Thursday, June 28, 2007

Prolegema, or Kant Help it: Wahrheit, Grand Patzer, Part II

Robert Pearson, Wahrheit, The Humanist: Essay Six Point One
Thursday 28 June, 2007

Robert and I have the kind of overlapping common ground between us which for me makes communication with him delightful if not effortless and of secure integrity.

Truly, that so many touchstones were already in place between us, before we ever got to exchange a single comment us here (from years of mutual and separate study in self improvement, self actualization, human potential, and business communication), or before we became neighbors in comments at the posts of other excellent bloggers, that so much relatedness and preexistent content was already established seemed to preordain this sense of kinship with him.

Robert certainly deserves an essay here every bit as involved or elaborated as our last four essays here, but time is not unlimited, and so I can only note in expedited form that I really think of he and Grandpatzer as of similar class, that is to say, deserving of regular and careful reading, as his thought and expression are of the very best quality, his chess pedigree beyond question (relative to the average here), and is a great asset to our chess blogging arena. Thank you Robert.

In addition to being a fine chess player and a blogger of evenhanded charm, Robert has an outstanding side blog called Illumination, which I actaully read and, not unlike Blunderprone, one of our leading bloggers (who???), I am fairly certain, had a political blog but I cannot find again without a truly embaressing amount of effort but, just stumbled upon his science blog (anyone care to tell me I fail to discover stuff??) at the most recent temoschlucker post, as well as yours truly (dieting in the prior under Sir Belly Jeans and humanism or cultural criticism with the latter under Inner Work or the Wildmen), Robert has so much finely reasoned and well expressed outside chess there that I cannot recommend enough that you all--if so inclinded--be sure to peruse his ample writing there. He will not disappoint, I promise.

Robert is what I like to call a truly educated human being, and for me to call someone a human being is my highest compliment. My long time Guru Joy once stood before me, in front of sixty fellow students at one of our many meditation retreats in Sedona and said, looking right at me, and nodding her head: "Look at David, he is almost a human being", but I duly note that it would take at least another eight years before that was to occur, or down one million dollars and a few meritless but humiliating investment securities law suites latter. You try finding a lawyer to sue Microsoft or Boeing or Starbux or Amazon in Seattle! They've hired ALL the lawyers. So you go find a specialist in defending yourself against The Investment firms either Migrain Stintley, Smithy Barnicle, Goldmon Socks, or Meritless Lynchpin who says: "they are without a doubt the worst %&^**&*" Yes, they are good at what they do! My Street MBA thus.

Education is not college, but the absorption of many facets of life, and Robert has read the totally marvelously clear Robert Ringer, and the better half of Anthony Robbins, who, despite teeth almost too clean and bright, has much good to say... if you can get past the too quick California sun tan and motivation snap crackle. I prefer Napolian Hill, who's classic book Think and Grow Rich is not about money, but manefestation, but that is mere detail.

A humanist, in my definitition, is not necessarily more humane, or literate, or one who delves into the humanities, but those attributes, if one persues the humanist angle far enough and deep enough will surely develop and flurish, but "a humanist is one who believes in the betterment of man through self knowledge" (my definition, quoted from my letter of application, required for a college teaching position at The University of Charlotte, NC) and, Robert Pearson, aka as Warhrheit, fits that bill perfectly, and is not the least of the reasons that I greatly enjoy reading him, and hope that you will too.

dk Side Notes, Transformation:
Getting the Rust Off: Part Six Point Two
Thursday 28 June 2007

Quickly, and to benchmark for the remainder of this series: it feels somehow not correct to digress in a short essay about Robert and embark on a parenthetical thought on my own chess, but from the last series, many might have assumed that future essays could sustain the time and effort spent there similarly here?

But in the last few days I understood that I needed to starting playing live chess again, bullet chess, with necessarily enormous time expenditure, less to establish something "stand alone" there so much as to fortify myself with a few hundred vicious beatings as preparation for my next big push (*groan* only 28.3% of games as wins means sustaining strenuous challenges game after game to those well above oneself in elo).

My next big push in blitz in lieu of bullet thus necessitates a bit of heavy warm up, for as I have said again and again, I don’t play chess that often in the year, instead spending the bulk of time and effort in chess study, not chess play. While in coming back there is this definite sense of greater strength, board vision, and faster and deeper calculation ability, still much rust must be "pressure washed" off.

