Monday, November 05, 2007

Semi-Annual State of the Gyration Report, Part III

The spreadsheet of my Chess Study Plan in graphic form--way down below notes [1] to [19]--obviously cannot be seen without slidding the view bar left to right or viewing back and forth, so we might suggest the reader first go to the full page view, shown by clicking here, and only after viewing it, skim or read the notes, some of which are like non-sequiters, but some others might be read without loss of profit to the reader. And obviously, I could have instead put the spreadsheet first with the notes after, or the notes within the sheet, but each of those alternatives has seqence problems, too. Wew.

Since I have already writen a narative of below and is substantially unchanged, I refer the reader to the Semi-Annual State of the Elation Report, Part I and the subsequent Semi-Annual State of the Divination Report, Part II.

Since this is really a summary of Parts I & II when the 'Part III yet to be writen' was intended as a seperate post (as the third of three conceptually distinct and seperate study units), I could just as easily have called this 'Part II.2'.

Instead of that, I've decided to call this Part III, in drawing attention to this as a series, whereby the next part is a part IV yet to be writen. Sorry this that isn't simpler! Maybe I can call them sections I, II, and III in my study units... and have four parts. So here is wew2! Is there a wew3? Read on.

Notes in brief and rapid format:
[1] GM Game 1,210: this is done quickly. I do not linger. If I spend too much time on each game, I will never get to the end. The caviat is of course, I will view them all a second time, just as I did in the first 941 games, all viewed at least twice. Superficial thought it is (at 25 per week, it really is!) it nevertheless establishes wide familiarity with the classics and, of course, it does 'seep in'. Down the road, a second view will allow me to get ahold of 'the meat of it' much faster.

While 'too fast' it also gives me an inertial wheel for study daily, and provides tangible, meaningfull, daily activity, when 'stopping' is the bane of any major enterprise.

[2] CTS, main ID currently at 87.35%. While I took a break for ample bullet the last month, this will start again soon. I have instead done 'devil may care' guest sessions, so not a complete hiatus. CTS doesn't so much teach tactics after so many problems as tune the brain for live play, in exercising sight of the board.

[3] CTS second ID at 96.35%. Soon I will take this to the coveted 97.00%, and is great mind tunning. At such accuracy, it is the best salve for eliminating hope chess at a ten to twenty second time interval.

[4] Reading Euwe's Middlegame is a great pleasure for me. While I jump from diagram to diagram without a board, it gives me background resonance in this subject among daily live play in bullet.

[5] 88.00% at CTS is a firm benchmark. 94.8% for all tries in the next 4,500 gets me there surely.

[6] This is my last formal primer on endings, and all thereafter is advanced. I will use a board, and do this rapidly.

[7] Aught to be at 97.00% by then or sooner at CTS.

[8] This is one of thos graphically not large units which is enormous: Annotating and/or SLOWLY viewing the remaining games of Chernev's The Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played. I have already done the first twelve or thirteen. I spent half a year on game one... The rule is NOT to rush just as in my GM Game unit (cf. 1. above) the rule is to hurry. "Shereshevksy: 'do not hurry!'"

[9] I've been at a standstill for 1,001 Sacrifices and Combinations. While this is not permanent, I need to catch up. Then again, I have escalated my GM game review mightily as well as my live play. In making a plan, some things delay, so advance, but the key is to have a plan and write it down!

Such plans as this are not new for me. Not at all! I have done this spreadsheet twenty+ times, but this is a newly created public view, reflecting my current modus operendae.

[10] CT-Art 3.0 similar to 8. above. The saving grace is that when I 'do CTA' I tend to do it in a deep way, the oppostite of superficial. I schedule it so far out in time for completion, since much else stands between that I just want to get done--i.e. the Seirawan Endgame book, Vols I & II of Euwe-Kramer, etc.

[11] Fine, Idea Behind Chess Openings: one of those non-urgent but important piece of work. But done quickly.

[12] I yearn for this book. But other work must come first. Structed activity = plan.

