Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chessedelic Makes it Clear

Chess Friends, I have resolved to post more often--not for the sake of ‘often’ or ‘frequency’ but as I have intimated in the last two posts, I have found that there is so much that I see, think, or know of that I greatly wish to share and not forego. And as I also said, my attachment to larger, more elaborated posts was stopping me and I was thirsting to surrender it, ‘give it up’ as they say. Tonight I thus begin the first of far many more, with the proviso that they will all be shorter, as best as I can given my overarching tendency towards the catholic and synoptic, or universal and maximally inclusive approach to all that I do.

In chess study, we all benefit greatly from routines. And, if you like me have many of them, in time they can become so utterly comprehensive, that willy-nilly we can find ourselves in our own massive prison of tasks, our own Boolean flow chart of ‘I must do A, B, C’. and thinking futher such as ‘then after P, D, Q, if S, T, or V occur, I must go back and to B…’ and so on. My goodness.

So in time, I have evolved my own routines that are sustainable, and this means not only downloading ALL the current games to my Megabase each week from's pricelessly invaluable TWIC but also adding all the major games in high level tournaments each week to a separate, ‘stand alone file’.

In so doing, I always assign colored chessBase medals to exemplary games such as ‘Best Game’, ‘Ending’, ‘Tactical Blunder’ and much else to discussed at posts in the not too distant future [1]. This also includes viewing weekly both Benjamin’s ‘Game of the Week’ (each Friday), and ‘Attack with Larry Christiansen’ (each Wednesday) at ICC Chess [2]. And finally perhaps my favorite of all, this means viewing also in its entirety Chessedelic’s Videos of current high level games.

Korchnoi's Scoresheet from the recent Rising Stars Tournament [2.2]

To elaborate, I had wished to ‘be the one to tell you all about this’ but his work while not as yet widely known is, by now, not unheard of [3]. What I love about his videos is that unlike the exhausting myriads of variations presented by the two great ICC Grandmasters (so very well done, but a bit of an overload [4]), unlike those, chess trainer Waldemar Moes manages to keep a very high level while streamlining his smooth, warm, and approachable delivery into comprehensible nuggets.

To elaborate on this must mean to compare them to GOTW and AWLC at ICC mentioned above, but this is the subject of another day. He also often begins from a key diagram and if like me you use chessBase, you can tile the view with the web video on the left, and the cbv game on the right, adding variations if not noting the commentary as notes, in making the game more memorable. After all, what else do we strive for if not to absorb so much great chess?

Lets let his fine work speak for itself, and let me heartily encourage all of you to visit his blog, add his RSS feed, or if you have seen his work, then to reinforce the value of repeated visits. There are so many instructional videos today, in chess and blogging, some good, some bad, some indifferent, that it’s nice to know where more of the gems are [5].

Warmest, dk

Some Facets of Traditional Higher Culture Make the Space Shuttle Seem like the Work of Children, such Rich Archaic depth, like something from the Gods!

[1] I have an entire list of new things to write of, and two or three times a week intend to address them one by one, and knock them off in a workman like way, without making a chore out of it. One major highlight is a rich process to share, in how I manage my truly massive effort, in creating and accessing multiple if not vast chessBase files. This is two years now for me, non-stop effort and it is still building. Every day I find something new.

[2] In the future, I will compare these two, and only note for now, that those of you inclined to subscribe to ICC but not members have the further inducement of not only having access to high level chess, but a rich library of videos and interviews. ICC password necessary to access. This site is now truly rich gold to me.

[2.2] Can you imagine what his love making must have been like, 'back in the day?' :) Such a distinct exuberance, that even well into his 70's the Eros still shines through, like an elemental force of nature like wind, rain, or oceans!

[3] The excellent blog
Greg’s Chess Progress, to his great credit, mentioned this weeks ago. Greg is not yet a ranking chess player, but A++ for his sincere effort and I read all his posts. I suggest you visit him. I love his blog.

[4] Along with note 2. above, I need to write about suggested ways to better use those ICC Videos, and how this relates to chessBase
Knowledge Management mentioned at [1] immediately above.

[5] Please be advised that my video selections are in no way inadvertent. I have recently viewed about three hundred youTube videos and try to select the one that I think is best, choosing from a large short list, much as I have done the last two years here, in selecting from a now capacious library of images. So here too now.

Another Chess Board that the USA is Getting Crushed On!


Blogger Glenn Wilson said...

Thanks for the Chessedelic link! I was not familiar with them before and they appear to have some great videos!

Wed Sep 10, 04:00:00 AM PDT  
OpenID chesstiger said... i already visited (and subscribed to the free newsletter). I had put it down to visit it back latter to go over in a deeper depth. But i guess now that you have written so warmly about it i can do nothing other then add it to my links and go visit it more frequently.

Btw, when does your blog about how to use Chessbase come out? I have Chessbase 9 and definetly want to know how to use it the best.

Wed Sep 10, 04:24:00 AM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

quickly folks now, for it is now 4:39 am here (not that late for ME but getting there fast):

@glennW: always nice to see you Glenn. i continue to visit your blog. much prefer exegesis to posted games and positions, however.