No matter how great our study and exertion, study IS NOT play. All is a round about way of saying that while I don’t play year round (instead using extended live chess inactivity for enormous amounts of tactical practice, study, and analysis), WHEN I do start playing--as I am now daily--I tend to play for HOURS A DAY, and also won’t stop for months to come till I attain my clear goal, ceaseless in exertion till then. So first I must attain a 1500 bullet rating--informing me that I am ready, then I will set out to attain a 1600 blitz rating and not resting till then, please. And chess play is not just chess play, but--for me--involves an hour or ninety minutes of tactical warm up BEFORE. Crazy in scope? Yes. But works for me...

Friday 29 June 2007

I was accused by no less than two seperate chess players over two seperate days of using software after blitz wins--a great sign of form coming on strong. How did I respond? I said "Go run them on Fritz, and you will find ALL the errors!" Smiles.

Bed time now. I must get up early, and if the Nasdaq stock market is at all positive (up) or flat (not down!), I will short (buy the right to sell!) the Nasdaq 100 or NDX with QQQQ puts for July expiration. A real blood bath coming on the heals of the whole sub-prime mess of deteriorating credit, revaluation of corporate, conusmer, and U.S. Dollar denominated credit risk, and wringing out of major physical, psychic, and energetic excess generally!

Grand Patzer, The General Electric of Chess: Essay Five
Sunday 24 June, 2007

I think the world of Like Forests (whom was to be our next essay here), but chess is a game, and I am hungering to write about chess, chess, chess, and ONLY chess here, and Grand Patzer is stirring the deepest parts of my hunger for chess, and it is to him, that I MUST now turn next... .. . Thanks again to the Mighty tempo for, as always, knowing in a flash how to immediatley email me minutes ago in reply to a simple offline question, providing the greatest simple clue in my next step forward... more latter! Chess!

Since General Electric is a business property already commandered by them, we will hereafter refer to him as Eclectic Chess...

Chess. Grandpazter is a very important blogger for me, not so much that I read his every word, but what is meaningful to me is that I can count on his work always being of the very best quality, focused completely and perfectly not only on chess improvement, but upon chess itself as distinct from study of it or practice of it alone—real chess as iconographic Heisman of aptly calls it at his regularly updated and most stellar Novice Nook column.

Segments of human knowledge or human activity tend to segment. This is of course with good reason. Lawyers don’t short order cook in restaurants, kindergarten teachers don’t do hazardous material abatement, aboriginal shamans don’t install Firefox browser updates, and Bedouin chieftains don’t book Aeroflot flight plans, and children are not expected to undergo complex written lease negotiations (although as we know, children can be the strongest of persons in getting their needs met!).

Nevertheless, these many types of cultural patterns tend to segment into some clear and distinct areas of discrimination, and the major ones that I tend to classify are relational, operational, and financial. There are another two or three (such as spiritual, historical, etc) but this is not the time or place to elaborate this.

Temoschlucker and Blue Devil Knight and even Wormwood are all persons that I have relationships with--albeit cyber relations of all shapes and sizes however convoluted or straightforward as the case may be--but all the same thus. So it is with great pleasure that we now shift to the operational mode in chess improvement blogging for today. While Blue Devil Knight is the raucous local saloon where I can always count on meeting everybody in the neighborhood that night, Grandpatzer’s blog is the Swiss Train Station where I can dependably go to catch a train to Berlin or Frankfurt, and the floors are always clean and no deranged homeless are sleeping near the entrance.

Since his work is so solid and correct and smarter than smart in all ways, there really is not much that needs saying about it, since he says it so much better than me or that I possibly can say. Why General Electric, you might ask? Because GE operates stable businesses in thirteen distinct global business segments, and has the goal of being number one or two in each and every operating segment. So goes GE, so goes the American stock market, since it is what is called a bell weather company--what with its being at once in areas so distinctly different as consumer, finance, media, power systems, energy, water, etc--and if it cannot dominate each area or be a co-leader, its sells or spins of its businesses with an unrelenting drive for stable investment returns. It has AAA credit, only rivaled by U.S. government debt in hegemony. If it goes down, the whole shebang will go down. And so goes the behemoth U.S stock market (for better or worse!), so goes the world.

