Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ninety-Six Percent Club

96.0% attained tonight at CTS.

last 225 in a row correct currently, including last 1f/306s= 307 @ 99.67% at 1326.9 elo

"No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking" Anonymous Texan


Blogger chessdog said...

excellent job dk, your recent rate of accuracy is mind boggling! on wednesday i did close to 350 or so problems only missing 1...the effort almost killed took me about 10 painfull hours!
so how high do you think you can get your rating on that handle?

Fri Jan 26, 05:15:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

Thank you for your comment.

In as much as I appreciate the civil communication, as I would continue similarly, I do stand by what I said before, and we won’t be interacting at all, as was already indicated. To say it one last time, if in the future any persons open their blogs or some other identified place to comments in kind, however small or diminutive or provisional such a page or pages can be, then they are responded to here.

Outside that, CTS users can see what I do by my actions. Or provide outside email or realize other means of communication, which can be delivered by any number of clever ways, as others have done. To the extent that any persons communicate in a civil manner with the rest of their community, such persons would have nothing to fear by opening his or herself to feedback and interaction, as we all have opportunity to deliver, earn, and receive degrees to trust.

Anyone can comment but not everyone gets feedback; civil remarks are retained. Successive blind remarks have now outlived their purpose, and by now inordinate attention, relative to given and available rewards. Now is the time to go beyond for all of us. This not meant to be approved or disapproved. It is my dominion in a community of other domains, and everyone shares constructively with equal access.

take care, and best regards from the Emerald City. goodbye.

Fri Jan 26, 06:52:00 PM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Congrats DK. I don't understand the response to chessdog: did he make critical comments or something?

Sun Jan 28, 08:07:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

id like to leave discussion of specific persons aside here, and rather discuss, large or small, active or inactive, at times complimenting or at others doubting or challenging, supporting or laughing, we all have an exchange here. at times, it is a very enriching community: folks in europe or the netherlands or switzerland, northwestern or southwestern american, established chess players solidifying B level towards A or journeyman cutting their teeth to get to sold C level...

... but if tempo writes me here, or wormwood, or you, or dutch, or samurai, or patrick, not only can i respond, but, in the event that i am not sure you read my stuff or even saw it, i can go to blogs and message persons. i can even email some directly, as is a nice priviledge. i can go to icc and look at histories, and see the last twenty games of folks, or verify that someone reputed to be 1800 standard is barely 1560 standard... and inactive.

there is an exchange. there is access. we can jibe each other, or say bravo, or get upset or say you got it all wrong--but there is an exchange. that is the essence of it.

you can sit all day and study chess. but this is a derivative. this is chess study expressed in a community of knowledge, in a specific place, where some talk more, some less, some with challenge, some ascent.

i can even, as i do, choose to go on reading jadubes stuff, because of his inteligence, even if i just wish that he would once comment back.

or i can write jim mouseT and not exchange often, but he is there...

but in this other case, i have someone repeatedly antagonistic, who shows up making nice at times, and where does it end? and what do i get out of it? and when i wish to contact them, where do i go, and to whom do i direct it? how can i invest time, on someone who keeps their blog closed to all comments, nee, now has two blogs, but none open! and somehow i am to take time and address there every concern, or meet their needs?

some folks need a priest or a guru more than comparisons and explainations, or some life jolting altering events, and this, blue, is not my role, nor do i have access to them, and it steals rather than builds my energy, as it still does here for a moment, if i may say ever so politely.

we all know each other in one way or another, in a funny way, but this is not someone who wants to be known, so why should their interpretation of their seeming to know me matter?

thx, dk

Sun Jan 28, 10:04:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

at CTS in last few days, 263 in a row straight... at 1330+

last night: was i lacking skill, or focus, or effort? no. i should have followed my gut not to 'get on' but i went ahead anyway, eager to move on towards 96.6%, but had one bad stretch. no, it was not those things but shear fatigue from work...

you get one wrong, do nine more, then another, then 17 more, and another.

but it is not all totally bad. ive recovered my rate and then some, and am now exactly half way to 96.1%:

last 3f/372s= 375 @ 99.20% exactly at 1325-1335 elo.

and last night, i did 1f/18s=19 at 1560 elo level, so, as i said, the one does translate to the other. in so doing, we learn how to think and calculate not only exactly, but exactly with a clock.

