Sunday, May 04, 2008

Now Ultra

Life going by at the speed of light

Today I finished my letter of application to Saxion University in the Netherlands. Such an event in and of itself might not be too significant, but in context represents--for me--an enormous accomplishment. Let me please elaborate:

Since February I have been one busy beaver. I have: added another 3,496 or so games to my classic GM game database, often in exhaustive detail or entering games by hand. This necessarily included much checking, since the 1,350 games from honestly had great benefit while also unfortunately contained many errors (and I do not mean in analysis, but outright wrong or incomprehensible game scores). On Wall Street, we call this a big beta.

I have also been back to CTS, not in huge volume, but always trying to attain 100% each and every session. I am finally in the top 100 their for accuracy at #98 @ 88.33, which is significant seeing how I did my first 10,000 tries at 80.0%. I am pushing to get to 50,000 at 90.00% which is well within my grasp by October or December at the latest. I just had a run of 223 in a row correct, and have now done thousands at 97.0%, often between 1480 and 1520 elo.

February was significant in far more ways than one: I had the good fortune to make a great friend in Phaedrus. We now have over 2,000 emails between us. No, not all of them were long, but believe you me, some went on for pages. We will be announcing our project probably within a week to ten days, and have only to first finish our effort to see if we can get me to the Netherlands in a teaching capacity. It has been writing, and writing and rewriting.

In our chess project, I wrote a ten page project document to outline our agreements and procedures, and this is in parallel to the GM chess game database, the Academic efforts, and my medical stuff. Phaedrus and I finally got to chat, and we talked for over an hour last night, with his mediating his two sons in Dutch time to time in the background, as Mrs. Phaedrus was getting some much needed rest. This man is a real gem of a man is all I can say for now. Man.

Bold Imagination, 2001 A Space Odyessy

Unfortunately (please, no one worry, I am in great hands) while having the constitution of a real athlete, my life time of elevated blood pressure has seen a recent jump. Himmm you say? Yes, a new store manager. Let me leave it at that, the sweet man! We of course watch it, but need to make sure that I don't go over THAT edge.

My holistic doc, who is fantastic, had my adrenals checked, and this explains partly why I never tire. I mean the tachometer is up ALL day. I only go to sleep as a decision. He has designed a program for me to go on natural supplements, and aught to ameliorate the prior issue. The neighsayers will all come to roost on this subject, but can only note that my impeccable diet 'doesn't help here', and only reduces the need for sleep or to stop. I prepare all my own food and do it like a Dharma or fine art.

Amazona vittata, Puertorican parrot fledgling

Also, for depression, I have to stay on track with the diet, too, since he is greatly against antidepresents, saying they only mask symptoms. He also has requested a full blood panel, which we are waiting on, from the mainstream medical or preferred provider loop. I paid out of pocket for the adrenal test, and the gluten intolerance test, and the dairy intolerance test. Damn. I am totally surprised. I have the intolerance to the two latter, and his statement that it was a 30% chance I had the intolerance since I am half German was met with skepticism by me... All my life I could eat anything, but we aren't talking what you can eat but what you should not eat for optimal health as you age and alergies build up...

Long story, I had a horrid rash, and wanted to tear my skin off... and this has been addressed, you get the idea, this is just one part of my life... If only my diet were total crap, this could be a tool, but I am already in the top 99.5% in my diet for white males (married Asian males throw all these stats off). And people who meditate and do yoga, etc, often but not always see this same drop off in sleep, as they live with less screens, and screens rob energy. You take them away, and all you have is what the Dhamapada says: 'long is the night to he who is awake', if you follow.

No Comment

I have resumed to trade financial markets analytically and quantitatively and of course have built an analytic model of domestic equity markets measuring the standard deviation of sentiment, consolidated with the second derivative of the stock market. The problem has never been the accuracy of my model, but sustaining my use of it, sticking to the discipline of what it says rather than trying to get it to express predictions correctly. It's like instrument flying in clouds.

Daily again I am working my way through the last of Reinfeld's 1001 Sacrifices and Combinations, and if any of you have never been to the torture chamber, I can recommend it unconditionally.

Lastly, if any of you have made it this far, I am committed by myself to write on post daily at my integrative blog, The System of the System. Yes, I do have some ego here at chess improvement, but there comments are not critical. I write for myself [1]. I try hard to conceive these in no particular order, but, believe you me, I have a 'plan' [2].

