Sunday, September 03, 2006

Successivley Accurate Tries

12f/108s= 120 @ 90.00%
24f/165s= 189 @ 87.301%

I had my best run ever at CTS, embedded within this:

In the second half of last night, I had a personal best, going for 55 problems in the zone, with none failed in that interval. Inexplicably, both my broadband as well as television connection gave out completely for the next hour, and I went to bed, ending the session, with the last problem credited as incorrect, although I had actually moved the curser to the correct move exactly as it gave out.… And of course, as we all know, and doubtless have all also experienced alike before, I began today with a wrong problem as this system scores a disconnect. When I woke up, service was restored. And it was a rarest, odd, complete outage--as even if my broadband had an outage, as I normally always still have ‘cable television’ service during such times.

I am virtually certain that had this outage not occurred, that I would have gone further to 0f/65= 65, but it’s the past now. Currently I am well on my way to 85.0% sooner rather than latter, or 2,889f/15,421s= 18,310 @ 84.2217%, 1506.8 elo.

In the second half of tonight, I was 2f/53s=55 @ 96.36%, so this trend steeming from being completely refreshed on vacation and accrued practice continues.

I have ‘tried like the Dickens’ to catch Kawala at 84.2 and he is ranked 179th and now I am 180th. It has been one long haul. Recently I have been in the top 35 for tries after running up to--then right through--a huge chasing pack or swarm of high RD CTS users at 17,000, and it won’t take me long to hit the top 27 at 21,000.

But I will have to really “work like a dog” to get to 26th at 23,077 tries, and in so doing *himmmm!* bypass my nemesis, but WE don’t discuss him or mention him, right? But so much the better to look forward to, as is appropriate in response.

Best, David

On vacation this week, and preparing to climb in a few days, to 9100’ up Mount Maude’s glacier.


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

A good time and be carefull at that glacier.

Mon Sep 04, 02:05:00 PM PDT  
Blogger St. Patzer said...

Where do you get these pictures from ?

there scary ...

Wed Sep 06, 03:40:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

type in words like kiss, marriage, chaos, dog, smoke, effort, disturbed and then let me know how you do in a week!

the cboe OEX 'VIX' index recently made a bit of a bottom, so we are back in the woods as far as equities goes:$VIX

i plan to liquidate into strenght for non-taxible assets.

thanks for your comment. to pick photos is not that hard, but i collect many candidates just to pick one, so when i post a new blog, i dont have to hunt for them, i already have em. warm regards to ireland. dk

Wed Sep 06, 05:24:00 PM PDT  

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