[13] CTS: benchmark at exacy 89.00% (50.0k not 50.1). I speed up as I get ahead of plan on accuracy and slow down when behind.

[14] I will already have done CT-Art 3.0 circle one by then, but this is just to place the physical book in context: carry it, read it, view it while doing other work. Nothing major. Other things in focus.

[15] Another book I yearn for. There is just too much work. The plan is too large. If I go to fast, I miss the journey. But if I go too slow, I am bound and hand tied temposchlucker is very good at cramming these books into his brain, and fast, but I find book work in chess in lieu of chessbase9 exhausting and depleting, my main area of contention. Errr!

[16] Dvoretsky CD. Gifted to me by FM Charles Galofre of Miami, FIDE 2338. Nothing fancy, this one just to be done fast among too many other tasks...

[17] CTS: 90.00% The golden goal! As an end in itself, maybe worthless, but I like it... :) and will help me in my:

[18] blitz play (2/12, next unit). As soon as I am done with my 0/4 bullet unit, which is still undergoing closure on a very specific, clear, and tangible goal, I will only be playing 2/12, mostly at ICC then ramp up to standard and OBP, or tournements. Western Open in 2009? Not 2008, which I won't be able to attend. Then I can get my chessPawnOgraphy bumper sticker.

[19] Each of these are massive. Taken together, the work of five years or more. Too far out to plan, but put here as iconographic rather than factual. A chess dream. I do have much of life to live OUTSIDE of chesss, and balance within drive to excellence must exist, in juggling nutrition, finance, work, relationships, and other creative areas or what I formally call leisure since, however intense, the way leisure is expressed is discretionary.

Warmest, dk

You know who you are. You all talk to each other, and comment after comments all over, but one line comments from each of you in recent week or so, and to me, when I read and comment thoughtfully and constructively often and in amplitude and with care leaves me feeling that you guys are being a bit narcisistic. maybe it is not that, but simply lazyness or indifference or insensativity. Its like you all are in junior high school, or the senior prom, when you are either 'in' or 'you are out' and, if you are 'half in' it is only because 'they' have use for you. I work my ass off here but I am only 'in' when you have use for me, so it is totally superficial. I think about stopping blogging or blogging here because of this, and it leaves a sincerely bad taste in my mouth. Sorry. But I believe in exchange, and quid pro quo, and, in the end, while I DONT need to write here to place my plan into resolution, or anywhere for that matter, I really don't wish to forgo feedback from this community, so I carry on. I have learned from all of you, but I am contemplating a complete change in how I relate to all of you. All.

Think about it.

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Blogger Glenn Wilson said...

Your chess study plans are massive and incredibly detailed.

I am only slowly getting to know you and I hope I have not inadvertently offended you.

On my own blog I mostly post diagrams and a few words here and there. I lack articulateness-ness. :) (Ok, maybe I am just lazy or busy).

I know you like your natural beauties my friend so here is a gift for you. I woke up and found her in my backyard:


This was was wearing nothing but feathers:

Peace, my virtual, but real, friend.

Mon Nov 05, 05:11:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

no Glenn, rest assured--its not you. thank you for the photos. yes, i like those furry and fluffy things, too.

imperfection is NOT the issue, but imbalance between. .

you dont write one liners in reply to epic efforts, nor are you unappreciate of those around you. you are not usually calous or insensative or self absorbed

the size of my plan is not an issue.

how to do it is not an issue.
of course: there is not only what do to, not only in what sequence, not only in how much amount, and not only for how long.

BUT also there is always the life NOT lived while off climbing some mountain, inner or outer. even excellence has a cost, and not all costs are worth it.

or they SEEM worth it but are not worth it or we THINK that they are worth it for no other reason than we concieved them.

yes, i am a good planner, probably a very great planner, to be perfectly frank, but sometimes no plan is a more pleasant way to live. its hard to say what i feel or am trying to say AFTER my big post here, at least as far as your comment about 'massive'.

if you point with precision to get to some far off planet AND get there, so you get there. behind it all, there is, simply 'so what'.

or of whom was it said: Sensei Shinryu Suzuki of classic Zen Mind, Beginners Mind (Kodansha Press):

'He was scatching himself with a stick and I asked him what was wrong, and he grimmaced:

"Even Zen Masters get hemoroids". sounds funny, but i dont mean it to be. you get the attainment, but you must still burry your parents, raise the young, resolve conflicts, see love and fortune come and go.

i have a life of attainment, and more to come, but then what is it all?

