Friday, February 15, 2008

Hardcore Pawnography Offer, Warranted

I get excited sometimes

ChessLoser took up my offer to call me, and we had a long chat early tonight about chessBase9 and why I very much hope that he can buy it soon.

The details are private to him, but he will soon, with apolomb he reassures me.

It was a absolutely total delight to chat with him about what I have recently integrated (above and beyond my now well known 3,274 Classic GM Game Database) among:

Now vast book files comprising endings, classic books on basic tactical problems, game collections such as from the many books on great former WCC's, strategy, openings generally then specifically in the Caro Kann, A Strategic Opening Repertoire by Donalson, The Reti; and finally among: advanced tactical collections, classic miniatures, games annotated verbally among the major classics, and autofritz files such as on Vukovic's Art of Attack, Euwe-Kramers The Middlegame, Vol's I &II (Hays edition!) [4] , and finally the treasure trove by Shershevsky's Engame Strategy.

I do not wish to suggest that Obama has my vote (or doesn't) but he definitely has the total initiave both in the press, among all races and economic levels, and with PROMISES for those who believe the new can occur?

In no way do I wish to suggest that links to Ossimitz or Gambitchess cum drivingsinsane.angelfire are new. But what is notable is recognizing how to utilize these sources, in bootstrapping yourself into a focused and integrated and study of chess in its gigantic, global, and universal availability. What you can radily and efficiently accomplish through these files in chessBase9 is spellbounding.

If it is 18th Century Europe, you might as well learn French. If it is 2020, get ready with a Bachelars Degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in nanotechnology and telecommunications, a Masters in Business with a specialty in supply chains and distribution, and start an extensive set of notes on sustainability, globalism, and practice the art of negotiation. And, if you are gonna play chess and study the game, have chessBase9 and use the critter. I suppose that I use it for three hours hours a day--at least.

The Spice of Life

ChessLoser was most gracious in sustaining our conversation before his dinner. After my exegesis on chessBase9, we got to chat about life, and compare notes. What a doll this man is, a real treasure! I confided to him that while he was not the second blogger I had offered to chat with, by making my identity and ASL available known to him, he was only the second to do so. A huge good heart this lad has [1].

To conclude: yes, you can get the world off the web outside chessBase9, by-passing their rich coffers, but no, you cannot get the universe with your friends without it, when we can all send you or intercommuncate with cbv, rich text files, with variations, comments, the whole nine yards.

Money (double click to expand this fascinating illustration), of course, doesn't just grow on trees!

Of course, you have to eat your own cooking, so to stand by my words unabashedly told him that if after a year he felt that it wasn't worth his while to improve at chess, after he bought it, that I would (*while telling him that I was by no means rich*) mail him US $60.00 for a $160.00 if he wasn't satisfied, no questions asked. :) This reduces his risk to now only $100.00, not including 'a year out of pocket' (or 'discounted future value') but does so to the tune of a factor of now only 62.5% [2] Not bad for magic come his way.

Love to all beings, dk

[1] Now my public lists of beers that I will buy [3] include in rank order:
temposchlucker, Robert Pearson aka Wahrheit, and now chessLoser.

[2] Friendship truly has no price tag, and cannot be included in ennumerating costs, as it is priceless.

[3] ReAssembler would necessarily have to be Sushi, but here in the hotbed of new Asian cuisine.

[4] As I have said a great many times already, my respect for this book knows no bounds. And now to have this! Notes directly from Ossimitz, aught to give you some of the flavor:

****** Games /Positions from Euwe/Kramer's The Middlegame (dt. "Das Mittelspiel" is until today the most complete treatise on this subject. It took Euwe originally more than 10 years to finish this project in 12 small volumes. Today this book is available in a nice 2-volume algebraic figurine edition with main author Kramer, published by Hays Publications. At you can find The Middlegame: Book I and The Middlegame: Book II . The german edition (1 volume, +700pp, Ed. Rattmann, ISBN 3-88086-55-6) is still available at some specialized chess-dealers (like, but no longer among the german books in print. Here are two versions of complete collections belonging to this book! Bradley Loh's completely annotated electronical edition! YES! Here you find not just the moves and positions, but also all the varations, verbal annotations, introduction texts to all diagrams, some chapter introduction texts. Moreover Bradley Loh has added Chessbase-specific features like arrows, colored squares, training questions for making this an absolutely incredible learning tool!

YES! This copyrighted material is put here for free with grateful permission of Lou Hays, who published the printed stuff.

YES! This collection is a free gift of Bradley Loh to the worldwide chess community, as anything for download on my website! My heartfelt thanks to Bradley for his extraordinary work!

YES! There is a catch: for extracting middleg.cbv from the zip-file you need a password. See the file password.txt about how to get the password easily out of book II of the Hays Pbn edition (or of any other edition you have available). The sequence of positions and the numbering is according to the german edition (12 parts). I have marked all the diagram positions as "critical middlegame positions". Open the search mask in CBLight, choose "Comments" and mark "critical middlegame position." With OK the search finds all games, but after that you come directly to the diagram position when opening a game! Voila!


Blogger likesforests said...

