Tuesday, November 14, 2006


What follows is a copy of my personal note to samurai.

I've not been at blogger for weeks. But, fyi, if it makes any difference, this is my second post in maybe a month, only tempo a few days ago and now you! such is my regard for you, kind sir!!

[Chris, I broke a rib at work last week, and had to go to a hospital emergency room yesterday. I am 48 and while in very good shape physically, have had injuries since August… And now medication and a week off work, authorized by a doctor. {i tried playing at ICC heavily sedated last night, unrated, and was amazed how well i played} In short, I value your friendship and ability to talk with you here, and in no way are forgotten.{more latter, please}

I got to problem 720 at CTArt, and now am playing at ICC every day after a long time away from live play and a long time doing 25,000 CTS, so now in a whole new angle or cycle of chess {in application, rather than exercise; I love CTA and it IS FOR ME, but totally appreciate what you say at your 100% fabulous blog. Your stuff is fantastic. I will read it all latter.}

How are you sir?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Transformation! It's nice to hear your kind words again. It's also very exciting to hear that your playing chess again. Be sure to post some of your games.

Sorry to hear about your injuries, but maybe you've found a stronger player in the daze of prescriptional drugs. ;)

Otherwise I'm doing pretty well. We're moving to New Zealand in a little bit less than a month, so things are a bit hectic right now.

I haven't been doing very well in the tournament in terms of victories, but I'm learning a lot.

Hope to hear more from you soon.

Wed Nov 15, 06:37:00 AM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

I was wondering what happened. Good to see another post. (I just couldn't relate to the london accord post: I don't use CTS more than once every few months when I am REALLY bored).

Wed Nov 15, 10:34:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

[What follows is note ii to Samurai, from today. Has anyone seen his site? I love it! He has it all the right way.]

Hello! I am very glad to hear about your your move to New Zeeland. Since you were in school for nursing, was it, in Sweden, is there some brief information you can share with those of us who admire you?

Me, I love chess. But here it is not quite chess, but persons associated with chess! So it is, I think, fare to ask for me about you--here. This sounds fascinating. When I think of minimizing the cybernetic-entropic loop of industrialization, I think we all tend to think of places like this along with Australia and South Africa and Costa Rica, etc. Purpose?

After 25,000 tactics since March, I feel that it is indeed time to shift gears. I totally respect this study activity; but at a certain point, however much we tend, for example, to know to capture the file, or seek outposts for our N's, and discovered+ for our B's, or even so simple a thing as to maintain the opposition with our K near the end versus a P, when there is 9 seconds on the clock in an increment game, if that, and we blow it, no amount of CTS or CTA will help us. That is my assertion.

Now not to be too doctrinare. These tools are vital. But at a certain point, in no way saying that 'they' do not help, but rather more return on one's effort can be garnished by playing--say--1000 games of chess, then studying ones mistakes, then independent and isolated tactical study.

I plan to play a LOT of chess, and am doing so, then retun to CTArt3.0 and CTS.

....after so much time away, I am of course rusty, and find myself to get a superior opening and or middlegame, only to loose it all on one move, or get mated in one when I thought I was mating them!

But after a 'good beating', I am sure I will be back to where I was and then some, as always, just as high altitude climbers face altitude then must come down, in getting acclimatized.

I totally avoided 3/0. I played 3/12 for years--thousands of games. This 12 sec item is metronomically lodged in my brain. Then, as I said before, I moved to 3/8. Took a lot of adjustment.

One day I accidently got launched into a 1/0 game. Of course, to start, since I didn't know I was even playing, I was already lost, but then hastened, and almost made it to an advanced player.

Then I thought, I'll play another to get a decent rating... 2/0, but alas, that was a different rating--2/0 is not 1/0. Then I saw that 2/0 was almost chess from 1/0, which I do not consider to be chess, and as Yasser said to me today in a private email, is "rather artificial", and "some guy in Germany even has a touch screen".... So then I discovered that you could play 1/2 adn 2/1.

What a liberation. I have avoided 3/0 at all costs. I never play it. But one thing 3/0 will get you, is a lot of compressed chess experience. But I am innured to increment.

I found that 2/1 was still only 2:40 for 40 moves, as 1/2 was 2:20. But you know what? You can play 0/4. They give you 12 seconds to start, as I recall, then you make a few rapid opening moves, and now you have a 0:48 sec game with 4 seconds of increment--that is 2:52 for 40 moves at ICC!

I love this! It is similar to playing 6/12, the maximum below 15 min to be blitz but not longer standard. Of course, mathematically, 14/1 approaches the limit of <15 more maximally, but who plays that?

So I am playing a lot 2/1 since that is what most accept, and 0/4 when I can get them, and 3/12 thereafter, again, most prefer 2/12. After 1,000 games, I will be ready for 25/10 or 'real chess'.

I am finishing Alurts Pocket Chess Training Manual, and very, very carefully doing it in my head. Similarly, I am finishing Aaverbakh's Endings Essential Knowledge, and found, remarkably, I could calculate 14 move endings without a board, using one diagram, and 100% associate this with all the CTS and CTA...

Secrets of Pawn Endings and Endgame Strategy are on the runway ramp...

I am taking 3 Vicdan a day, so do not consider my rating a discussable item now!

But I am zipping a lot of stuff into my brain, and eight days doctor approved off work for a broken rib is a chess players dream, as long as I dont make any sudden 'moves'--getting in and out of bed is the hardest thing I do each day. :) literally.

Wed Nov 15, 02:58:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bob said...

Good to see you back and I hope you heal quickly. Vicodin for any length of time is most unpleasant!

I am slumping on CTS (down to 1287 and 84.2%) but the results continue to show in tournament play! My USCF rating, while still nothing at all to brag about, is almost 400 points higher than it was as recently as March 2006. I attribute nearly all of this to better tactical vision.

Fri Nov 17, 10:44:00 AM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

The McRib sandwich is back, for its five billionth 'farewell tour.' Maybe a few of those will help insulate your ribs with a nice fatty protective shield.

Mon Nov 20, 03:43:00 PM PST  

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