Mon Nov 05, 05:38:00 PM PST  
Anonymous ookwelbekendalsemc said...

Dam'n! If you're posts don't baffle me, your comments do. Sorry to hear you feel that way.

Mon Nov 05, 10:58:00 PM PST  
Anonymous ookwelbekendalsemc said...

Btw, that google document probably distorted your blog layout as you're sidebar is now way down at the bottom.

Mon Nov 05, 11:06:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

dutch, ookwelbekendalsemc et. al.:
its suppost to be that way. its just so large.

if i put it up top, then all the narative falls to the bottom.

please click link to view file, whole, as i suggested, if you dont mind please.

baffling? yes, probably. but lets all be honest.

Mon Nov 05, 11:11:00 PM PST  
Blogger Temposchlucker said...

In response to where you look green, your text, that is: So you think my blogging is more narcistic than yours? Never thought about that. Is narcism relevant to chess improvement?

You and me are clearly following a different trail. That makes that your comments on my blog tend to talk about your own endeavours, while my comments to your blog tend to be oneliners.

I cannot see what is wrong with that. I'm interested in what you say on your blog and in what you try to accomplish. But I have little to say about it. Because I have no opinion about it and I have never thought about it before. I hope you can accept that I keep my mouth shut when I have nothing to say.

Sorry you feel that way.

Tue Nov 06, 02:37:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Samuraipawn said...

You know who you are. You all talk to each other, and comment after comments all over, but one line comments from each of you in recent week or so, and to me, when I read and comment thoughtfully and constructively often and in amplitude and with care leaves me feeling that you guys are being a bit narcisistic...

Now I guess you are not talking about me, since I haven't left any comments at all the past week. :D Seriously, it's nothing personal, I just didn't feel I have had anything profound to add. I'm trying a new approach to commenting; only to speak when I have something useful to say.

So all I can say is that I admire the work that you put into your passion for chess and though I might not have any pragmatic advice since you seem to have found something that works for you, I can only offer my support and encouragement for what you do.

Take care and keep it up!

- Chris

Tue Nov 06, 04:59:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Liquid Egg Product said...

I don't get it about the one-line comments.

Tue Nov 06, 08:08:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Liquid Egg Product said...

I noticed your plan plots out a detailed course to up 2010 (and an undetailed plan for 2011-2012).

My plans extend to 10am the next day (and an undetailed plan for 11am-12pm.) But that's why you'll be eating caviar during retirement, while I'll be gumming on ramen and living with 5 roommates to split costs when I'm 70.

Tue Nov 06, 08:14:00 AM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

I agree.

Tue Nov 06, 08:57:00 AM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

With Samurai Pawn.

I was initially a bit worried you meant me, but I figure if you do you can let me know directly.

Tue Nov 06, 09:17:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

thank you Samurai
no, of course it wasnt you. you are always sensative, and filled with regard, and human-ness that is refreshing and dear to me.

liquid egg
i dont view myself materially like that. never did, and never will.

but if it comes to that, it wont be me either living big or eating caviar, as i already fell way off course in the American capitalist system, and dropped several major life pieces in the middlegame ...

... while previously 'far ahead', and my LifeRybka4.0 says i am now '-9.49' and it is 'mate in 9 at 21 ply'. all i can do now is request a rematch, but with whom??

perhaps either of you might email me if you have a special post for me to read, otherwise i will be refocusing my attentions and wont be in those loops in the current atmosphere.