That's quite generous, although it's hard to imagine someone who loves chess deciding Chessbase was a bad investment of their time or money. :)

Fri Feb 15, 09:38:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

i just added the Batman video from the Tribeca Film Festival:

"Superpowers"defined, as distinct from superhero's, but remote viewing instead!

did you see the video? if not, i hope you can home back for a very quick six minutes, it is THAT special to see.

Fri Feb 15, 09:54:00 PM PST  
Blogger likesforests said...

Wow, that was an excellent short! I hope John Mitchell's two short film successes (Super Powers, Goodnight Bill) will lead to him producing a feature-length movie soon. :)

Fri Feb 15, 11:16:00 PM PST  
Blogger Phaedrus said...

Hi Tranformation,

This is a unique blog. It is about chess, but the sidesteps on other issues and the wealth of surprising illustrations and pictures give it a flavour not to be found in any other chessblog.

If in need for suggestions for books that would really gain if they were transfered into an ebook, just contact me.

Sat Feb 16, 01:07:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

Phaedrus, I would LOVE such a suggestion!

among Dvoretskys School of Excellence? GM Ram, or a better rendition of Art of Attack, etc? Auger on Fischer, Positional Chess Handbook by Gelfer?

I am all ears! thank you.

warmest, dk

Sat Feb 16, 05:45:00 AM PST  
Blogger Phaedrus said...

For me as a chess trainer the Polgar bricks: "5334 problems, Combinations, and Games", "endgames" and "middlegames" transfered into chessbassefiles would be something like a wet dream (Transformation, if "wet dream" is against bloggingrules than you can replace it with "dream come true".

Sat Feb 16, 07:30:00 AM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

no worries. 'wet dream' is perfectly appropriate :)

i have a cbv file with:

' THIS IS A REAL GEM! Over 6600 Test Positions and tactical tests from various sources, like Reinfeld's "1001 brilliant ways to checkmate"(1001 positions), "Win at Chess" (300 positions), "1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations" (1001positions); extracts from the "Encyclopedia of Chess Middle Games" (Krogius et al, 879 positions),

' "Encyclopedia of Chess Endgames" (Adorjan et al, 1797 positions), Bent Larsen's "Good move Guide" (over 200 Positions); "1234 Modern Endgame Studies" (Sutherland / Lommer) and some other smaller collections.

'These positions were originally collected for testing chess software (file and distributed via the University of Pittsburgh Chess Archive.

'The testpgn - files have the "key move" (= first move of the solution) as the name of the black player. I removed the key-move information for the collection

'If you need a clue for a position in, please refer to the appropriate book (recommended!), or start your Fritz-Engine in CBLight (helps at least for all easier positions) or look at

(there you will find just the first move, which is (for me Patzer!!) often not enough in the real hard positions - eg. for the positions of the computer-oriented "Bratko-Kopec"-test.'

is this any less--for you?

Sat Feb 16, 01:07:00 PM PST  
Blogger Phaedrus said...

Hi Transfromation,

I was aware that these testpositions are (or have been) available on the internet. But It is not just the amount of positions that is important to me when I make execises for my pupils or myself. Also the way that the positions are organised and the explanations to go with them (even if they are flawed by chessengines)are of great use when you have to make sheets with exercises or prepare a training.

This is the reason that I am still waiting for someone to make the Polgar treasures available as an ebook. I even have thought of paying one of my pupils to do this (I thought about paying something like $ 150), but 15.000 positions inclcuding solutions is such a workload that I fear that I would be arrested for child abuse if I put one of them on it.

Sun Feb 17, 02:03:00 AM PST  
OpenID liquideggproduct said...

It's hard to imagine the term "wet dream" wouldn't be tolerated. I'm looking straight at a nipple here (or the form thereof).

Sun Feb 17, 06:43:00 AM PST  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

"Electrical Engineering with specialization in nanotechnology and telecommunications, a Masters in Business with a specialty in supply chains and distribution, and start an extensive set of notes on sustainability, globalism, and practice the art of negotiation."

yeah... you just described what I am up to.

I am going to do my best to meet him in person ( like I met you) when he comes to Sturbridge.

So far I have met in person the following Chess Bloggers:

(you)dk-transformations, TakChess, Reassembler, Globular, SteveLearnsChess, Strong Amoung the Weak, GRandPAtzer, DG, and soon Chessloser.

Sun Feb 17, 08:45:00 AM PST  
Blogger tanc(happyhippo) said...

that's very gracious of you, dk.

hopefully, chessloser will get some use out of it.

i use CB Light Premium myself and i find it useful in creating repertoires and some misc. stuff. interestingly enough, the help files for CB Light says Chessbase9 (?).

I figured I didn't really need the huge mega database that came with CB9 and could basically download it off the web from many of the free chess dbase sites and i just basically convert it to CBH from PGN format when i'm done.

i like using the modern CB interface, that be said compared with the old clunky-styled buttons.

Mon Feb 18, 12:46:00 PM PST  
Blogger Wahrheit said...

What a wealth of knowledge and information and goodwill I find here, yet again.

Having met chessloser in person and broken bread with him and his wife, I fully understand the feeling you got form him, even over the phone.

Tue Feb 19, 09:52:00 AM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Phaedrus: there is a pgn with the Polgar brick out there. It can be found here.

Tue Feb 19, 03:22:00 PM PST  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

Finally got around to seeing teh vide0... Priceless!

Mon Feb 25, 09:40:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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