Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Chick Mating Thought Process

[Revised 9/13/07]

After I see her, here's what I do.

1. Availability scan. Check for wedding bands or other evidence of signs of unavailability from my perspective and her perspective. This involves checking for forcing current boyfriends and other tactics.

2. Planning. If it is in a grocery store, be ready with personal business card, or position produce so you go through checkout when she does. Use provisions to generate or constrain interference from candidate males.

3. Calculate Variations. Use Kotov tree of analysis, modified by Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson methods as needed. Dialogue: "If she has a boyfriend, I can say, 'Oh, I just want to be friends', so as to maximize proximity to target area". Or, "chess resassembler can cook, so I aught to say something about shallots or truffle oil." If she smiles, put the current move at the top of the list by mentioning David Glickman.

4. Blundercheck. Ask, do I have spinich in my teeth?

5. Move. Get her phone number, or impress her with references to Maxim Blohk's Combinative Motifs; if she has lived in North Carolina, try to menton that you know Loomis. If she sings in the choir, mention temposchlucker.

Why start analysing threats? See this post and this post. How deeply should you pursue her? Depends on her response... I am finding this new thought process extremely helpful in aksing out chess chicks of Teutonic and Slavic origins. My original thought process was a bit too far out in the DK-Meter (tm BDK) to be helpful.