Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fifteen Thousand

Bullet Craze on a Sunday [1].

Fifteen thousand. Yes. Fifteen thousand is how many chess games saved that I have played to my chessBase9.

Its not that that's all of em. No. I had about three thousand as text files, in my old notebook PC in Outlook, I had honestly always planned to migrate over to pgn four or five years ago, but no worries.

With odds and ends, I am sure it is more like 20,000 since 2001. Remember, I had two, three years on Yahoo! before first ICC, then FICS, and even now, chessCube for low ego, low stakes warm up games. Its not that I play so much, as when I do play, its very, very hard to stop. Celexa also rev's me up. Not that an adjustment cannot be made, but believe you me, I have tried all the major anti-depressants, and its the ONLY one that works for me, 98% impotence aside :)... I know, I know, I am so shy and private to a fault. Elevated serotonin and sleep don't mix well but it sure beats the 'end of a gun' (gassing myself).

Seriously now with a quite a bit of truth there, the main message is, 15K games does one main thing, among a great many things (primer on endings, primer on blunders, a few brilliancy's, a few scalps against experts aside, etc), but one thing in particular:

If you are systematic, as I am--not with all things but many things, particularly in my areas of obsession--it will give you every major variation of every major line you play.

For example, if you play 1.d4, for sure you will get many Slav's, QGD, QGA, many chances to refine your anti-Indian strategies, many Semi-Slavs'. But you will also learn how to face the Chigorin Defense, many Albin Counter Gambits, many 1.d6, 1.e6, 1.c6...

For the last 18 months, I had more or less done, independent of his findings, exactly as wormwood did, as shown at Building A Repertoire, And Mastering It. Without intended criticism to our good friend Secrets of Grandpatzer Chess, he does a far better job of being systematic about it, or extracting the value from the value chain. I did as much.

Its great to have and use chessBase or similar--but its what you do with it. It reminds me of the folks who get a Masters or even undergraduate degree in English. They read, and they read, and they read, until they are sick. But try reading ten books, really reading them!

I mined all my openings, and found 84 tabiyas [2]. And out of--to start-- some 7,000 or so games, found that 24 key positions made up a full 80% of ALL my games. I took those, in turn, and narrowed them down so that I could find what I needed to do more of, find what I needed to do less of. Its a lot of work, but it pays.

Kant rules [3]. Warmest, dk

[1]. To all you men out there, try to not only finding a woman who not only encourages you to play chess but allows you to, when she is in the SAME room, to play as I do here, bullet chess for three hours+ AND doesn't complain, well neigh encourages you AND, then gleefully takes photographs of you doing so [4]?? Jesus guys. Melancholy Meadow Willows, my beloved Courtney is--or has been--a poet, dreamer, healer, and entertainer.

2] A few random links on Tabiyas, here, and here, and here. And finally, the inimitable Dan Heisman at here and here, hopefully not without profit.

3] Did any of you notice how in Federer vs. Murray, that the prior didn't seem to sweat? Or how sweaty in comparison Murray was? Jim Courier said as much, here: 'Federer Makes It Murray’s Turn to Cry With 16th Grand Slam Win':

“Federer plays with no stress on his body and seemingly no stress in his mind,” four-time major champion Jim Courier said on Australia’s Seven Network. “As long as he stays healthy, we’ll see him challenging for another three to four years."

4]. While as a rule I--mostly--consider 1-minute to be a real waste of time, I do have a rule, and that is NEVER to finish a set without a peak rating. Problem was, I had inadvertently hit 'Play 1-Minute' at ICC (intending the next 'Play 5-minute game'), in the pool of random, stacked players, a fabulous feature at ICC [6] and not only lost, but lost again, and again, and again, only to wind up spending an ENTIRE Sunday afternoon doing so, with my girlfriend JUST feet away, and never once complaining.

Yes, I got my peak back AND found, in the next day, I could WHIP out 5-Minute openings and entire games, to my profit, so not a total waste. It has its place [

[5]. No laughing. I am not, I repeat, I am not OCD. I kid you not, I played a 9.5 minute bullet game days ago, beating a 1750. No laughing matter. 91 moves, 181 ply. I play 0 4, which begins with twelve seconds, avoiding Armageddon utter non-sense.

