Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Waiting for the Miracle

This is not cynicsm but honest waiting.  I have watched and watched, hoping like waiting for your wildcard team to win its division in the NFL, or undercard in boxing win, but this is not really pertinant any more.

Soon will see the jubalee which I have now been watching for, for months now, and it is inevitable.  Ten-thousand simultaneous users.  But not yet.  9,745 right this minute, one day 9.5k, then 9.6k, then 9.3k and so on. 

It is just before three pm EST, 8 pm GMT.  This combines late afternoon back east, late morning here out west (Portland Oregon currently),

[it is now 3:40 EST, 8:40 GMT and now 9,904, so the timing of the post is prescient.  Got interupted, as it turns out, with a few responses to play there, so draft got interupted, duly finished here: ]

which is 11:00 pm in Moscow, 12:30 am in Delhi.

This basically means, where chess is the most played, in Europe, everyone is either home from work, or still able to play if they want to go to bed early, and those who like the nights, in India, are full bore. 
Also, I know for a fact, the latter are up early and still up late, no harder working persons on earth.  Many chess players there are certainly technologist of which there are more than a few, *smiles*, and take breaks from work spanning the globe with chess.
Base on the current 9.9k, I venture to say, right about now is the peak, for each day.  We will revisit this, addended in the days ahead.

[Addendum:  It is now 4:45 pm EST, 9:45 pm GMT, 9.4k, so the trend is clear.  Peak as indicated.  What does it all mean?  That has an incredible amount of play available.  A clean, decent place.  Yesterday, I had MY SECOND DISPARAGING COMMENT IN TWO OR THREE WEEKS.  At ICC, you can get that many in an afternoon.  Its called 'a culture'.]

[9.2k 5:05 pm EST, 10:05 pm GMT]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you are back on track with your writing, please keep it up. Did you get settled with your housing situation?

Wed Jun 20, 06:46:00 PM PDT  
Blogger James Stripes said...

Since beginning to play at ICC again two months ago, I've had one disparaging comment. I get them every day at and at least once an hour at FICS. Wonder why our experiences differ?

Fri Jun 22, 05:10:00 AM PDT  

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