Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wealth of Bullet Arrives, Part III: Goal Attained!

The crazed look of a man just played 1,623 bullet games in 66 days. The eyes! [1]

[Revised Fri 09Nov2007: insert numerical table below 'history' with comparative aggregated data on the average ratings in different categories, for those opponents comprising the majority of my games. 45.6% of ALL games were with 35 players; the remaining 54.4% of were with 280 players.]

No more bullet. Now my bedmate is Mr. Fritz and Mr. ICC Two-Twelve. I am so relieved. I will write this up in the days ahead. Big smiles....................... :) Done two minutes ago:

History for transformation:
27: + 1330 B 1424 kludwig [ lr 0 4] A17 Res Tue Nov 6, 00:12 PST
28: - 1324 W 1431 kludwig [ lr 0 4] A05 Res Tue Nov 6, 00:15 PST
29: - 1317 B 1391 MacroMike [ lr 0 4] A45 Res Tue Nov 6, 00:42 PST
30: - 1311 W 1397 MacroMike [ lr 0 4] A32 Mat Tue Nov 6, 00:46 PST
31: - 1305 B 1403 MacroMike [ lr 0 4] A45 Res Tue Nov 6, 00:48 PST

32: + 1315 W 1393 MacroMike [ lr 0 4] A40 Res Tue Nov 6, 00:51 PST
33: + 1325 B 1383 MacroMike [ lr 0 4] A45 Res Tue Nov 6, 00:55 PST
34: + 1334 W 1374 MacroMike [ lr 0 4] D02 Mat Tue Nov 6, 00:59 PST
35: = 1339 B
1611 cryonox [ lr 0 4] A48 Agr Tue Nov 6, 01:23 PST
36: = 1343 W 1517 Schieber [ lr 0 4] A08 Agr Tue Nov 6, 01:33 PST

37: - 1336 W 1404 Karll [ lr 0 4] A39 Res Wed Nov 7, 02:05 PST 2007
38: + 1346 B 1394 Karll [ lr 0 4] B13 Fla Wed Nov 7, 02:06 PST 2007
39: - 1339 W 1401 Karll [ lr 0 4] A62 Res Wed Nov 7, 02:09 PST 2007
40: - 1332 B 1408 Karll [ lr 0 4] C10 Mat Wed Nov 7, 02:14 PST 2007
41: + 1342 W 1398 Karll [ lr 0 4] D03 Fla Wed Nov 7, 02:17 PST 2007
42: + 1351 B 1389 Karll [ lr 0 4] B13 Fla Wed Nov 7, 02:18 PST 2007
43: + 1360 W 1380 Karll [ lr 0 4] A11 Fla Wed Nov 7, 02:22 PST 2007
44: + 1373 B 1585 gambiitti [ lr 0 4] B16 Fla Wed Nov 7, 02:33 PST
45: + 1383 B 1440 ahiles [ lr 0 4] B10 Res Wed Nov 7, 08:09 PST 2007

Wednesday, today :
46: = 1383 W 1371 segv [ lr 0 4] D11 NM Thu Nov 8, 01:04 PST 2007
47: + 1391 B 1338 segv [ lr 0 4] A31 Res Thu Nov 8, 01:09 PST 2007
48: = 1394 W
1507 bashandash [ lr 0 4] A07 Rep Thu Nov 8, 01:30
49: - 1385 W 1366 Rutherford [ lr 0 4] A04 Fla Thu Nov 8, 01:39 PST
50: + 1395 B 1448 RLW [ lr 0 4] E61 Res Thu Nov 8, 01:42 PST 2007
51: + 1403 B 1368 AlfilNegro [ lr 0 4] A57 Res Thu Nov 8, 01:49 PST

----------rating RD --win loss draw total

Blitz -----1515 160.1 W4 L4 D0 =8
Lightning 1403 25.9 W565 L987 D71 =1623 (26-Jun-2007)

565/1623= 34.81% wins only. Imagine that! I have taken a beating but got here, fair and square...

