Friday, November 02, 2007

My Superficial Bullet Games Summarized Here!

Click here, for a full view of the published sheet

a. Kudos to
temposchlucker, who kindly both suggested the way for me to embed a spreadsheet into html--'back in the old days' on 26 May 2007 [1]. You guys don't know it, but I am 2575 elo in spreadsheets, and simply needed the best place to launch them here, and have used them extensively outside blogger for years both in Contact, Project, and Knowledge Management. Thank you yet again for his apt and timely and ever accurate suggestions. He is truly the grand puba of blogger chess improvement and BDK is the moderator of good sense [2].

b. As you all can tell by above, my efforts in increment bullet (2:45 to 4:00 each side per game) have been a complete waste, superficial, and absolutely of no use. Shame on me. I have no opening prep, and no endings to study. :) Shame on me.

c. ChessBase9 is also garbage, and generating these figures with a throw away variety of pgn viewer would have been a breeze, and the "Big Key Feature" provided by chessbase certainly a big waste, and since I am half German, can tell you that we are all nitwits. Shame on them. A waste.

Warm regards, dk

[1.] Instead of asking what he does, maybe we aught all ask instead:

what does he not do?

[2.] Perhaps Not unlike the way Walter Pater or Henry Adams moderated good taste and upheld correct intellectual opinion in their day.


Blogger Glenn Wilson said...

I gotcha spreadsheet, right here.

Fri Nov 02, 03:29:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

glenn, i hope that i dont sound unappreciative, but what am i suppost to do with that? such a cryptic message doesnt help me much as we always appreciate a visit from you, and doubtless you know a lot about computing. :)

spreadsheets i have in spades, you understand?

it was the solution whereby GOOG provides an automatic embed, linking your spreadsheet to blogger--and so easily. so sweet.

i now plan to put my private contact manager there, so if i am traveling, some key phone numbers are there, etc. your own traveling spreadsheet.

Fri Nov 02, 11:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Glenn Wilson said...

glenn, i hope that i dont sound unappreciative, but what am i suppost to do with that?

Download it. Run it on your PC. The mother of all electronic spreadsheets. Marvel at it.

A beauty to behold like some of the beauties gracing your blog. Well, sort of.

Fri Nov 02, 03:43:00 PM PDT  
Blogger takchess said...

I just saw that you added the Reti Master of the Chessboard games. Many I am sure are already in your database. I hope that you get a chance to read the book itself as that is where the magic is. Like Nimzo he was a great thinker and explainer and influence on the chess world of his time. It may prove interesting where you agree and disagree with this PreComputer Age classic.

Some day I will ask you for the database when I am sure I have the time to dedicate toward it.

Fri Nov 02, 05:29:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Temposchlucker said...

nice video

Fri Nov 02, 05:46:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Glenn Wilson said...


At times only one half of my brain is accessible to my conscious self and I find myself reduced to just pointing and grunting. I apologize if that was rude.

I think of the link as the Morphy-Anderrsen[1] of spreadsheets and something that one with a elo 2575 in spreadsheets would fully and immediately appreciate.

Personally, I have fond memories of VisiCalc and a great appreciation for how much the spreadsheets of today owe to their ancestors.
[1] Perhaps invoking Napoleon Hill in a discussion of Unlimited Power would be more apt? Or maybe Graham and Buffett? :)

Kindest regards,

Tacticus Maximus

Sat Nov 03, 03:52:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Polly said...

I thought I was being a spreadsheet geek with my 35 page (one for each year) Excel workbook that covers my entire USCF tournament history. (Doesn't include quick events, just regular or dual rated events.)

Where did all of this information come from? Is this something you derived from chessbase or is information you've been gathering and tracking? I have chessbae 9, but I sure the hell don't do anything like that with it. It was given to me, but I sure don't do much with it besides look at my games, or find suitable games for my chess classes.

I think one of my regrets in my years of record keeping is that I didn't do win loss draw records by color or opponent. To do that now I'd have to go back through all my old scorebooks and do it by hand. (Yes, I do have all my old scorebooks dating back to 1972. I'm missing probably about 5 games where I lost the scoresheets on the bus ride back to school after the tournament.)

I can get record by opponent for any tournaments that are on the USCF website thanks to Wayne Zimmerle's cool data extraction program. Anything before that I'd have to recreate it.