Sun Jan 28, 11:23:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

96.1% tonight for dogWaste.

days ago, dkTransform hit 1591 and, hard as i tried, couldnt hit 1600 without stopping my activity to rest, but, suffice to say, 96 dogWaste is what got me there mostly, so, as i have said, applies aptly and deftly.

after dkTransform hit 84.8%, i threw the gauntlet down, and resolved to get back to 90% at 1500-1540, as i had for months. im back at 84.9% and will be 85.0% in time, most sessions are 100% or 90% variously. but i am done at 77 to 83%, what is needed to get ratings up, an interesting experiment while it lasted.

i could have left 1591 to stand as 'exhibit' but surrender ego to get better. now i am 1509, but WAY more accurate--for me, what i need to do to get better.

im very proud. last night, i played 32 bullet games. thirty two.

i won 9 and lost 23 AND my elo went up 60 points. talk about ducking a challenge? cherry picking easy fruit? no. bloddy battles against seniors many that should have been won, but were not. how did i know when to stop? just to please win two in a row! when elo outranks you by 150 and 200, not easy!

currently dogWaste is 185 in a row, but only 1,000 will satisfy me. yes, one single try wrong is a terrable disaster. at 1315 i mostly live in fear not of chess, but my sensative mouse. that is what is hard! to baby the little critter. at 96% mouse slips become 40 to 60% of errors. easy to say, but the higher you go in percent, the more simple mechanical stuff is what is gonnar rip you the hardist, or temporary outages, even on broadband, where the screen hangs for forty seconds, but god prayers, i know not to touch it, and sit and wait it out, if you follow!


Fri Feb 02, 01:25:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

0f/33s= 33 in a row at 1505 elo as dktransform... so the shift i am making continues. dk

Fri Feb 02, 11:22:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

58% of the way from 96.1 to 96.2%, with 224 in row, and still going. trying for 1,000 straight as dogWaste.

dkTransform: 4f/72s= last 76 @ 94.74% at circa 1511 elo.

best saved for last: i am very, very proud of my last 57 bullet games (0/4), which includes the 32 game series referenced in the above note;

18w/39L=57 games or only 31.6% won WHILE MY elo at bullet went UP 15.11%. ducking a challenge? cherry picking easy meat???? ahh himmmm!!!

overal my loses still total as much as 43.8% of all my games, and i VERY MUCH WANT this to be <40.0% and, in so doing, hit <39.9% or less. why? taking a beating from higher ups makes us tough. i intend to raise the elo another 4.89%.

but how sweet the wins that occur! how few the elos dissipated in loses, and how big the jump wins bring!

lastly, i am finally almost done pocket chess training--read since june! no board, just the brain. my book has nearly fallen apart. 26 more problems to go = the full monty at 300.

i now have 8 correspondence games going at RHP. its hard to get a rating from the required 1200, and four or five of my eight games are effectively already over and need to be resigned, but somehow my opponents keep persisting? i must get five games asap.

kudos to wormstar who turned me onto RHP. wormstar and bahus are smarter than smart can be, and i am happy just to be on their periphery.

also, MANY PLAYERS there ARE located in europe, and since i live on the us west coast and go to bed late for folks out here, it is a marriage made in heaven. i wake up, and all the moves are there ready for me. they go to bed, and when they wake, they have mine. wonderfull place. bravo wormstar!

warmly, dk

Sun Feb 04, 01:49:00 AM PST  
Blogger Mousetrapper said...

Hi ye folks of the percentage club. I hope this new style of discussion will continue. Happy to see that some of you reach hundreds of correct in a row, too. My recent figures are 133, 455, 242 and now 243. As to rating my plan as LookTwice is to establish a safe 99% fist and then I am not yet sure what to go for: 99.5 = 100% or raise the rating as much as possible on the 99% level.