! BTW ! : I hit 1398 elo months ago and was planning after that one game to stop with one more silly win against anybody, but was completely bedeviled and to my great sorrow if not terrable pain--simply lost, then fell like a stone, a heavy stone. Tears.

Then I hit 1391 weeks latter. Just one more win? then more of the same... then days ago, after hours with Mr. Fritz8, it all started to sync game after game in a row, and even this one recent loss to the ever difficult Rutherford was a solid win, but, the clock... hit me in my zeal for perfection. In days I will tell you all why 1400 lightning at FICS is like 1450~1500 bullet at ICC [2].

Time for a virtual drink. This time round... first 1391, 1394, 1385, then 1395, and ducking no challenge from anyone nor determining to take easy pickings, hit it clean and solid.

Thank you Rade for kicking my ass constantly, as did Zenekk, Micromike, PCM, Karll... too many great players to mention as yet... Basejumb wasn't so lucky, the only ++ elo guy who's number I just seemed to have 'had down pat'.

Thanks yet again, if I hadn't failed to say it enough, to
temposchlucker for helping me get into BabaChess. Not a perfect tool, but ever unstable, but just the right thing at the right time, allowing me to start fresh at FICS after so long at ICC (where I remain and return soon, fully paid way out...).

Please disregard this blitz rating, last game simple loss with zero moves as a new member learning their system saw me drop 120+ elo in a snap?? :) And at RD so high, it is anybodies guess, but I shoot for 1600, if not 1700 asap in next year. And that, my friends is a matter for another day....

Warmest, dk

Out and about the world, I am often asked: "What is a guy LIKE YOU doing HERE????" [3].

[1] This amounts to 25.0 games per day. I rested from live play for 72 days among the last 138 days, but since I played day after day unrelentingly, those rests were for two and three days at a time, but in one instance for a month. Effort started on Sunday 24 June, 2007. This stuff, I remind the kind reader, takes real 'juice'.

This also included viewing 238 GM games since last July, also the work of most days, three to four at a time, sometimes five, and rarely zero.

[2] To what extent a 1400 'elo lightning at FICS' correlates with a 1580 elo blitz and a 1720 elo standard rating there, as similarly already discussed first at Part I, Forteen Hundred Bullet at ICC, then far more substantially at Part II, The Wealth of Bullets , is a matter for my objective research and treatment thereof, in the days ahead. Rest assured, I will assiduously find out! Soon! Soon! Soon!

[3] 38,000 items, all in one big warehouse, a chessPlayers dream when possessed of impecable visual memory: "yes, all the way down to isle 61, third bay on the right, at knee height" Their eyes pop out when they hear this...


Blogger Glenn Wilson said...

[2] 38,000 items, all in one big warehouse, a chessPlayers dream when possessed of impecable visual memory: "yes, all the way down to isle 61, third bay on the right, at knee height" Their eyes pop out when they hear this...
Do you think that you play chess because you have "impeccable visual memory" or did chess cultivate it or some of both?

In general, is one good at chess because they play chess or does one play chess because they are good at it? Or, for some/most is it a bit of both -- natural skills suited for chess cultivated by playing chess?

Thu Nov 08, 02:45:00 AM PST  
Blogger Wahrheit said...

Heartiest congratulations on achieving your goal! I got to watch a couple of your games as I recall, but from the time stamp I can see why we often passed as ships in the night...I will post today about where I stand on various measures, as a preliminary to revealing "The Plan."

You are inspiring many players with these posts.

Thu Nov 08, 09:23:00 AM PST  
Anonymous gambi said...

be careful with those virtual drinks or you may regret them the next day when you are having a virtual hangover.

Thu Nov 08, 06:06:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Liquid Egg Product said...

The crazed look of a man just played 1,623 bullet games in 66 days. The eyes!

Er, yes, I think I will stand over to the side here while you recover...

