Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rest, Sweet Rest and other odds and ends

Rest in this corner after too much chess, too much chess study, too, too much!

Ivanchuk, the very image of genius or disturbed genius (the deep blue eyes, staring deep into outer space) concieving deep, uncanny things inside his head without recourse to a chess board

Real trouble of an altogether different kind

The old saw revisited; whatever you do, you don't want to ever piss off an elephant.


Blogger transformation said...

i started back on CT-Art tonight. time spent: ONLY 0:55 minutes on one problem, about 0:52 minutes for the first move, level four, but a real difficult move to find. but i got it right. i can calculate, its just a question of how long it takes.

around 2120 elo there, at around 73%.

tomorrow game five at RHP winds down, but i wont claim the win till wed, when the sixth game posts. by delaying the win via the flag two more days, i will see a constant smooth increase of elo there, instead of a tiny dip for 6w/0L/0d=6, which would un-nerve me, a little tiny finese issue. game seven is also ending, and is all but over to reach 7/0/0. i expect to be 1550 or so for those games, a decent start, considering who i had to endure playing.

complete break from CTS. im tired.

complete break from bullet. im tired.

Morelia-Linares: have watched all games via replay with great pleasure. and seen some live. Magnus has his own website, incase you hadnt seen it. links indicated at, nice comments by Mark Crowther.

i have about 1,400 chess games in my chessBase, and have looked at few of them, my next focus while after i get back to bullet, and reach the benchmark that i am doggedly pursuing, but taking a tiny break from. most of them played since november. gosh. time to rest. time to review a lot of stuff and see what i am doing!

i have moved after SEVERAL years from flooring at work to tools. of course, i know little about them, but as a serious chess student, after three months, am really starting to organize inventory, upstock, get our counts corrected, new product ordered--my point is? you simple cannot imagine what a chess player can do to a 3,000 item inventory, by way of organzing and patterning them. ive gone wild, and my employer loves it.

we have orange and green, heavy and light, infrequent and heavily moved items, expensive tiny items and large bulky cheap items. items to be put up high by a manlift, or items for a short A step ladder. we have volts, amps, rpm, variable speeds, sizes of grits and sandpaper, drivers, bits, picks, chissels, welding tools, grinding tools, pencils, caution tape... i could go on, but ample opportunity for me to discern and structure patterns. it is chess in a big way.

we sometimes take chess to the world, and, for me, this is such.

take care, dk

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