Sun Feb 04, 06:34:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

jim, thank you, i was hoping you got to read this post and comments.

there is no question that your efforts are a great inspiration, and surely an inspiration to me. you are the new gold standard, and i must stand in line behind you. warmest regards from seattle, dk

Sun Feb 04, 11:30:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...


overal my


still total as much as 43.8% of all my games, and i VERY MUCH WANT this to be <40.0% and, in so doing, hit <39.9% or less.

Sun Feb 04, 05:44:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am considering undergoing surgery for cubital tunnel syndrome in the next few months. I found your posts on your recent surgery, and I was hoping I could ask you about your experience.

I have been recommended by various doctors to get either a submuscular or a subcutaneous transposition; apparently the latter has better results but also is more invasive and has a longer recovery time. What kind of surgery did you get? Can you type normally now? If so, how long did that take? If your surgery was subcutaneous, are you finding the new location of the nerve annoying?

I would be very grateful for any information you can provide about your experience. I have been putting off surgery for over a year, and it is a frightening step to take. Please feel free to email me at:

mikeseaton77 at yahoo dot com

Wed Feb 07, 03:55:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

mike, i wrote you a private email. no, they did NOT reroute the nerve or go subcutaneous, but simply decompressed my cubital tunnel. two hours surgery. amazingly, little to no pain after.

the doc and i agreed that since i am ectomorphic, routing to the side not ideal. the one caviat: that i cannot in the future of my life rest much on the elbow, more resting arm on side: typing! so im careful.

i can lift five weeks latter, and can not open easy bottles, or start my car, which i couldnt do in november.

most persons have the muscle split at the elbow... i thought years of work at a PC in stressful states (broker, 100,000 phone calls, stress at a computor, buys and sells about $100,000,000 us literally) caused the severe nerve damage i had or have or dymylination, but, in my case, the muscle went OVER THE ELBOW, so he split it--my muscle. this does occur in some persons but is a genetic rarety. probably causal.

i also had YEARS of sleeping with the arm asleep, but didnt know how bad this was... odd angles and pinched nerves...

get the surgery!

perhaps you are a chef or cyclist or tennis player, the usual causes?

one word to the wise... i tried percaset or oxycotin, but my god, it made the itching much worse. many side affects not explained to me, but my interest was to try something stronger than vicadin, which had no ill affects previously.

off work for 12 days. i can type, but not 100% yet.

i am 100% certain my surgery was necessary AND beneficial, AND i even visited my homeopathic doc, who specializes as an osteopath MD, and he said sometimes the source is outside the arm... spine, shoulders, etc.

my surgery helped a lot, but we must see how much. elbow still VERY sensative. i have my hand back, but all very sensative.

i had an excellent surgeon,, who do the seahawks, mariners, and supersonics, etc.

more latter, pls.


for dogWaste:
234f/5766= 6,000 CTS @ 96.00% 212 in a row. 1f/332s=333 @ 99.70%.

for dkTransform:
009f/116s= 0,125 CTS @ 92.80@
at 1512 elo.

server getting WAY worse at CTS. anyone getting bad lag or outages? of course, i clear temp files, and have tried firefox (worse!), and have a fast broadband on a very fast desktop...

worse at 11pm to 1am pst, or 2 to 4 am est.

anyone have this?

i get the hourglass deal--it spins as waiting for a minute, but i solved problems in 4.7 seconds... yikes. many times recently...


Thu Feb 08, 01:10:00 AM PST  
Blogger wormstar said...

never had an hourglass. in internet explorer, try clicking open tools/internet options/general/temporary internet files/settings/ and setting the cacheing to 'automatically'. that seems to work best for me.

Fri Feb 09, 05:19:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great quote! However I panicked and thought could a Texan truly have come up with this? "It's better to be smart than lucky," I could understand, but this, the universe couldn't be designed this way. So I performed a Google search and was relieved to see that this magisterial quote is actually attributed to Voltaire. All is right in the world.

Wed Sep 10, 08:24:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

@annon: thank you. i love voltaire! warmest, dk

Thu Sep 11, 12:54:00 AM PDT  

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