Tue Nov 06, 12:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

I am lucky to get traffic... but that's not why i blog. I use my blog as a way to reflect my ideas on chess improvement. I like traffic and responses like hte rest of you...especially after a long hard thought out post ( for me). It's a little like the "school" days feeling of only getting a few hits and mabe a 1/2 dozen posts. But I'm Ok with that. I really don't need that to feel validated. I use the real world for that... you met me...I think you know where i am coming from.

I've exchanged with you my current situation adn how that is limiting my hobby.

Now I will be honest with you dear dave. You overwhelme me with these plans. It feels like you are trying to out do yourself and of course you feel jaded. you put all this effort into improvement, and are eager to show us all ...only to have a mere handful of people give you a short response. I can only imagine. After the ENORMOUS amount of effort you put into your training, and bullet play and writing and EVERYTHING you do... you are exhausted and exhillerated at teh same time hoping a kindred spark is ignited... only to have it die out in cyberspace.

Come play chess OTB... meet more folks F2F ... show your skills... be brave to make mistakes. I find it more fulfilling... Bloggin is what i do inbetween tournaments.

Crazy thing these blogs are...but really...why are you here for our benefit or yours? A little of both perhaps?

I blog for my benefit... somehting I can come back to in time and see where I progressed. I try to entertain with my stories and games. But its not for you...My biggest fan is my Dad. He doesn't play anymore but he lives vicariously through my blog.

Hope I didn't hurt...wasn't my intent... I am your friend

Tue Nov 06, 02:10:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Liquid Egg Product said...

In the United States, it's always refreshing to hear about someone who does not prioritize material at all. As you probably know more than me, this is a country based on who's bigger and better. But I'm sorry to hear about the life difficulties...although you'd seem like the type of person that will recover as well as could be hoped. As long as your life plan is as solid as your chess plan. :D

BTW, I hope you recognized my prior posts were intended to be light/humorous...had a feeling this thread would get kinda heavy.

Tue Nov 06, 02:40:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

blunderprone: thank you.

BTW, im not tired at all. in fact, i am more motivated by ever.

... im running all over the house, cleaning, sorting, filing, simulaneously running a deep study position at fritz8 i come back to every ten minutes and record variations as needed, im playing daily, and am as close to balance in my chess approach as ive even been.

several things. the termoil here with inconsiderate neighbors has reached a peak, so im either going to integrate more deeply here, or move on, either way, i must be ready, mobile, and clear, and prepared.

i need to find a new job, but traffic here is among the worst in the USA, and i dont believe in long driving. nor like it. its a chicken and egg thing with home location and work location, job first, arrange home second.

my company, known to many of you, isnt publically downsizing, but i can read the writing on the wall. it is well known that im the highest paid person (relative to humble datums) who isnt a manager and paid more than many managers, so am very vulnerable.

on top of that, the largest U.S. home builder just lost two billion dollars. with a sinking dollar, the US is in serious trouble, so this same home crisis is mirrored a work.

of course, i will continue to perform at a high level but how can i not feel jeapordized.

the new store manager is a hard nosed S.O.... and i dont trust him, nor my boses boss under him. they are eating people alive. i were shorts and a tShirt daily, even in snow--honest.

i consider it a major perk. im a casual guy. to me, a fresh laundered tShirt without a rip or stain is dressing up.

the new guy says... 'DK, you can dress as you want, provided it is in the dress code (it is!) but i hate tShirts and shorts.'

yes sir. so i go home to change at lunch. 'im on the team. let me know if there is anything i can do'... but curt, curt, curt.

so after five years, their main concern about me is my doctors waiving me from making keys at the machine, near tools, despite my organzing the ENTIRE environment, and being a leader. my dad is deaf. my sister wears a hearing aid. sorry guys, i dont want to...

