Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost Beat 1971 Debut

Messed Up ChessBase 11 Embed graphic better than nothing.

Hit 'Full Screen' Button at R. Takes about five to ten seconds to load, that is to say this is not a blank chess board!

... sorry to have to be so finicky, but its the nature of the beast (German software is like saying Italian accounting, Korean passivity, Japanese men gone wild, California valley girls doing linear equations--'Its like, so Laplace, you know!', low carb southern food, desert rain-forest, horrible French Food, frumpy Italian hand bags, trailer park British Royalty, American Industrial Christian values, low fat foie-gras, holistic big allopathic medicine, Michael Jackson sound sleep, Madoffian socially responsible investing, Walt Disney Structural Functionalism, Alien Abduction Bush Secret Service, Smart Phone wood checkering, U.S. Army Gandhi banisters, NBA midget draft, non-alcoholic triple-malt Scotch). You get the idea:

Once you hit full screen mode, move the divider bar between the board to the game score, to expand the latter, so it is not all scrunched in.

The issue is assuredly NOT the over-sized embed, but how this looks as posts accumulate, in due time, so that this view might not conflict with text at side. Subject to review. dk


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