I ask all kind readers not to refer to my company by name

So the request doesn't extend to us unkind readers? (No worries; I've no clue what it is anyway.)

Anyway, congrats on achieving your goal and good luck un-crazying yourself.

Thu Nov 08, 07:23:00 PM PST  
Blogger Loomis said...

DK does not drift, he does not waffle or blow in the breeze, he does not waiver or wilt, he does not give in or give up, he's never down, never out, DK just DOES IT!

Fri Nov 09, 10:17:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

each of these responses touches my heart deeply, thank you.

please allow me to reply directly in a few days time, as i am understandably taking--after so much gigantic effort--'the pause that refreshes.

comments, like chess also have a timer (the respect and appreciate 'others' meter), and i need to be off the clock for a few days :). warmest, dk

Fri Nov 09, 11:02:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

Please see comprehensive table insert at post above, comparing different players, ratings, weigthed averages by games/rating. dk

Fri Nov 09, 06:01:00 PM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Congratulations!!! Amazing perseverence. I look forward to seeing how things go as you move up the time controls, feeling the luxury of being able to think during games.

You have a enviable treasure-chest of data now. It will be interesting to see what patterns emerge.

Sun Nov 11, 10:37:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

thank you Glenn:

good question. a little bit of both. i did have a photographic memory when i was 19, and could remember every line in a book, at one time, and maybe more importantly, could see where each part of the text was in my minds eye.

i was in a youth movement or boys club at age 14, and had to memorize pages of ritual on demand in days time, and that combined with cultivating psychic ability by antipating events by sensing my body then comparing its sensations with subsequent events also factor in.

i quit drinking years ago. i never cease to repeat that i was not an alcoholic (but need to say that my holistic doctor quesitons that statement!) but did drink for comfort and relief. for us 'mentation type' folks or persons, alcohol is such a convenient way to turn down the volume and quickly.

but i have bolstered my diet, and eat impecably, and this means i can now process my feelings without that. no caffene even. might suprise many!

at the same time, ive been at work on myself for years and old 'backlog of unmetabolized pain is passing', and this means new pain can be assymilated. sounds so clinical but true now.

and, you know what? chess has been my comfort and relief.

love dk

Tue Nov 13, 01:05:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

thank you. i eagerly await publication of your plan, or if that is done, will view it soon (i dont have RSS feed, and keep up with memory alone).

you say i inspire many by my posts? how is that?

im playing wimpB at ICC, and having 7 minues in lieu of 3 minutes allows me to calculate a lot more. at 10 minutes soon (2/12), all the more.

once im comfortable at that, i will play 25/10.

in martial arts, often some teachers teach the moves slowly, then speed it up in years ahead.

i cannot say quite why, but do realize that this is in reverse now. but at the same time, i played 4/12 for years, then 3/12, then 3/8 for years, and so my push at 0/4 in that context is thereof more than understandable.

i had studied far too much in relation to OBP (45,000 CTS and all the books and 1150+ CT-Art 3.0 (first circle quit at 300 when my notebook computor fritzed out in june of 2006]), and all those bullets were a way to compress a LOT of experience and, you know what?

it worked!

i plan to get to 1700 blitz, but this might take me awhile.

whether i am at 1600 now is in doubt but, if not at that performance level, not too far off. we will know soon enough.

then, just as 1400 bullet seems to correlate with 1580 blitz, we can see not with others but me alone whether i am 1750 standard or not.

but, i can assure you, as fast as i am (i am), i am even better slowly, and can calculate at 2200 in CT-Art slowly, etc.

warmest, dk

Tue Nov 13, 01:14:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

you really, really get it. thank you. yes, thats me.

reminds me of some odd Kodansha Press quote from Zen classics or Weatherhills Hekikanroku or 'Two Zen Classics', or Tuttle Press books such as 'Zen Flesh Zen Bones', with phrases like:

'truly: does the flag move, or is it the wind that moves?'

Tue Nov 13, 01:19:00 PM PST  

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