'after five years, this is what you show me?' i told our HR manger, but got a $125.00 US emergency phone visit with my holistic doc to fax them a note, and more.

just cause i dont make keys doesnt mean i dont do ALL else, beyond all others truly, doesnt mean im not a team player.

my sister had a pencil thrown into her eye 36 years ago and had to have anotehr surgery to avoid blindness in one eyes, this week. she is an executive legal secretary.

i wrote a MAJOR life declarative comment at the end of my post, here, at the last comment and, sorry to say, outside DG or the Boylston Chess club, nobody caught this. David G said that my comments alone were basically worthy posts in and of themselves, and i felt he was the only one who got it.

what did i get? trivia afterwards. ouch. i noticed it then, and never forgot that.

some will say my expectations were or are too high. your right. they are.






this is now. what i felt back on or after 12 sept when i made that comment and some prior posts, is exactly what i feel now, so yes, im putting my home, my job, my soul, all of you on notice.

the united states is in serious trouble, and the middleclass is dissappearing.

how do i feel? like lasker did in 1939 when he thought he had made it but found himself surrounded by Nazi's and have to give it all up to survive, and write articles and coach for pennies.

they took his land, his money, his home. all of it and he would never, ever be the same.

ok guys, understand any better now?

thanks, dk

Tue Nov 06, 03:41:00 PM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

DK: In general, when people post things that I have an opinion on, I comment, with comment length proportional to my interest and knowledge in the subject.

Last week Tempo and I had an unusually intense and detailed debate, hammering away at each other at a rapid pace. If it had been your posts that I was analyzing, it would have been us having the fracas. Reading anything else into it would be a mistake.

Tue Nov 06, 05:37:00 PM PST  
Blogger likesforests said...

Incredible plans.

About the second part, I write long comments when I feel I have something insightful to add or the topic is related to my studies, and otherwise I just say "Hey, I stopped by!" I hope my briefer replies have not introduced any negative energy into your life.

Sorry about your life situation. I am wary of attrition and strategic layoffs in companies in my sector, but not particularly worried. What good does worrying do? Can you dress up at work? It's a pain, but it will show you are listening to your boss and trying to 'improve'. I always went to work in a t-shirt and shorts until about a year ago when I bought some nice clothes. Believe it or not, it made a big difference in how upper management looked at and treated me.

Tue Nov 06, 11:17:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

thank you likeForests. i reacon that yours is the 2.5th response that really mentions my plan, all else is 'overwhelmed by the relational channel' but also substantially caused by me.

the plan rouses me to not only action, but makes me do what i might not do otherwise.

im SO involved with chessBase, i can go in there for DAYS and never come out, then i play bullet. believe me, i show up fritzed out and sharp. if you do fritz for hours, it starts to load in your brain.

nakamura, without meaningfull coaching and not sure id include his leasons from a chess coach sunil guy, did the same, working ONLY with fritz or such.

but with this plan, for example, it reminds me to get up to my GM games, then CTS, when i have spent ALL day on one position from one bullet game! doesnt matter how it occurred, but it is there in all its depth...

sartorial contrition. you bet. i offered to clock out and go home and change right then and there, without blinking an eye.

when i said yes sir, above, i wasnt being sarcastic. he said, it could wait till lunch, and i did change into kakais and long sleave turtle neck at lunch, and thereafter. im not the only one who changed last week!

i felt like i was going up in flames that first night, and is anyone surprised i run hot, at a high metabolism.

in fact, at least three times a day, sometimes four, i have to.... :)

liquid egg:
i always enjoy you. you are a guy who comes after generation X, so not sure what they call you guys now, as i am an older model.

i come from the generation where if you dont have extra time (i dont) you offer to clean a woman friends gutters on her roof since she has a bad hip, bought lunch yesterday, and it is the right thing to do, and she has no money but assets, but i am also spry on my feet and at heights without travale.

warmest, dk

Tue Nov 06, 11:37:00 PM PST  
Blogger LaskoVortex said...

dk: This is one heck of an ambitious study plan. I wouldn't even have the courage to make a plan such as this--hoping instead that the "solve 100 CTS problems per day" plan would suffice. I'm sure you will have no problems and will be wondering at the end of it "what next?"

Wed Nov 07, 02:36:00 AM PST  
Blogger DG said...