[6]. A great feature. At times, while a 1500 can play a 1450 or 1550, pairing as closely as possibly, you will see your fair share of 1700's and 1300's alike. It means you can scalp a few senior players, maybe even an IM, now and again, but allows otherwise unwanted juniors to scalp YOU. The coolest thing. As BDK [7] and wormwood can attest, if you are willing to spend one, two, or three hundred dollars on chess books, CD's, videos, tournament money, beer, wine, Frito-Lay chips but are unwilling to invest in a year's paid membership at ICC, well, there is just no hope for you, plain and simple. Please. If you cannot get chessBase and play at ICC, better to give up chess and open a pawn shop, sell your chess books. OK?

[7] Wonderful post. Highly recommended: 'Katar on the social dimension of chess improvement'.


Blogger Temposchlucker said...

Good to see new posts. I got a bit tired of looking at the flaming cauldron every day:)

Maybe it's time to give the Guinness book of records a call?

Sun Jan 31, 01:02:00 PM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Hell yeah baby, DK is back, footnotes to footnotes and all.

Time to read Infinite Jest baby it's like reading DK blog.

Sun Jan 31, 02:35:00 PM PST  
Blogger transformation said...

i am totally honored for all the replies. it lifts me.

@Rocky, thanks, its humbling. i only win 37% of my bullet, 27% of my blitz, and take a beating daily.
@cMoB nice to see you!
@BDK thanks for your encouragement. i value you very much. i will read Infinite Jest or at least, see the rest of the video. amazing. now you know why i haven't done acid since 1983. my girlfriend and i laugh ALL the time. if the sheets are not pulled up square and straight while sleeping, i feel anxiety. she is a covers all over kinda gal, the atom bomb for sheets. we compliment well. me? my refrigerator ranks orders for L to R by degree of age, and type. go figure. this is the first year in ten or more years, i have run in the new year w/out counting workouts or doing a running percentage of days run (fuck that... i know what to do and when to do it. i have been running now for 40, almost 41 years, serious...) now, thats what i call recovery!
@polly. love you, you good soul. i plan to see you again. you are to kindness and goodness what balloons are to big texas skys.
@me. life is hard.

people in my situation rarely need criticism or suggestions.

its like the folks who can teach college instead of attending... in the end, knowing much doesnt help, and life is embodied in physicality, much as natural systems are accumulated, distributed, reproducing or dying, diminished or amplified...

you have to go thru it. you cannot just will or think it. bright white teeth aside, Anthony Robbins is not all bad, despite Saturday Night-live-esque ballyhoo aside, but at a certain point in life, you just dont bounce out of bed and reprogram yourself.

life is patterned, and calcified. sometimes were are rigid in our strengths, too. resilient at what we do best, our tendencies, to put it in homeopathic terms.

i met a quadrapalegic at Lowes once, helped her. i said to her: "You have SO much COURAGE!" She wryly replied, "What choice do i have??" wow. its like that. folks think of me as strong, but i dont have any choice, either.

i am like a freak of nature in America, i can STILL remember whether doors had L or R hinges dating from 1976, rooms i have NOT seen in 34 years. life is sorrow.

a vast dante's inferno of subterranean soul.

love, dk

Wed Feb 03, 02:52:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Liquid Egg Product said...

Huzzah, DK is back!

I wonder how many Grobs and Basmans are in those 15k?

Wed Feb 10, 07:42:00 AM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

a vast dante's inferno of subterranean soul.

Dante also wrote Paradiso. It's not all strata of nostalgia and loss, when you look up there's good there too (e.g., my guess is spending time with spiritual leaders like the Maharishi might leave a positive calcification too!).

PS I'm no polyanna as you know.

Thu Feb 18, 07:38:00 AM PST  
Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

PS I'm now about 300 pages into Infinite Jest. It is an amazing fractal of a book. Part of me thinks, "Wow his editor really didn't do anything" and another part of me is like "Maybe there is a genius organization to this madness."

It's taken me two months to get this far in the book.

Thu Feb 18, 07:39:00 AM PST  

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