Friday, July 13, 2007

Lossing at Chess

Is this how it feels? :

[no one tags me till at least mid-August, please, i am burried, pls see my responses to comments below. i can be near last :) ]

Michael Lenahan, 23, of Philadelphia, Pa. is gored in the leg by a fighting bull during a traditional bull run in Pamplona, Spain, Thursday July 12, 2007. Two American brothers were gored Thursday during the longest and bloodiest morning bull run at the San Fermin festival in the northeastern city of Pamplona. Lawrence Lenahan, 26, of Hermosa Beach, Calif. and Michael Lenahan, 23, of Philadelphia, Pa. were gored by a bull who strayed from the pack, turned around and ran the wrong way. The older brother suffered a eight-inch (20-centimeter) goring in the left buttock after a dangerous sharp right turn in the course Lenahan described as a 'dead man's curve.' The younger brother was injured shortly before the bull ring, the end point of the daily runs, after the bulls horn entered beneath his skin in his right shin. (AP Photo/ Inaki Porto)

I am cooking up a nice post on Blunderprone, one of the funniest Knights, but also very advanced emotionally, so this is a work of sustained meditation... soon my friends. :)


Blogger BlunderProne said...

Hmmm... Advanced emotionally? Its all a work in progress like my game.

Sat Jul 14, 06:17:00 PM PDT  
Blogger chessloser said...

i'm looking forward to it....

Mon Jul 16, 08:04:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Temposchlucker said...

The bull is well?

Mon Jul 16, 08:46:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Nezha said...

hello david.

I read your blog, and appreciate the comments. I just havent been able to answer lately as ive been too busy with work.

But I do read your blogs (and those of the other knights)


Tue Jul 17, 02:38:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Loomis said...

DK, I wanted to respond to a comment you left on my blog. You indicated that you are a bit stalled out on level 50 of CT-Art. I recall that there is a bit of a jump from level 40 to level 50 in terms of depth of variations to calculate. The difficulty of the problems on level 50 is not reflected in my percentage correct, but I think it's because I buckled down more at this point.

I know when you do these problems they will get a top effort from you and that you will do them when you are ready to give this effort. I think you'll be rewarded for doing them in this way.

Best of luck.

Tue Jul 17, 02:39:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

that was a very kind comment from you:

i spent yesterday migrating data off my old pc to the desktop, and that included my much discussed file of classic GM games, with 941 games, incl fischer, zurich, my system, stohl instructive modern...

i sent it to bdk, tempo, blunderp, chess relearner, robert pearson.

if you want a copy, pls email me at:

this is, of course, not my regular email... but from there can write you at my main email, secure.

so busy, here? yes.

i played 443 bullet games in 21 days, AFTER and along with all those massive posts at my blog. lots of watts and juoles!

and have started to analyse my blitz games, with mr fritz8 (he is good enough, for this).

when i go back to CT-Art 3.0, i will, as you suggest with real zitzfleisch, and make a hole in my chair, but must wait a few weeks till other projects clear. :)

if you want a cc, the guys who have all see it, loved it, it is ALL there. no annotations (we get to do that ourselves), only refering back to nunn, timman, chernev, nimzowitch, etc AFTER we have studied them, not before. :)

warmest, dk

Tue Jul 17, 03:02:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

comment at temposchluckers minutes before above, and cc here, if he does not mind:

"Having a hard time"

"In every endgame book you will
find the same positions over and over again. Especially the studies of Grigoriev are very popular. That is actually very weird.
Since Gregoriev was always looking for unique positions, the one in a 100,000 kind of stuff. A study book is supposed to treat the common idea's, not the exceptions only.

Take for instance this position of Grigoriev about triangulation.


AND MY COMMENT, apropros loomis/DK above:

exactly as you say, the same again and again. if you read the bibliography over averbakh, he uses fine. then keres uses fine and speelman uses THEM. seirawan uses them all.

that is one of the reasons (not about endgames, but tactics generally) Emms's book, The Ultimate Chess Puzzle books follows so well after the two 1001 Reinfeld books: he takes from relatively unknown games.

now we have mueller, then dvoretsky.

in the end, we really do have enough to go by, and it is looking at THOSE carefully, as you are, that we will establish the foundation of basic endgame knowledge.

for it might be better to know 100 or 200 endgames well, rather than 500 quickly, or 941 GM games (et. al. my posts last year, and private email between us today) rather than 2 or 3,000 GM games.

rather than view another 1,059 GM games (=2,000), i plan to dig deep into about 338 of them...

(odd number has to do with how the various books add up--i.e. 62 from chernevs most instructive games of chess every played, 50 stohl instructive modern chess masterpieces, 24 timman art of chess analysis).

at a certain point, we dont need more books, more games, more endings, but more time quietly with a board or a viewer WITHOUT a chess engine, to start, in the end, we need more time looking and thinking.

and no book can substitute for that.

warmest from Seattle, USA, and you again, to say, your work is excellent.

PS I did say again and again last year, that endgame strategy was a most important book, and probably can add to that, soltis pawn structure in tandem, and this is the real chess love juice.

Tue Jul 17, 03:06:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Nobis said...

That bull rocks!! ahah when I see that fuckin' morons doing that stupid ride and one get crown I laugh so much!

Wed Jul 18, 03:12:00 PM PDT  

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