@chessTiger: VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: that is exactly the entire idea. not to make it precious or so precious that they get 'stored', as i have Dante and Virgil (but not Goethe and Homer).

view it each week, follow along with your electronic viewer open, and note the variations. he makes it so palpable, that it negates the need for deep perfection while--again--not compromising depth.

he has perfect videos for anyone <2000 elo, i venture to say. and not only on high level chess, but contemporanious chess from current GM games.

my chessBase posts. gosh. thats a big, very big one. i spend three+ hours a day at chessBase. no worries, this is one i cannot avoid.

as i said, not for some damn stupid ego of mine in this case, but now much to share the riches that i have found.

i have a list. of posts. and i have to 'feel' what is next, and cannot 'preplan it'.

it is not about HOW to use chessBase in a mundane way, but the way to use it, organize it, what to put where, when, and what way.

stay tuned. i am to patterns what fish are to water, so this is one i have to write. big stuff.

take care, dk

Wed Sep 10, 04:46:00 AM PDT  
Blogger iw said...

Looks like "tony west, or tony's chess" has abandened ship.

Getting to 2000

Wed Sep 10, 08:02:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to read all your posts as I feel they "power up" my level of personal power. I've never before understood the lure of religion but reading about your fanatical devotion to chess I think I'm begining to understand how such individuals can cast a charasmatic hold on others. I think Duchamp said something to the effect that chess player are the most devout followers.

Wed Sep 10, 06:49:00 PM PDT  
Blogger transformation said...

@annonymous: how rare it is, and what a great pleasure to recieve such constructive comments from an 'annon' reader. thank you.

without blowing my horn to much, i can only but say, that among all the young men that i mentor (outside chess), and of course never for a fee, but purely for the love of seeing another grow and shine, tall and big and solid in the way of the heart and clear communication, in integrity, i always tell them:

"'Look. Dont look at me as an example of success. i do not embody all higher learning, i do not embody integration of a life from 'A to Z'. i have made many, many mistakes. for sure, nothing illegal or immoral but just the same, seething, scathing, and scorching errors that ripped me and broke my heart.

"but what i CAN teach you is an enormous amount about what not to do. my view is very, very large and you will not find many with my breadth. i can expand you into contact management, project management, and knowledge management. i can teach you business, and effectiveness, and have an eye for the spiritual side of things. i know design, investment, and scholarship. i have been a runner, a mountain climber, almost a chef, and lived with monks.

"i can help accelerate you on the path that you are already on, and tell you a lot about what not to do.

"What does warren buffet say? he says rule one is not to loose money.

"so here: i cannot tell you what not to do, but knowing what not to do is 80% of the hard part. eliminating what is not necessary and following your true heart"

thank you annon. i am flattered that you 'get it' and hesitate to tell you what do read; however, there is one post that is a must read if you wish to know me. the outline but in no way subdued, of my entire spiritual biography is outlined here.

sorry, i hate to edit, and wrote it once, and abbor going back. i need to polish that referenced post one day, but for now, that is task 213 out of 101 in front of me now, if you will.

your visit brought me great joy and i hope that this rewards your curiousity in kind. :)

warmest, dk

Thu Sep 11, 12:51:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Waldemar said...

Hi Transformation!

Thanks for the endorsement on your blog! I have been away for a few days now, because of starting a new job involving the coaching of students. I intent to share more of my views concerning the Bilbao tournament, which is full of exciting chess!

Speaking of elaboration, I recognize this tendency also in my own (video) posts, but sofar with enjoyable results I gather ;-)
It is nice to know that my work is appreciated!

Cheers & warmest,


Fri Sep 12, 04:52:00 AM PDT  
OpenID liquideggproduct said...

Re: Another Chess Board that the USA is Getting Crushed On!

This is why John Candy had the right idea when he tried to invade Canada.

With the current Conservative government in Canada, and relative political turmoil there, this may be the time for the US to negotiate "acquiring" Canada. Minus the Frenchophonic Quebec, of course.

Sun Sep 14, 08:37:00 AM PDT  
Blogger BlunderProne said...

Thanks David,

I now have new resource in my sea of blogs. Its hard to pick and choose which blogs to look at sometimes with all the quality material out there. But I will put right up there.

BTW... What every came about with the potential teaching job in the Netherlands... I don't think I saw the update post on that one yet.

If too personal... feel free to email me.

The energy oscillating from Seattle is still in high intensity! I shall adapt a virtual diode to tap into such a huge resource. I only hope I have enough capacity!


Sun Sep 14, 12:40:00 PM PDT  
Blogger tom_brown_of_baltimore said...

Thanks for the comment. I will add your blog to my blog-list. I have lots of ideas, but do not always have the time to play, so I figure I will just spend time studying and imagining. Maybe it is fear talking. Maybe practicality.

Whatever it is today, I think it comes down to the lines on which our eyeballs travel as they help to process visual information coming from outside of the body and also from inside of the body.

-Tom Brown of Baltimore

Sun Sep 14, 05:48:00 PM PDT  
Blogger tom_brown_of_baltimore said...

oh and here's a link you might be interested in.

Tue Sep 16, 09:44:00 AM PDT  

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