Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Running ALL The Horse, Literally!

Concurrant to my daily rounds of GM games (three per day, five per day on weekends is twenty-five per week),

daily I am working on my RHP game--the effort of MANY, MANY hours in depth--

and after an eight day break, started back at CTS tonight (only 2 problems wrong in the last 298 or so), and

effective tonight, like I say literally RUNNING all the horses, mustered myself to begin training in earnest for my annual mountaineering climb in September by going for a run just now (Afro-American woman first smiles, then with a beer can, waltzing down the street, disapprovingly... "Why are YOU running at two am?" Then continues some loud diatribe against me or some rant against somebody, as I run down 29th Avenue South...),

and very lastly, upon the momentum of my daily Reinfeld (five per day, ten per day on weekends is forty-five per week), I will be

starting back on CT-Art a week from Thursday, when my vacation begins, upon the footsteps of Loomis galant effort, which inspires me further, but soon! Soon!

Like I said, running all the horses. All that is missing is: a few bullet games per day, and a bit of Fritz analysis upon my library of rapids played by me for quick analysis.

I did meet the very, very enormously humaine George aka Blunderprone briefly Sunday, as he was here with his lovely wife, for their anniversary, and making preparations to take their daughter back east, from her internship at Microsoft to go back to MIT. She [could be my daughter, so there is no confusion :) ] was both beautiful and like the Mr. and Mrs. Blunderprone, obviously also very smart. More on this one latter! Blunderprone has shoulders two feet wide, and asked him, "did you used to lift weights... or were you a powerlifter?" This man is a bear!

Warmest, dk

PS no one is offended if I inform the kind reader, my roth IRA is up 53% or so for the last seven days or so? I sold the NASDAQ within minutes of the bottom, went long silver, then sold the latter near it's top, and now am short again, in the face of the credit crisis. You should read GM Seirawan's explications on this topic, that go on for pages, and pages, and pages, daily... often to Silman and copied to me, sometimes to me directly, and vica versa.

PSS Today I had IME ii: The first independent medical exam was last week, ortho, and neuro-psyche, making exams i. I saw the psychiatrist.

He was not exactly charming. Two hours. but by the end, he did manage to crack a slight smile--I did tell him a lot of my stuff from all angles, and if you all had a camera! The one things I did NOT tell him about was about you guys. Following my serial concussions then rib contusion last year, some symptoms continue, and my large corporate employer's insurer requires these evaluations. iii: neurologist Thursday and all day Saturday. I brought 1001 Sacrifices and Combinations with me, all it's pages falling out... like a rumptured structure of complex richness.

PSSS [sorry, no girls tonight, I'm under instruction from Blunderprone for this post]


Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Like I said. You're like a rabbit on coke, and I'm an elephant on heroin. Do you talk fast too? :)

I think it's time for you to do an OTB tournament!!!

Wed Aug 22, 01:43:00 PM PDT  

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