We all have our peers here chesswise, and however much we have this democratization where everybody gets to comment how, where, and when they wish to do so within limits of reasonable courtesy, without rank or power or status, we naturally gravitate to those we can learn the most from, however much the distraction of pure entertainment might pull us. Attentive readers will notice a slow but inexorable constant change in my links, their order, and groupings within a long string of associations, according to my own strict conceptual order. I just moved Grandpatzer now, the first move to this spot in nine months here...

While temposchlucker is the grand puba, as I have said to start, no matter how much work I do, for the foreseeable future he is one or two steps ahead of me; however much I might admire loomis’s pure chess brilliance and consummately sensible comments all over our area, he is one or two chess steps ahead of me. I can weigh in at their blogs and at times as a fresh set of eyes try to say what is not being said or see what they don’t seem to be seeing IN THEIR CHESS PROGRESS (and not in their play, of course!), but whereas I deeply need to read Secrets of Pawn Endings by Muller and Lamprecht, tempo already studied or read this book. He already assimilated this work. If I write him, he doesn’t need to think about his answer, he already has it as is proper.

Conversely, if Blue Devil writes on blitz, no matter how much affinity I have for him, there are limits to how much I can tell him—now. I can say, as I did yesterday, ‘Hey BDK, 5 of 7 of your blitz games shown at ICC history show lots of time left on the clock--you need to learn to get comfortable allowing your clock to run down near the bottom in 2/12 AND learn to be able move on demand and not panic”, but I cannot stay there with him. We can look up at our seniors but we cannot tell them how to play chess; and we can lead those coming up in the ranks with hopeful humility, but those persons must do their own work, too.

Grand Patzer and I have done very similar work. I spent 2.6 years carefully going through 941 Grand Master games. Assuredly not (yet!) the two thousand games Fischer teacher Jack Collins iconographically but good enough (I cannot debate this idea here, but speaking for myself, decided it was better to chew on 1000 that I would repeat on, instead of getting another 1000: Old business management dicta: Don’t bake more loafs of bread but learn to bake those loafs better!).

I have my stop watch running (literally, and now it is 0:49 minutes) and am feeling that I need to study and play chess, not write of it for not a second more (Wew, after those last three posts, and I do not drink or do drugs!), so, to must now conclude: I am fully confident that I can learn from Grandpatzer chess, and find some things that I have missed notionally, or take things that I have done and see how he sees them better than me, and I am also pretty sure he might learn by reading of my chess study progress and struggles, by checking in and comparing his findings. But just as he has his work to do and wont be reading me to find out his plan, so I wont read him to find a plan and already have my own, but really delight in looking out across the ocean of chess, and knowing that I am not alone, and deeply honor his practical, sound, neverending solid Ph.D cultivated intelligence, and hope that you do to.

Please forgive me if I have missed any major facets, but each post must have a timer now, and we are, after all, a timed sport. :) 0:55 now.

1:23 elapsed after select and format photos (from large file of ready pre-selected photos for blogger!)

1:34 all edits, photos, the whole nine yards. Now it is time to eat organic fruit, then steel cut oats adn while eating: record weekly global financial trade price data such as
'west Texas intermediate light sweet' crude oil, gold, the yen, copper, the Russel 2000 for 'small stocks', long and short term interest rates, 'the dollar', Japan, etc in updating my own ongoing permanent records for my own use... my day hasn't even started... then a bath, a nap with Mr. Reinfeld ('s book!), some blitz live chess, then CTS... smiles.


Blogger Wahrheit said...

Thank you for the kind words--and the beautiful illustrations.

Very best,


Fri Jun 29, 09:41:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Grandpatzer said...

I'm sorry for the delay. When I first read your essay, I wrote a response to the effect of "Aw, shucks!" and that I loved the girl picture that you had chosen for me. I'm sure now that I never hit "post" after "preview". About 15 minutes ago I wrote a more substantive response, and now I see that that response disappeared into the void as well, for the same reason. I do this all the friggin' time on blogger. It's frustrating to spend so much time on a post and lose all your work.

Anyways: I hope I can live up to your characterization of me, considering I'm a bit irregular now with the move and the unpacking and whatnot. Hopefully I can put this opening preparation series to bed soon so I can return to more productive aspects of chess.

Fri Jul 20, 06:07:00 PM PDT  
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