Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reverse Engineering Control: Anand Prep

First, I do think it is de rigour to repost articles from other blogs, chess news outlets (chessBase, Polgar [1], Week in Chess, ChessCafe), not due to copywrite, but more as in who needs news about news.

I ran the blog for a year or more while back east, of The West Orange Chess Club, and did time to time share links to Crestbook translations [2] of, for example, interviews with Aronian, or lead a reader or two to fantastic interviews at ChessVibes.  Its not that.  Not today.

So when I tell you this one is real special, really, really, really special, I mean it.  Anand, nice a man as he is--he really is--there is something so politically correct about him, exacerbated by his recent colorless win against Gelfand to defend his WCC, that for me to copy him talking is a real statement.  Believe me.

That said, this is a forty-four minute or so talk by Anand to Accenture.  That he got paid a bunch of money, more than some of us make in a year or half year if you will, is not something he need apologize for.  Anyway, he expounds on his prep for his three WCC contests, one bid, and two defences (Kramnik, Topolov, Gelfand) is rivetting.  I could not stop listening.  Enjoy.  This is a good one.

[1] The worst offender, silly!

[2] Page down, way down the page (this is the very best of all the many already incredible interviews here), for other great interviews, for example Svidler [3], Shirov, especially also Grischuk. 

Now that guy is a freeking genius if ever there was one.  Damn.  Gris is not the most colorful of all of them, as is apparent from the write up, but one smart mother.

[3] Bar none, the single most educated chess player.  He speaks English better than most of us.  He is urbane, he has class, gravitas.  I have to ialso nclude Aronian in this camp (his English is very good), but by the latter, I mean Jazz, art, movies, all that.  Guy is a real genius. 

Seirawan is truly educated, guy subscribes to Metals and Mining Magazine, knows all about Housing numbers, publisher, writer, diplomat, broadcaster, mentor, leader, not to mention adequate chess imprimateur.  HIs mother is very proper London accent, father Syrian.  Strong as a bull without a fitness program, just DNA configured optimally for great effort.


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