Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let Us Not Forget how and with whom Unification Started!

My note to chessbase co-founder Frederic Friedel
(right; Susan Polgar at left)

"Dear Mr. Friedel:

Thank you to, all of your team, the ever copious if not affable Mr. Marin, and of course you too for the most excellent, colorful, accurate and timely coverage. This is a great service to our global chess community.

Anand is the undisputed champion in a now long storied if not contentious sorting process of enormous dimension, has the best rating and one that will be adjusted higher very shortly, and won convincingly and bravely and—need us not forget to mention—in a well mannered way. Applause.

And now our main point. What I have just said almost needs no mention. But let us also please not forget the enormous and selfless and gallantly sustained efforts of GM Seirawan in his epical Prague Accord, or as he says, his “parting gift to the chess world as” he went “into retirement". Many persons, players, and factors went into unification--but he foremost.

Often here in the United States, it seems some breathless newscaster shoves a microphone into the face of some Quarterback or top coach, for example, twenty minutes after winning some gigantic spectacle, only to ask him, XYZ star or coach: “What are your plans towards next year”. The best ones seem to keep their head, and invariably say something like: “Let the fans enjoy this, our city, our club…” etc.

And so here. Let us enjoy this moment. It took so long. In time it can be argued in classical match play chess--as some quickly said today in commentary--as Anand drew with Leko: “It is not for Kramnik to challenge Anand, but for Vishy to challenge Vladimir”. Going back to Steinitz, it can be argued as to the quality or verity of this unity, but it IS UNITY.

And this unity started with Prague, and GM Seirawan, a gentleman of chess of consummate character helped significantly and hope that he is recognized, too, and not just quick Vishy, his elegant wife Aruna,

or ever necessarily tactful 'second' Heine who must circle around not just a seasoned and now historic giant, but an up and coming Mozart--all at the same time! Many great characters helped this, and it started years ago.

Warmest Regards, David K[ ] Seattle"

*Alert readers can aptly ask: what must a man have in his brain, to be the second to the Fifteenth World Chess Champion ranked first in elo AND at the same time be second to a wonder boy, ranked 17th in the world? Link to fabulous video: Heine interview here: link to recent video.


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