Sunday, November 11, 2007

Intermezzo, or Poverty of Standards, Part IV

I have probably done or said enough on these bullet or lightning statistics, and already more than occupied with starting to chew HARD on the master file of 3,298 of my games ...

(In my newly created opening book on this same set of games there are fully 675 games in the Caro Kann alone, 202 games in the French Defence, 1131 games with 1.Nf3, and 879 games starting with 1.d4--long story how there could be so many!--not to mention 731 pure rook endings, 757 rook and minor piece, 523 endings with one minor piece, and finally if all that were NOT enough: 460 pawn endings)

... but I need to present one more graphic on those lightning games (for the tenth time, lest some new or unwarry reader think that I do drugs :) these are 0/4 games, or 3:02 for a 43 move game). Hereby, I reproduce the same spreadsheet, but with a lot less color, and hopefully more clear or useful to others in my class, in ranking the 42 players by competitiveness.

We could write volumes about that, but I will let the next post speak for me, and, for now, simply present below, an entity that--I feel-- can be stared at for an entire hour, but that is not for me to say:


Blogger Pawn Shaman said...

Good God man you are the king of volume. Im waiting for you to run some test statistics on all that info.

Sun Nov 11, 05:55:00 AM PST  
Blogger likesforests said...

"731 pure rook endings" Wowzers! Are you also tracking how well you played them? Ie, what the expected result was in the initial position vs. in the final position? Do you have any insights to share with us from all this experience?! :)

Tue Nov 13, 01:12:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Liquid Egg Product said...

One thing that I was a bit surprised at is the volume of 1. Nf3 openings. From my experience, that has been used by very few; a heavy majority of people prefer e4 or d4.

Probably, you've mentioned this before, but I really don't remember: are there that many because you use Nf3 a lot? Or did your opponents also favor it as well?

Based on all the chess bloggers I know, it's almost like there's a shift away from the most trodden lines (experimenting with such various openings as the Scandanavian, Moron, Grob, or in my case the ghastly Pirc.) But I don't think I see that happening as much in local OTB's.

Tue Nov 13, 07:56:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

pawn shaman:
always nice to hear from you. you know where it all goes? it all goes to my body!

or as my guru Joy always said: "Enlightenment is embodied in physicality".

but, seriously for a moment: statistics? its not so much that as, what in sales is called ACTIVITY.

all this creates activity or inspires or rouses that, and from activity, with alertness, we find or start to learn. with learning, comes self awareness, and from that, true growth or change can occur.

sounds almost self consciously 'wu wu' but you of all persons can understand.

as my former boss at a building materials retailer, now almost a store manager in full, Ben, says:

'Its not that complicated. you put the product on the shelf, and you sell it'. think about that.

you play lots of games, you look at them, and then cultivate solidity by trying to touch the coatails of the old masters, and sometimes new Grandmasters.

volume? yes, thats me, you got that right, i will admit it.

im 'corns cornucopia' as one professer in architecture school once said.

love to you man, dk

Tue Nov 13, 01:33:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

i only wish that it were THAT glorious:

i have now made a new ICC file, and it now has 80 blitz (2/8 blitz, wimpB: 20w/50L/5d= 75 games there recently + 2 wimpC, and 1 wimpD and 2 misc)

and i can bearly view THOSE.

i sort them by ply, and am working my way backwards by losses in endgames, since most of the long games are honest ones, with ample content, as i never play out lost games, especially against a '(c)' or computor!

i need to say more about this in my posts ahead, but, for now, wish to make clear that work on the 3,298 game file is slow, and can barely process 33 games, little alone 330 games!

please allow me to pause on your specifics, but promise more latter in concrete for you. you always ask such great questions!

warmest, dk

Tue Nov 13, 01:43:00 PM PST  
Blogger Pawn Shaman said...

"Enlightenment is embodied in physicality" now that is fun but,
"you put the product on the shelf, and you sell it" started to blow my mind in a very good way.

Thu Nov 15, 09:05:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

liquid egg products:

a. regarding your comment from six days ago:

'One thing that I was a bit surprised at is the volume of 1. Nf3 openings. From my experience, that has been used by very few; a heavy majority of people prefer e4 or d4.

b. first, sorry for my delay. absolutely the worse three weeks at work, since i have had since 2000 back in the Migrain Stintley days, a few years after they merged with Dim Witted Securities, previously of Sears! tired, yes? more emotionally than physically.

i never forgot your comment, and was and is now a task not to be disregarded.

i am off today and tomorrow, and despite my solemn vow as an adult made years ago NEVER ever again to work the day after thanksgiving, and time requested months ago, i am sorrowfully working Friday.

it wouldnt be so bad if they told me, but i had to fight them on it, JUST TO GET A RESPONSE!

c. in the process, i did find out a lot about who was and was not behind me, and did get two other three days weekends approved (meaning three days in a row off, not Sat/Sun) for Christmas and New Years. as Thoreau said: "Time is the sea that i go fishing in" and i need time for my creativity and raising the head or pressure on my drive into purpose and essence.

d. i consoled this sorrow with 237 chess games in 11 days. cf as you know subsequent post.

e. you, here: good question on 1.Nf3. first, i of course was a serious chess player in 1972, and got to 1674 USCF as a 14 year old, before ratings were inflated, in two years from 0 elo.

i was a heavy 1.d4 player then (and still am).

when i came back to chess in 2000 having been morally and materially forced to give the game up, ...

(i was literally too obscessed with it, and it was viewed by my mom and [father in capacity] older brother as too disruptive for college, and in tenth grade prohibited from playing, so that chances were best for me to get a full scholarship. we were dirt poor.

i did get the scholarship,and actually went to school 1/2 mile from the famous spot, where blitz is played in Washington Square Park almost day and night outside the cold session, and never so much as watched once, knowing i had to focus) ...

i immediately started playing 1.c4, which, for me, represented the new. of course, i had a large opening knowledge for a new 1200 player, and quickly bootstrapped my way back to 1500 +/- in blitz...

f. i quickly came to see 1.Nf3 was more forcing, and also avoiding 1.c4 ...e5 which i hated to face. so this allowed: 1.Nf3 ...d4 2.c4 etc. i have had a big struggle with it, but still like it, to this day. i DONT PLAY the KID as black, ever, so i felt and feel out of step here. i also kept getting transpositions to d4 set ups, and find myself quite comfortable, with very broad if not deep annecdotal knowledge of many set ups without recourse to a book or book set ups, just seem to 'know', so have reverted back.

g. in view of Tony Kosten book on 1c4 with 2.g3, i do think of reverting to 1.c4, but this is not my focus, my Caro and French take enough energy, and this can be defered.

it is early for me to select my repertoire and untill i read fine Idea Behind the Chess openings, finish Euwe Middlegame (reading right now), and read Soltis Pawn Structure Chess, had best wait.

h. long story. i did play, for lots of reasons, about 200 yahoo games a 1.3 years ago, only as white, and so this also affects the stats, so beware on generalising handicapping the odds on what i do or did. :)

i. Kramnik played 1.Nf3 for years, and dont think he gave up on it, but of course must vary his repertoire so as to make his preparation a lot less predictable in a war of attrition.

hope that this answers your questions.

Wed Nov 21, 12:31:00 PM PST  

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