Friday, May 02, 2008


If Grandmasters are the big heros of chess to the denesins of chess, then surely supergrandmasters are the superheros of chess. Did any of you see Rabjabov in his chessvibes video, in his powerfull win against Kamsky at the end of round nine at the FIDE Grand Prix?

It is hard not to see him as having great affectation, but really, this is the way he is. All these guys are smart, but this guy is a fucking genius. What, is English like his third language, but listen to him go! Links here. Sixth video down from the top. Of course, there are many many videos round by round, but THIS is the round to see.

You folks ever try holding your breath for 3 minutes and 4 seconds? Try 17:04 minutes. Insane.

You also really get to see the folks as they are. For example, Adams chess rank is beyond question, but again and again you get to see him shirk from the camera. This is not a big man, as a man, I mean only. And, quite the contrary, just listen to Svidler (forth video from the top). This guy is a man's man. No wimp at all. Perfect English. Just imagine that. All those cricket scores do sink in. Sardonic but authentic enough.

Hear his response at the end. OMG. As they say in the (USA) south: "not dumb'. This guy is speaking in a second language and uses words I don't use, such as 'far fetched'. Brain cells multiplicity. Or is that, rather, superabundance??

BTW: tonight, two hundred in a row correct at CTS. The key, to borrow a question from temposchlucker, intra email communication, pm PST tonight: 'Relaxation while calculating all posibilities', even if I somehow 'imagine that it is obvious" Trust me, the stuff you think is obvious is NOT and the the surety that what is obvious is, in fact, NOT obvious allows you to score 100% in lieu of 97 or 94%.

More latter. Lots more about job prosect, finally the announcement about the 'project with leading chess blogger' next week likely, and finish of 5.231 Classic GM Game Database. Gave my email to an African American woman tonight, in 'the store": Opening line: "You are beautiful from the inside out". Man oh man.


Blogger BlunderProne said...

I had a hard time finding the video as chess vibes site seemed to have updated.

In any case, thanks for bringing me back to the present. I continued my time warp back to London 1851 with my latest post.

Drop by when you get a chance.

Fri May 02, 11:05:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

gosh George, i hope that you can try again. at first, reading your comment, i was affraid that i had linked to the site generally and not the specific article, but i dont usually make that mistake, and am very attentive to that.

the link works, and goes to the article at chessVibes:

'Grischuk back in sole lead'
'30 April 2008 10:35 PM | Last modified: 22:41'.

the sixth video down. the videos load slowly sometimes. hit start, and wait, it will come! a great site. more often than not now, it is even more useful to me than chessCenter (The Week in Chess, UK) or Chessbase.

thereby i distinguish leading games, and copy them to chessBase or load them from pre-existing chessBase files from weekly updates via TWIC which i religious download each week. it adds up!

i will be sure to come by, and always do. hadnt checked my RSS feeds today, and do several times a day.

im trading again. got up early to short the NASDAQ, buying June 50 puts against the QQQQ. five hours sleep... but couldnt get back to sleep now (only need fifteen minutes to refresh) so layed in bed with Reinfeld, and fortunately was able to doze off for five or six minuutes, so now i am fine. :)

Fri May 02, 12:17:00 PM PDT  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

That worked now. I'm not sure what happened before. Thanks.

Fri May 02, 05:07:00 PM PDT  
OpenID liquideggproduct said...

Potentially bad timing! You give your e-mail to a girl, but are pursuing university post overseas. I'm not sure whether to hope both work out well.

Breath holding, max 2 minutes.

Sun May 04, 06:46:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

ancient chinese oracular book:

I-ching terminology:

obstruction and then crossing the great water: man doesnt hear from girl but university application to be finished today!

Sun May 04, 01:14:00 PM PDT  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

If you get a chance, I just posted a home brewed video on my blog. I thought you might like it.

Sun May 04, 08:22:00 PM PDT  

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