Sunday, February 11, 2007

'Girls gone wild' or LOWER percentages gone wild?

ive got a major post, ive been cooking in my head, i just need more time to type it out, or more energy than i have right now, and am challenged to type for LONG without feeling like i am rubbing my elbow, which i must not irritate.

daily i am playing bullet, sometimes twenty or thirty a day--so i promise you all i AM very active!

another 150 games or so, and i think that i can hit <39.99%. i focus my challenges always upon players ++150 to 400 elo above to me. of course, inevitably i do play 'peers' but only as a matter of last resort.

for example, today i lost 9, won 26, and drew one = 36 games. folks message me, and ask me 'what is wrong, you lost a LOT today?' why nothings wrong--i am practicing! there is more to chess than rating. who would you rather be, overated or underated??? if you loose three and win one, against higher ups you can GAIN or hold your rating--believe it or not.

agonizing, but to have my transgressions punished is necessary. it's painfull, and so many close wins, but the wins are so sweet and they are so shocked when they occur! the odd silence when there is no reinvitation!



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