Saturday, January 13, 2007

Healing Correctly

To all my good friends here: I am fine. The surgery went well. I am also back to work, and everyone there--too--is being supportive. While I have zero pain and little discomfort, I am trying to rest the hand, or arm, and so type very little. I have exercises, and am assiduous in doing them daily. Interestingly, I found a way to sleep that not only does NOT irritate the nerve, but seems to open it. I am better every day. While the R hand is the problem, the surgery was in the elbow. Needless to say, using my left stresses it more, so this is a balancing act. I am left handed and started using my L for my mouse hand in October--no disrespect to anyone, but I have said this again and again! No problem.

I am playing daily. I played 124 bullet games my first two days back after thirty warm up rapids at yahoo (my warm up place)--about sixty a day+. I used to drink, as I have also said, so I have to be careful with addictive behavior. But really, as far as chess goes, you get in a groove, and hit it. The next day, I played only 13 games. Believe it or not, while I carefully and slowly analysized about thirty rapid games, I still perform a quick run through of many of those bullet games--using Fritz8, since even though they must necessarily be of low quality, some critical endgame positions occur, and I look at those carefully.

0/4 or 3/8 or 25/10 (bullet, rapid, standard), either way, however highly inaccurate, you still reach thematic endgames--every bit as worthy of careful study and review as slower games. I now have as many as 700 recorded games--with most of them played since November--but most of them were played in a short space of only three or four weeks, with CTS between. So I am not idle, believe you me, with or without visibility at blogger or CTS. I also resummed CT-Art 3.0--but this last time, with zero zeal much as I wish otherwise, so have to put it asside till great energy is there again--as is vitally necessary for it to be done properly, if you ask me. I don't want to memorize the problems but to experience the challenge of calculating them.
Not all that is unseen can be known readily. And not all of a seriouos chess student gets shared.

Wijk aan Zee:
How can you not love this line up? But I am sorrowful that Morozevich didn't attend, citing 'personal reasons'. I love this guy, and do not wish to disarage him. But how personal can it be? He was playing blitz six and one half hours ago at a well known chess site, right as Corus was playing? Fear of his opponents? Hardly. Engagement with presenting himself at his best friends wedding day? Or upset over appearance fees? Whatever the unknown mysterious case, I wished it was he, among ultra sharp Aaronian, Carlson, Anand, Kramnik, and similar pedigree instead of Tiviakov? But we will enjoy his highly personal use of Na3 in Sicilians along the way nevertheless.


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Good to hear all is going well.

Sat Jan 13, 10:37:00 PM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Glad it was a surgery without complications!

Sat Jan 13, 10:42:00 PM PST  
Blogger wormstar said...

nice to hear you're okay. I have quite a lot of experience with nerve damage, and those injuries take time to heal. so don't get anxious if the hand doesn't come to full strength at once, it will eventually. nerve tissue just regenerates a lot slower than muscle tissuye. - and remember, repetition is the key, not power.

smooth sailing! :)

Mon Jan 15, 05:31:00 PM PST  

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