Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sweet Eighty Five II

Sweet Eighty Five:

Today: 13f/147s =160 @ 91.98%.
Cumulative: 3,001f/16,361s =19,362 @ 84.501%

Rd: #009
Tries: #34
Percentage: 85% or #164
Rating: 1513.2 or #477 of 1361 active CTS users or 35.05 percentile of users.

Tatiana came to my retail store tonight... what does she say? The very first thing she says (we haven't spoken for a week!) is: "you made a lot of mistakes". How do you define "not contrite" in English?

Maybe she and chessDog are in kahoots. The boots are the dead giveaway. dk


Blogger transformation said...

my horrible night at CTS:
8f/60s = 68tries @ 88.235%.

5f/13s = 18 tries to start out, meant that i was in a deep, deep hole to begin, so had to 'pull my guts out to get back to 84.501%+.

3f/47s = 50 tries after that bad patch, thinking of some sad lame goodbye tonight from Tatiana tonight ... as Taimonov said after Fischer, "At least I still have my music". well, 'i still have my dual core pentium and CTS...'

very, very upset at these disturbing personal events today, so hard to think, so instead of fighting it out, to 'get it up to 90.00% or

8f/72s =80 and risk <1500.0 elo, i must have a short session, as i will do at times like this...

and stop.

Thu Sep 14, 01:24:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

to get to 87.00% at 30,000 tries at CTS, i will need to do the next 10,570 tries at 90.63%, so as to have 26,100 solved.

i have 16,521 solved
& need 9,579 solved.

this is a daunting task. a good day yes. a decent day, close. but the bad days will come, so this means i need 92% on most days, or:

4f/46s = 50

this is:
2f/23s = 25 or 1:12 ... can i accomplish this without excess stress or taking the fun out of this, or not sink in rating thus?

Thu Sep 14, 01:33:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous likesforests said...

What did you tell her after she said, "You made a lot of mistakes"? I'm at 84.6%, but my rating spiraled downwards. Balance I seek!

Thu Sep 14, 02:20:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous likesforests said...

I read Kissinger's article. I agree the ceasefire has not resolved the underlying issues between Israelis and neighboring peoples. I hope the United Nations will make an earnest attempt to brainstorm solutions and invest the manpower needed to implement them--but they don't have a good track record. The region has been in conflict for almost a century. Only Egypt is a success story--That's a moderate state we should spend more time talking to.

Fri Sep 15, 01:19:00 AM PDT  

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