DK - Thanks for pointing out your comment to me. While your words about me are certainly kind, I can only take credit for having some life experiences similar enough to yours (though undoubtedly, different) that your views in that particular comment resonated with me deeply.

I think perhaps you are asking much of your readers. First, you ask them to truly understand your message, which, as I've indicated previously, is sometimes shrouded in mystery and often reveals itself only with time and contemplation. Next, your perspective must touch them deeply at the core of their own personal experience (as your previous comment did with me). Only then might they be in position to respond to you in the way in which you desire.

Even then, another hurdle must be crossed. They must be willing, at least in a small way, to expose something personal of themselves in this open forum. I think for many people, this is just too much to ask. Even in my comment which you reference, I said something to the effect that while I felt I had personal experiences which made your point resonant with me, I wasn't inclined to share specifics (as you often do).

I would encourage you not to look upon the lack of "quality" comments as indicators of the superficialness of your relationship with other bloggers/readers. Instead, I would view it as a limitation that this medium (the web, blogging, etc.) has in creating such relationships.

I hope you find these thoughts useful.


Wed Nov 07, 10:02:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't you say you had a chess coach, what is he helping you with. What does he think of all these bullet, 2/12 games?

Fri Nov 09, 08:06:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

just getting myself back on an even keel, after turmoil at work, and finishing the 'bullet unit' from the last 11 months, with all the heavy chessBase9 work necessary JUST TO THINK ABOUT what to do with all the games, little alone ACTUALLY doing ANYTHING, NICE AS IT ALL SOUNDS!

thank you all for your comments. all very kind.

i value you you, and i value what you see. whenever you come by, this is a joy for me, but realize i cannot depend on it. thank you for all that you do.

yes, i was upset by your comment--was it--two weeks ago 'nice video'. after such depth and size, it seemed a bit insensative or trivial, now after so much effort but that is the past, now; thats 'how the cookie crumbles..

at the same time, you and BDK were the only ones to email me in this space, and that speaks volumes, and i am appreciative.

at the same time, those of us used to a lifetime, it seems, of always having the rug pulled out from under us, think that this comprises all of reality and sometimes we just need to know that they are there.

i value you, and i value your insight and good cheer. ditto all at tempo et. al. above. you do so much for everybody and have done much for me, and this means a lot to me.

temposchlucker/BDK nexus:
ive been to both your blogs serially and comment constructively as best i can. you notice your were and still are at my top tool bar. :) go figure. :)

thank you for your warm and kind comments at a busy time, challenging in ways not discussed, at this time. you are such a gigantic heart, a true marvel of practical spirituality, a cornucopia (for those in the know: 'no pun intended') of wisdom and clarity, a buddha-dharma of chess improvment Paretoesque direct, unfurled uncomplicated direct realization--a dharma eye ('Shobogenzo!') of delight.

i, too, am your friend and my deep prayers for resolution in the things held dear to you.

long time no see, mostly by me. sorry, i will get by your blog in days ahead. my appologies. my readership is one you aught to depend on.

whats next you ask? as natural a planner as i am or as god made me, im pretty practical about NOT jumping to far down the road.

reading Vukovic's Art of Attack or ammong Dvoretsky School of Excellence 'on paper' and more, all sound lovely, all sound so ideal. but i need to start Fines Idea Behind the Chess Openings first, or finish Euwe-Kramer volume I and shortly start volume II in a few days.

so i model the next steps, and do them, keep a view clearly to the next steps after that, but whether i get to the advanced part in 2010 or 2009 or 2011 is not a matter of strategy for me, but of sustained effort. i note those as simple red blocks, and say: 'there you are', and its that simple.

your visit touched me deeply and settled my heart a lot. thank you. you are the prince among men.

for someone with such a technically near perfect blog, you have an awfully big heart. or, like Issaih Berlin's Tolstoy Fox or Hedgehog are 'one who knows many things'.

a. ive done ALL of my plan at every stage as i layed out years ago. but at the same time, it all did and does take longer than expected.

