Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Every single day for months I have checked, eager to see the day when Chess.com hits 10,000 simultaneous players.  It just happened:  at a glance, 10,025, then 10,037.  A great accomplishment [1].  Thats 3,190 games at once.  8:37 pm GMT, 5:37 pm EST, 11:37 pm Moscow, 1:07 am Delhi India.

Right now, Playchess has about 4,200 users, and ICC 2,075.  The strenght of the sheer mass of its user base is obvious.  ChessCube has 3,875.

Be so advised, while I clearly prefer chess.com and The Internet Chess Club, each site, and I do mean all of them, have unique problems.  As such, each one offers features and benefits that are unique, and that includes Yahoo games, Chess [2].

I am not into 'guys', but guys, if you cannot appreciate a male body like this, get your head examined:  challenger to the previous hegonomy of Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte:

[1] I have no commercial relationship with the chess.com organization.
[2] With no offense to FICS, Free Internet Chess Server, they are not even on the map.  They are to be appreciated, but been passed over.  If you are using this latter site, you are missing out.  Sorry.  Its true.


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