean chicken, all good for the liver. I take a high grade lactose free acidophilus with 15 billion live organisms, in this case, resumed it again, and lastly take the Ayurvedic herbs, specifically ashwaganda, all great for energy and vitality. Is this new to me? No; but I am firmly on this path of wellness and month by month keep adding to it....

Tonight I got crazy at the end, and blew one tranch of problems at the end, pushing like a monster for 1540.0, but instead of 1535 got 1533, then 1531, then 1529 etc. by getting 3 out of 5 wrong. I was 91.4% for the session before that, and soared from 1500.40 to 1535 in one day.

Session: 16f/128s = 144 @ 88.89%. If 89% is a total meltdown, as this was at the end, and had 3f/13s=16 in another part near the end, then what is a good day?

I've been 93 to 89% most days, but was experimenting with another CTS handle. :)

... It is late, and I want to write Yasser a note congratulating him on his 7481 views at, and soon we will see 10,000 views and much more, as he tells me...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

1535 at 90% accuracy is wild! I'm amazed at the speed of many tacticians, yourself included. It's encouraging that the speed's due to pattern recognition and good thinking processes--not younger, faster brains. If the latter were the case I would have to give up. Of course, some top players have it all.

Has Yasser replied to your letters? He's a great teacher and player for the USA.

Sun Sep 24, 10:16:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

yes, we are close friends... i wrote him, then he wrote me back in the next hour, i wrote him back, and he WROTE ME BACK eighteen minutes before the playchess broadcast.

his mom was a practicing psychic, so this is a real connection with us, as i have this trait. i cannot will it into place, but it is clearly there, over hundreds of occassions, maybe thousands. but, of course, i make mistakes in life or judgement. dont take my word for it, just know me for a while.

second, he is savy in stocks and we chat all the time about markets. thirdly, he honors communications and agreements, and we fit that way quite well too.

when he moved from seattle, i helped with some logistical stuff... i saw his Wijk aan Zee trophy and the handsigned bottvinnik given to by his highness. wow. magikal energy. then the old 500 year old philador book in old leather, and his hand cribbed annotations from when he was a lad.

i introduced him to my best friend and we all email about intelectual~cultural ~global~current affairs stuff and all agree that america is clearly on the road to... *^&^#


games? of course not. he has offered anytime, but i want to be 1800 or class A first.

poor topy.

im here now with my CTS friend live... aka you know...


Sun Sep 24, 10:31:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you hit the mouse seemedly instantly, and it's just 'there'! What other CTS handle are you using? I would love to compete at the World Open or Curacao against top players like GM Seirawan, but like yourself, I want to make class A first.

80 @ 91.25% = 1315 tonight.

Tue Sep 26, 02:27:00 AM PDT  

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