Daily I write a short post, such as on Risk, Grace, Exploration, Results, Cost, Acceptance, Learning, Energy, and Feeling. Tonight after this post, and checking in on the start of the tension filled final round of the FIDE Grand Prix in Baku in a few minutes, I must finish my post on Distribution, and in the days ahead will write: Completion, Sexuality, and Information.

I know that I need to really work on being less superficial and I ask for everyone's forgiveness. :)
May god bless you all. Love to all beings, Love dk

1. Now I know how Wormwood must feel ( *wait a second, no one knows how he feels, but I can *caugh* just imagine what he must... ).

2. Yes, yes, it is Polly's turn indeed. Previously I was able to pester Samurai Pawn, Robert Pearson (aka Wahrheit), and even finally got to chessLoser (aka hardcore pawnography), and never without controversy.

Polly, what is your plan and if you have one, are you serious about it, or is it just the desire to wish to have a plan? Plans are nice, but it is the implementation of them where the rubber meets the road. A plan must be challenging enough to galvinize our actions into concrete daily steps, but not so large as to inhibit the flow of enjoyment and discovery.

Phaedrus (aka Chess Vision) has also been asked, but he has so much chess rank, that my rub is more in getting him to concretize and formalize his plan than to improve his chess. He has welcomed my penchant for planning with great aplomb.

According to a very recent email from Temposchlucker (cf. comment today on spacejunk), I have hijacked Phaedrus, which is probably true, but then again, Phaedrus I know for a fact holds him in the highest regards. Soon I can give him back! Our plan is to... 'wait, wait, we must do one last little thing, then....' (DK).


Blogger tanc(happyhippo) said...

hello dk,

great to hear from you again.

i can't wait to hear about your plans with phaedrus and i eagerly look await it. (wow, 2000 emails must be some sort of record) :)

i've been monitoring the Baku Grand Prix event as well. it has just finished and Carlsen managed to bounce back and get joint first with surprising winners Gashimov and Wang. great stuff!

cheers and take care

Mon May 05, 01:44:00 PM PDT  
Blogger likesforests said...

I'm dying to know what this 2,000 e-mail super-project will turn out to be. With you and Phaedrus working on it together, I'm sure it will be impressive. :)

I agree with your friend that anti-depressants are band-aids, but if the person suffering can't function or is at risk of doing something drastic, a band-aid can buy them time and energy to find and work on long-term solutions. At low dosages they don't turn you into someone you're not, so much as they turn you into the person you were before you were depressed.

You have *lots* of friends online, including me, so if you ever need to talk to someone drop me a line. (although today my voice seems to be missing from a cold, heh!)

Mon May 05, 09:54:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

I hope some of these irons in the fire come to positive. It sounds fun and hectic.

I have another question for your FAQ page: when are you going to answer the questions on your FAQ page?

Tue May 06, 07:22:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Haven't you read his FGA-page? (Frequently Given Answers)

Tue May 06, 01:10:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

@tanc: everybody be sure to check out the Svidler video (at here) of his win at round thirteen. damn, this is a real man's man, and i have the utmost respect for him now. genius for sure.

@likeForest: thank you. not to worry. i do all that i can to make sure i dont get back to where i was four or five years ago.

i have to really work at food like the seven circles: Seven Cirles Organic or such.

i have to process my emotions and stay authentic to my higher purpose while nevertheless staying in harmony with my 'fellow man' (or fellow women!)

i have to not overdose, and maintain ardent clarity as to what is primary daily, since the width and depth of my concerns, actions, and activites are so vast. thank you again.

BDK is right:
i DO need to take my original plan, which is to write a answer a day for a month, but currently truly swamped by Saxion, Global Middlegame Collaborative (announcement next week), financial markets, email, holistic health/extensive food prep and alopathic diagnosis, work, comments and reading, blogging at my System of the System blog now daily.

thank you.

Tue May 06, 01:32:00 PM PDT  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

I'd hate to see you burn out but it seems like you have found the perfect balance for yourself. When do you think you will hear "officially" from the University about your prospects?

Sat May 10, 07:08:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Polly said...

I still don't have any idea what my plan is. In college I was going to major in procrastination. However I put it off until later.

Mon May 12, 07:29:00 PM PDT  

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