I suppose if I had nothing better to do I could input 3200 games into chessbase, and get the information that way. LOL

I started keeping records first on the covers of scorebooks, then progressed to a single notebook, followed by a DOS based Lotus spreadsheet and finally to its current incarnation as an Excel workbook.

Sat Nov 03, 04:18:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

Polly, first fix the data, that is to say, let it be unchanged. my ICC file is dormant for now, and for henceforth FICS fames, i created a new file to automatically store my PGN's in. BabaChess, that i know wont read cbv files. take your game files, and convert, under chessBase tools, them into cbv file.

notice up top, the tabs, strategy, endgames, openings, tactics, etc and instal 'Big Key'.

it will read your master file, and allow you see at a glance all R&R vs. R&R endings, all stalemates, all minor piece, all ECO etc.

now when you set up your spreadsheet, you have a PUBLIC place to share that data, or can mine it to see what you have sufficiently, too much of, or not enough of.

or, in my case, can make a day to day study plan.

i will add a few more games, and freeze it at 3,333 so that *3 = 100% etc, so if i have 37 KGA openings, that is 1.1% etc.

the real rub, is comparing our own source data for study or review of our own games against a big database of GM games, in my case, most of which i have ACTUALLY LOOKED at. :) long story...

you are new to our chat, but ive been talking about this for 18 months here, etc.

now go to Google, and set up an account for this. as a blogger, you already have access to that. render xls sheet as you wish.

then GENERATE a publishable view. of course, there are steps, but its not that hard.

you and i both dont need teaching on xls here, but the key is GOOG allows you to take a report, that can access on the web anywhere around the world, and create an html view.

my plan, since i am a BIG Franklin Day Planner (or now similar to, after many years of use) person.

i tried electonic contact managers and hate it. i use xls. always did.

i dont use handheld, but do love massive and intricate 'to-do lists'.

my plan is to put my master task list on the web for my private view, since you can make them private, and my addresses and phone numbers...

some geek will say this is wrong, but ok for me.

BTW, in my 1,735 game list of Classic GM Games, they have a specific order and are discussed briefly here and the full list categorized by book is shown here but, of course, is not a finished presentation or would be moved to my current post.

the game list is years old, but i work on it ALL the time. what is new, is my putting more information out, about it.

warmly, dk

Sat Nov 03, 06:32:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

That endgame data is extremely useful.

Sat Nov 03, 11:17:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Polly said...

Whoa!!! You totaly lost me there. I think I need to figure out chessbase first.

My games are coming off my Mon Roi as pgn files. I copy them from SD card into a folder. I have found that if I input moves directly into chessbase and go to save the game it wants to open a database.

I have no idea how to take all those individual games from my mon roi and create a database, so chessbase just becomes a game reader, and a way to do some analysis with Fritz.

Mon Nov 05, 02:05:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

polly, polly, polly. polly!
i am in chessBase now, so here is the walk through. i live in chessBase. bullet? CTS? no, my true home is chessBase, my surrogate relationship, my placebo religion:

go to the main database view, where it shows your files, or file like explorer does in windows, but for chessBase. there are a lot of subtle features that can take you are year+ to unravel (those germans!), but this part is easy:

once you are satisfied you are 'there', click the file, say:

'pollysGameFile' or such. highlite that file, and right click that. now you will see a drop down menu:

at the very top of the list:

'convert to cbh format
email database
remove database symbol
delete physically

finding that, click the command convert to cbh format.

this presupposes you have if not all your games in one place, at least a big key file.

go back to the database or file view.

notice how the file now says cbh instead of pgn.

some dont like cbh as it is proprietary, including me, and cannot be (easily parsed or viewed as simple text, which is pgn's saving grace--and acheles thorn).

but you will learn to like it.

now open that file by clicking it.

and you will see all the keys for tactics, endgames, strategy, etc.

go to each one, and select, instal 'big key'. unless your pc is a dinasor, this aught to be fast.

let me know if that doesnt work... im not a programmer, but midlevel student of computing, and love chessbase, but it is not all self evident, and you must dig to find stuff... it is, *caugh* , after all: german, like me.

Mon Nov 05, 07:49:00 PM PST  

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