Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Perseverance Furthers

tonight, finally hit the 96.2% at CTS as dogWaste. 3f/459s= 462 @ 99.351% since 5,694 tries--at 1311 elo currently. dkTransform is back to 85.000% after an extended experiment up to 1591 but resulting in a decrease from 85.1% to 84.8%. i am annualizing 90.00% there, again, now, on average for all recent problems among the last 170 problems. needless to say, there is a big diffence between gaining percentile (often occompanied by a significant fall in ELO) and holding a percentile (often allowing a gain in ELO), as i will now get to do after this near ordeal

one more win at RHP correspondence chess, and i will have enough provisional, to be able to post a rating, of any kind, depending on which of the games occurs as the fifth win, so will show 1500 to 1600 TO START OUT, depending. i calculate i aught to be about 1580, at an all but now certain 7/0/0 = 100%.

i am not starting any new games, as i do not wish to challenge anyone now with a 1200 rating, but instead as 1550-1600, even if provisional. then i will start a new tranch of games, four at a time, maybe three. of course, i can do a LOT more, but quality over quantity, and i only wish to challenge 1500-1650 to get the next 13 games.

also, daily i exert very serious effort into my bullet games, and have another two hundred to go to get to <39.99%. see previous post as to why i want less wins.

yasser emailed me, and we will meet in early spring, when he will be back in towne, and go for one of our long walks, and, of course, a wonderfull teriyaki-sushi-misho soup lunch at my 82 year old friend jason's resturant. jason taught buddhist sutras in korea, and yaz loves the food. this korean man works like a real dog.

if current market conditions continue, 'lunch is on him'... long story among many investment emails! greatly looking forward to next set of stories about his always burgeoning chessBase commentary of topy-kramnik and toiletGate, wijk aan zee, and doubtless also now morelia-linares, and then tell him more about my surgery and other similar, and the community here at blogger and CTS and CT-Art. ive seen him twice a year (or more) for years since 2002 (sometimes more), but not since last spring, when i took him to the beach, i think it was. our average talk is at least three, often four hours. he does NOT tire.

many fine stories of his time with korchnoi, and must hear the story directly about when victor the terrible told him not to be 'affraid', in the dark, sleeping in victors bedroom at his home as a guest at his insistence, when he came to help victor prepare for karpov-korchnoi. this invitation resulted from yassers most impressive prepared win (english opening) he had killed korchnoi with in their first ever game, so latter asked him to be second. the begining of the story was posted at chessBase in the fall during T-K.

warmly, dk
now off to my bullet salt mines...


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If the chess doesn't keep us coming back, the pictures will. I predict in ten years this will be the first chess-themed porn site. :)

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