b. i did get to visit my companies Bellevue store, and my great reluctance to commute in an are known for Los Angelas like horrid traffic held me so close to my current work location (1.4 miles, come home for lunch!), but my former boss is there, i trust him, and the clientele is a lot more educated (not too many blocks from Microsoft) and will almost surely submit a transfer, which only the District Manager can approve.

more than practical things, god is urging me at full volume to do this, and i cannot ignore heaven. i have tried for so long to resist this admonition.

love to all of you, dk

Tue Nov 13, 12:54:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DK - Regarding spreadsheets, are you at all familiar with pivot tables? If not, and if you are as you say you are, highly visual, you will find them intoxicatingly addictive once you get the hang of them. I entered everyone of my workouts over a span of four years into a spreadsheet and from there with pivot tables was able to slice and dice the data so that for any given exercise I could see what my max, min, and average were with respect to sets, reps, weight for any given exercise. I then printed this summarized table out so that at the gym for any exercise I have quick reference point. This is just scratching the surface. I would tighten your spreadhseet up a bit by removing any blank columns and rows to create a nice crisp clean table. From there you can pivot away. And the more creative you get with how you set your table up the more you can leverage the power of pivot tables. I'm not a chess player so I can't offer any unoffered advice beyond that.

Fri Sep 12, 06:48:00 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DK- In addition to pivot table capacity if I was setting up this plan I would allow it to adjust for actuals. In other words I would add an incrementor (if such a word exists.) For example lets say your goal is to complete 10 tactics per day. However on a given day you only complete 15. The incrementor for the remaining days should then increase to the value needed to reach your end goal. So I would have two columns an incrementor and a cumulative column. I would also have two sets of identical columns for actuals and plan so that you can compare actuals vs. plan in a third set of additional columns. The plan columns should never change unless the plan changes. It should also have totals which reflect the remaining work to be done and the estimated to time to completion if you continue at your current run rate. Using excel formulas you could have target goals either time based or unit based so that if time based the necessary values flow through the spreadsheet to the required end date. Or if unit based the end date is fixed and the incrementor adjusts as necessary. You could add another column to measure the actuals incrementor run rate set up as a moving average. If you're really diciplined your could add a time column so that if it took one our to complete an activity you could enter in 1:00 and have a history of how long it took to perform a given activity for that day. I've never set up a super long term plan like the one you have here; so now you have mind spinning about the possibilities of setting up such a plan with respect to my professional discipline, work and other interests. Of course this could all get to cumbersome to maintain and the more complicated the greater the oppurtunity for entropy to set in. Hope you're not offended by my inputs. As Marilyn vos Savant says most people don't wish to be all that edified. I have ten plus years of heavy duty Excel experience so anything related to spreadsheets unleashes my inner geek. Best.

Sat Sep 13, 08:04:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re last post. I just sent you an e-mail with a planning tracking tool spreadhsheet. I just spent a few hours working it up. You might or might not find it interesting.

Sat Sep 13, 12:01:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

forgive my brevity. i went to bed at 8:15 am and up now at 12:20 pm.

yes, i know pivot tables. i had a client, who became a kind of a friend, who actually did OLAP, and showed them to me, amazing stuff. big enterprise business stuff, not 'aggregating., but as he said, 'integrating' data!

but i never had much success implementing it.

BTW, i obviously will need to send you my real email, in reply, for reference email is a blind email or front email only, of course.

thank you again. i have 15+ years in spreadsheets. yes, i do and did that, the many columns, and moving averages against goals and time, but i will look at what you sent.

as a senior broker at morgan stanley, and now a non-professioanly based, but professional investor, i built over many years stochastical models, again, making extensive use of moving averages, standard deviations, and consolidation of massive data, into two models, combined into a super model.

warmest, dk

to my new good friend!! thank you!!

Sat Sep 13, 12:34:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

dear anno:

nothing in the yahoo tertiary account. please use this, its a lot better:

globalmiddlegame at gmail dott

communisticly disabled

Sat Sep 13, 12:55:00 PM PDT  

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