Sunday, April 01, 2007

Onward, Tallyhow!

at CTS tonight:

dkTransform: 41 in a row at 1500 elo+. finished 2f/52s= 54 @ 96.30%.

dogWaste: i simply cannot recall the last time i got a problem wrong as dogWaste, but i know that i have gotten three wrong since problem 5694, but those were a month or two ago... therefore, i am currently 3f/556s= 559 @ 99.46% at 1300 elo.

as an asside, at work i am starting to have episodic photographic memory, as i did when i was age 21, and at times in my early forties and late thirties.. 'yes, that was a Bostich compressor, item number 236500 $279.00' or 'yes, we sold out of the DW703, 12" compound mitter saw--it says that we have two in stock, but we only have the display, which we cannot sell', or in calculating percentages, on sight: 'yea. at 15% off, that is $126.65'.

i cannot so much calculate these internally, as when i see them, then i know them or can caluclate them when i see them. and most common of all, things like, 'you were here 16 days ago, wasn't it, at around 7:45 at night, on isle 46, and you bought a hammer drill?' and dont think that this does NOT make a distinct impression with customers and collegues ? [please do not include spelling in this!]

this has been there all along in my professional work, but it is getting stronger again, and i attribute its ascendancy or, rather, resurgence to extensive work at CTS and CT-Art 3.0 and doing many endings without a board. :)

if i am saying this much, then i might as well say it all--sometimes i tell people their profession on sight or them or a minutes chat. i practice intuition and have most of my life.

when yasser called me Tuesday, i told him that i felt like calling him in the minutes before, but didnt worry about calling the person he was staying with again, as i had faith in the situation, but clearly noticed a strong urge to call him the minute or two before. all true and recounted to him, as soon as he called me moments latter. then i told him that i already knew he was going to XYZ city this weekend without his telling me as much and thus 'i already knew that he could not meet me this sunday' but 'would need to meet monday', as i know his routine, when he visits, but THEN told him--when he told me he'd be staying at PDQ family members house the day we were meeting--the address: 'thats 1234 such and such street isnt it?', with my not even knowing that i had memorized the street address he uses for the usa, having seen it maybe five or six times in the last year or two in email, which he rarely uses as a salutation at the end of specific types of relatively rare messages to friends of his in certain circumstances??

warmly, dk


Blogger arsblog said...

Hi. I'm pretty happy for discovering as first thing after morning coffe oppening computer and cliking next blog just landed so to speak, in your 'place'.
You got the first blog that really makes my day!
There is a thing i dislike though:its the black lay out, never mind , your experiences are quite familiar -some of them - and acquaintances - of me

I feel like sharing something with you if you'd like. the name # gurdjieff # became an acquaintaince a couple of months ago reading a friend's blog , however i prefer E-PRIME.
you may if you like have a look into my blog but you wouldn't be able i s'pouse to reed it: its in portuguese. First time i expose myself completely in the internet.
However there are things to SEE !
here its all in english:
i don't want to boder you any longer if you feel like, my contacts are displayed
ahh: i can't play chess:
take care

Sun Apr 01, 02:50:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Black backgrounds rule!

Mon Apr 02, 09:33:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you gay? mayby we can hook up later.

Mon Apr 02, 09:34:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

i have all these photos of women in previous months, at previous posts, just for no reason whatsoever. :)

Mon Apr 02, 10:23:00 PM PDT  
Blogger likesforests said...

It's uncanny that you can remember all those details, and are feeling that level of intuition. I suppose if I study enough chess tactics, I'll stop losing my car keys!

According to scientists, children can sometimes vividly recall an image they study for 30 seconds, but that ability disappears as they mature.

Adults only earn near-photographic recall by intensive study of art, chess, or a few other fields.

I'm curious--what triggered your episodic photographic memory when you were younger? I'm guessing it was from analyzing stock charts.

warmly, lf

Fri Apr 06, 08:11:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

i grew up without a father (and as a result learned to question ALL authority--for better or worseas the case varied), and we were poor, and my mother worked all the time, but, now and again, my older brother who was really like a father to me would take me camping. since i was a runner in my teens, i could visualize a lap around a quarter mile, and not being the fastest but of course able to go very far and very long, when he asked me, as we approached my moms after days car camping but away from all clocks, he'd ask me to guess the time, and i was often right, and he test me on sixty seconds, and, again, i was often close, visualizing myself round a track less a few seconds.

i was often within a minute or two within the hour after many days, and he was astonished.

but it is more than memory. i am very, very psychic. no one need believe me. but anyone who knows me has many examples of knowing.

i tell women, when i met someone new to date, 'please, whatever you do, do not lie to me, i will know'. good for saleswork, too.

to this day, i try to feel stock market prices up or down, both directional and amplitude, before i turn CNBC on each morning, the work of fifteen years, etc.

each day, when i wake, i try to see the clock and know. so yes, i have these gifts and prescient dreams, but i also work at it and constantly test my feelings against reality.

tonight in my huge hardware store, i told a man he was Eritrian or Somali by sight and acdent.

i told another man, a very, very dear limping contractor who, at 54, his body is disintegrating he needed to see the world now, as he yearns to do, 'while his body is 80% functional'. i am where i am to contact the maximum number of persons in frequency and directly, in sight, voice, and gesture, and to transmute energy. my guru told me to take a humble job.

somehow, i cannot hide there and pretend to be average or normal. :)

i meet about 1500 persons a week. when i go to Safeway or Trader Joes (latter, West Coast boutique and discount grocery with some luxury or bulk products), i ALWAYS see folks i know on sight... in my city of 1,000,000+ persons in greater metro.

so i see this women, with her also very nice husband. i tell her, closing my eyes, "i can tell you what you do and where you work and what you bought."

i have to squint and be still. after a deep rumble of my inner hard drive, 'gringgg, runggng, ruuuummmm' sound, i tell her:

"you work at Microsoft. you work in---" i have to think VERY hard "localization. i googled that term after i saw you and read about it on wikipedia. you bought 5 absolute black granite by Emser Tile about six months ago, and you can in at seven pm, right?" their jaws drop.

so i must live in isolation, in a way, in silence, as i cannot bear pretense or BS, and only engage fully or not at all. at work, it is different, 'they' pay me to perform. but outside work, i never go anywhere other than for food or gas, or, in the summer, to the lake near here... to study chess.

i love people but am very selective. i also mentor some, but that is again work, even if out of my job, it is service.

i work at chess, trade markets, cook all my own fresh food, and write and blog and study and follow global, world, and current events.

i have a cat named Shruti, Sanskrit for Vedas, the most ancient, religious, spiritual promptings of human kind. i also meditate.

i hope that this answers your questions.

first and formost, i am a visual person and, again, am a highly trained architect, classically in its best sense, doing all by hand. i can draw in great detail without a ruler, and very accurately. we learned welding, calculus, nude or life drawing, history, caligraphy, etc. we studied film and poetry. i studied with many masters in many fields.

warmly, dk

p.s. Yasser and his wife took me to lunch on Monday. all very nice.

Fri Apr 06, 11:45:00 PM PDT  

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